Capobianco commits

Bobby CapobiancoBobby Capobianco, a 6-8 power forward from Loveland, Ohio, has given a verbal commitment to Indiana. Friend of the Scoop John Decker broke the story on his site,

Capobianco becomes the second member of the 2009 class, along with Derek Elston out of Tipton, Ind.

Capobianco is a rambunctious player with a good feel for playing in the paint. He’s already accustomed to playing the role he’ll have in college — as the guy creating havoc under the net and not so much worrying about that last number on the state line, points — because he plays that way for his Bloomington-based Indiana Elite team. He’s a solid rebounder and defender who is filling out and learning to control his body. I think last year he was a little lost on a really talented team; I expect him to climb the rankings during the AAU season.


  1. Capobianco is a great addition to IU. A Big Ten type player. A legit power forward. Not some pencil thin kid that happens to be tall trying to play power forward. He is closer to 230 than 220. He could be huge before he gets to IU.

    Loveland High is almost in my back yard so I’ve had a chance to see this guy. If you’ve ever been to Kings Island here in Mason you were not far from Loveland. He spent much of last season figuring out how to be the guy the other teams worry about. He seems to have figured it out.

    Crean is on fire.

  2. I made a call to Capobianco this morning, but he’s in class and probably won’t be able to talk to me until later today.

    I’ll keep you updated on what he says.

  3. This kid is exactly the type of guy you can never have too many of especially in the Big Ten. With him and Elston already committed for 09, Crean is well on his way of filling our inside needs.

    Welcome to Hoosier Nation Capo!!

    Tell scout to get a different picture of you. You look a little crazy.

  4. crazy is good. Big Ten is not at the top of the heap right now, but it gets bruising and “crazy” during the season. Purdue has traditionally had this type of body in the paint and those hosses always seem to annoy other teams. Gotta be positive about this one. Now let’s find the 7’1″ monster poster.

  5. 2008 T. Pritchard 6’8 240
    2009 B. Capobianco 6’8 230
    2009 D. Elston 6-8 220

    I like what I’m seeing in IU’s future. The pieces are coming together.

  6. ww: “Now let’s find the 7′1″ monster poster.”

    Three decades of being an IU fan have taught me that we’re always gonna be better off with a stable of 6’8″-6’10 guys than with a seven-footer. You either wind up with a Todd Lindeman-type who never seems to advance past the “work in progress” phase, or someone who’s so good you lose him in one or two years, screwing up your recruiting in the process because no game-ready prospects want to compete for a starting position with someone who may or may not be there.
    Long story short: Welcome, Sasquatch.

  7. Swampy…….three decades eh? 50 bones says I know you. Sort of agree with you on the big boys, but it would be nice to have a huge force in there. BTW…….Todd wasn’t the best, but he is one hell of a human being. A great sense of humor.

  8. This is terrible, the kid promised to play for Marquette, and he should do so. Crean is shortchanging his old school.

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