Cream and Crimson final – Offense 36, Defense 34


It appeared that the defense had won today’s Cream and Crimson scrimmage, but the offense was given the ball again after the clock had expired and scored on a 10-yard pass from Chappell to Taylor. The three points made the final officially, Offense 36, Defense 34.

Coach Bill Lynch afterward said the scrimmage had really ended with the defense ahead, but he decided to have a final play as an overtime to decide the game.

Despite the final score, it was obvious that the defense dominated the offense for most of this scrimmage, which isn’t too surprising given the number of returning starters it had playing as compared to the offense.


With 10 seconds left, Bryan Payton scored the No. 1 offense’s only TD of the day, and just the third one overall. It’s 34-33 defense as the clock runs out.


Adrian Burks interfered with Taylor at the 3. You cannot stop Collin Taylor, you can only hope to contain him. Burks had his back to the ball, put his hands up in Taylor’s face to shield him and he pushed him, but he still appears amazed that interference was called.


On 3rd and 7 from the 30, Chappell finds Collin Taylor for a 16-yard gain to the 14. But a false start on the next play moves the Hoosiers back to the 19.


Zach Walker of the No. 2 offense has scored the second TD of the day. Those three points cut the offense’s lead to 34-28 with 4:30 left in the scrimmage.


The fourth period has started with the offense given the ball on the defense’s 30. But the No. 1 offense goes 3 and out.


End of fourth period (one to go): Defense 32, Offense 23

Chappell is 18-of-31 for 136 yards with two interceptions, Evans is 11-of-17 for 70 yards with two interceptions.

Walker and Burgess, both with the No. 2 offense, are the top rushers, each with 8 carries for 34 yards. Payton has 10 carries for 35 with the 1s.

Matt Ernest, with the 1s and 2s, is the top receiver with seven catches for 59 yards.

Despite the 23 points on the scoreboard with the unusual scoring system for this scrimmage, the offense has scored just one touchdown. The defense has definitely had the upper hand throughout.


Trea Burgess barreled over the middle from the one to give the No. 2 offense the first TD of the day. The score, which counts for three points, cuts the defense’s lead to 28-22.


On the second play of the fourth period, the defense got another interception when redshirt freshman DT Jeff Boyd slammed into Chappell as he released the ball. The resulting errant pass landed in Christopher Phillips arms. The offense is now being given the ball at the defense’s 40 at the start of possession, apparently to try to give it a chance for its first score of the day, but it hasn’t worked so far.


Stats after three periods

  • Passing: Chappell 14-of-24, 115 yards, 1 interception; Evans 9-of-14, 60 yards, 2 interceptions.
  • Rushing: Walker 8-34, Payton 8-33, Major-Winston 3-21, Burgess 5-13, Evans 5-4, Chappell 6-11
  • Receiving: Ernest 7-59, Walker-Roby 4-18, Dedmond 3-24, Taylor 2-41, Banks 2-16, Burgess 1-4, Kocal 1-3
  • Tackles: Kirlew, Polk, Patterson – 5; Kleinsmith, Mosley, Burrus, Carrington, Boyd – 4
  • Interceptions: Mosley, Jones, Council
  • Sacks: Kirlew 2


Kirlew just got his second sack of Chappell to end another possessions for the ones. It’s 25-17 after three of five periods. The first three periods have been 15 minutes each of running clock. The final two will be 10 minutes each with no stoppage of the clock.


Kleinsmith just intercepted Chappell on pass intended for Ernest. Those three points for the pick give the defense a 21-17 advantage.


The No. 2 offense almost scores, but on 3rd and 4, Evans scrambled and was forced out of bounds at the 2. Another stop for the D, which holds an 18-17 lead.


The offense just had a chance for its first touchdown on 3rd and goal at the six, but a Chappell pass bounced off the chest of diving tight end Brian Zematis in the end zone. It appeared that CB Christopher Phillips may have tipped the pass. The score its now Defense 17, Offense 15. And then with a stop and go first down run for the No. 2 offense by RB Zach Walker, it’s 17-16. What a battle we have.


On the second play of the third period, Chappell just hit Collin Taylor for a 35-yard gain, the longest of the scrimmage so far, to the 13-yard line.


As the team continues to work on punting during its second break between periods – hey Hagerup just got off a good one – here’s a summary of the scoring system for today’s scrimmage.


First down – 1 point

Touchdown/25-yard gain – 3 points

Defensive interference – 1 point


Pass breakup – 1 point

Defensive stop – 1 point

Offensive interference – 1 point

Interception – 3 points


1. No fumbles, ball is spotted where it hits the ground.

2. No fourth downs (no punting or kicking)


Period 2 is history. Three more to go. It’s 16 to 11 for the defense in this epic struggle.


Little-known Shawn Winston has come off the bench with two good runs for the No. 2s. He just picked up about 15 yards for a first down.


After a 3 and out by the No. 2 offense, Council breaks up a long pass attempt by Chappell to Banks, but on the next play Chappell finds Banks for a 19-yard gain. That’s as far as the offense gets. The score after another defensive stop: Defense 16, Offense 9.


Joe Kleinsmith just took down Walker-Roby on a short pass to stop the No. 1 offense short of a first down. The defense is taking control right now. The three and out gives the D a 13-8 lead.


The second period has just started and Evans has thrown another pick, which is worth three points for the defense. CB Richard Council made a nice play to leap and pick off the pass. That gives the defense, which was behind early, an 11-8 lead.


They’re practicing punting between the first and second period. It’s not pretty right now with the redshirt freshman Chris Hagerup as the No. 1 punter. He’s shanked a couple low and not that long.


Cornerback Donnell Jones just picked off Evans for the first turnover of the practice. That ends the first period with the offense (the White today) having an 8-6 lead over the defense (the Red). Yes, it’s Red vs. White on the Memorial Stadium scoreboard in the Cream & Crimson scrimmage. Go figure.

That’s been Evans’ problem this spring in his return to QB, too many turnovers.


Evans hits Matt Ernest for two straight passes, including one for a first down. Ernest is having a good day early, with 1:37 left in the first of five scrimmages.


With the No. 1 offense back out there, Chappell hits Dedmond again for about a 13-yard gain to the defense’s 35. This redshirt freshman from Evansville looks like he will give IU a threat at tight end it hasn’t had in a long time. But the defense holds as Chappell’s long pass attempt to Walker-Roby falls untouched on third down. It’s 7-3 for the offense at this point.


After Kirlew’s stop, it’s the No. 2 offense against the No. 2 defense. QB Mitchell Evans is off to a good start, leading the 2s to three first downs to give the offense a 5-2 lead, but the defense is able to stop the drive near the 25.


The offense’s first drive ends when Jammie Kirlew sacks Chappell on a third down play. That’s another point for the defense. It’s 2-2 under this unusual scoring system for the scrimmage.


On third down, Chappell finds tight end Max Dedmond for about six years to pick up another first down. The offense has two of them now and is at the defense’s 41. That two points for two first downs. The defense has one point for a Nick Polk pass breakup.


Bryan Payton ran through a bit whole in the middle for 14 yards on the first play – a good start for the offense.


The Hoosiers are all gathered at the center of the field as play is about to get under way. We’ve got light rain and only a few hundred people in the stands.


We’ll be here at 2 p.m. to provide live updates and commentary on the Cream and Crimson scrimmage at Memorial Stadium.

It’s not like a real football game, but, hey, it’s April and it’s all we’ve got. I’ll be interested to see how many people turn out on a gloomy spring day in Bloomington.


  1. anybody know where i can find the final stats of the game. sounds like taylor had another great scrimmage

  2. Well, it really looks like IU Football sucks .. Mike the stats are in the full story click on the link

  3. How do we suck? We have a ton of injuries, players playing other sports, and the scrimmage wasn’t really a scrimmage. Seriously, do some of you think before you type?

  4. Doug, I’m intrigued by Evans. I wondered your opinion of the no-hitting the QB rule for the game and how that affected him. I know Evans is a runner, but couldn’t run at the game (QB’s were two-hand touch). Did it look to you that he may have been able to make some plays with his feet if he was allowed? It sounds like Chappel is the better passer. I wonder if Evans is better running the zone-read??

  5. also, keep in mind that the Defense knows the no-huddle offenses signals and terminology! The defense has learned over 15 practices what all the O’s calls are and had a decided advantage over the O for this scrimmage! Keep that in mind when evaluating the offense. Presumably the rest of the Big Ten won’t know what’s coming before the snap!!!

  6. Mav, sorry I didn’t notice and answer your question sooner. There were definitely a couple of plays in the scrimmage where Evans could have gotten some yardage if not for the no-hit rule. One could have been a TD from what I recall. Evans is pretty accurate in the short-passing game, but makes a few too many mistakes right now, which is probably to be expected in his first prolonged experience as college QB after playing safety last year.

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