Crean granted 10 days on the road to recruit

Indiana University has amended the sanctions it imposed on the men’s basketball program, according to a source close to the athletic department.

The school has granted new coach Tom Crean ten days to go on the road and recruit.

When Indiana put the punishment in place last fall, it limited Kelvin Sampson to 10 recruting days from Oct. 5 2007 through July 31, 2008.

Sampson used most of those days. Dan Dakich used the rest of them.

Crean arrived at IU with the understanding that he’d be unable to go out and recruit. But he said Thursday that the restriction has been more difficult to deal with than he anticipated.

Crean likely won’t wait long to get out and see players; he may start as soon as tomorrow.


  1. IU, Duke Among Those Now Interested in Hulls

    Jordan Hulls By John Decker

    Posted Apr 25, 2008

    Thanks to a big weekend in Pittsburgh, Jordan Hulls has gone from a player with a handful of mid-major offers to a player who’s getting inquiries from some of college basketball’s biggest programs – including IU. Find out who else is showing interest and about Hulls recent unofficial to IU…

    Bloomington – It’s been a week to remember for Bloomington (Ind.) South guard Jordan Hulls.

    After a big weekend at the Pitt Jam Fest, the 5-10, 170-pound point guard has gone from a player who had a handful of mid-majors courting him to someone who is now fielding inquiries from some huge names. “This whole week has been pretty crazy from one weekend,” said Hulls, who plays for the Indiana Elite AAU squad. “It’s nothing I’ve ever experienced. It’s a lot of fun – I’m not going to complain about it.” Hulls has received recruiting calls this week from Indiana, Purdue and Duke, all of whom have said they plan on watching him closely throughout the AAU season to determine if they might be interested in offering a scholarship. Hulls made an unofficial visit to IU on Monday, meeting with IU Coach Tom Crean and getting a tour of the basketball facilities. “He’s a really good guy, and really good coach, and I’m interested,” Hulls said. “He compared me to (former Marquette star) Travis Diener, which was a huge compliment.”

  2. The only thing about this article chris is that Jordan is 6’0″ not 5’10. Even the profile of Jordan says 6’0″. Guess it doesn’t matter if you can play, you can play

  3. The other thing about this article is that he said it’s always been his dream to go play for duke!!!!! f-duke!!!!

  4. Sorry to be a kiljoy but I’m sure that the H-T will need to delete Rob’s post of a copyrighted article from a subscription site (seems a bit long to be considered an excerpt).

    Read it fast because it will be gone soon.

  5. That, my friends, is pathetic.

    The sanctions are self-imposed! Kick two guys off … potential for them to return. Impose recruiting sanctions … loosen them up.

    This must be in response to the notion that the NCAA is going to further restrict recruiting and scholies … so IU’s got to get some bodies now while they can?

    Pathetic. You hire a turd like Sampson, you go down with the ship.

  6. Please don’t take this as a flame post. I am not an IU fan, But as a fan of college basketball and not any particular team I take this move as IU changing the rules on the fly when it’s convenient for them. Granted these were self imposed sanctions, but clearly by doing this IU is saying they don’t care what happened with Sampson, they hired a new coach and made the problem go away so they are saying in a sense that because of that they should not have to serve any penalties for the actions of the previous coaching staff oir follow through with any promises made. Hopefully the NCAA thinks otherwise this summer.

    Personally I think IU will get the tOSU treatment from a few years ago with the O’Brien thing, time already served, case closed and that’s probably why they are doing this. Its things like this that make me want to turn my back on NCAA Sports in general. Its very frustrating to watch a program, ANY program, do wrong and then thumb their nose at the NCAA and the other 330+ D1 NCAA schools and proceed with actions like this…it’s a “We are better then you and the rules don’t apply to us” attitude. I know IU fans probably don’t care, but it was that not caring attitude that got IU this mess in the first place by hiring Sampson.

  7. You hope the NCAA thinks otherwise? Kansas gave out cash and committed academic fraud……..and got a slap on the wrist (the current national champion Jayhawks are still on probation). I really doubt anything severe will happen to IU. We are still short on scholarships, and even with this “10 day recruiting period”, we still have several recruiting restrictions. Stop whining. I hate that we had any rules violations, but don’t act like this was some horrible crime.

  8. IU Jimmy says – “I hate that we had any rules violations, but don’t act like this was some horrible crime.”

    Up until a few years ago it was unheard of. Since Myles fired RMK IU’s moral bar wasn’t just lowered it was thrown completely away.

  9. Does anyone really think IU would do this without first checking with the NCAA ? I personally think that they checked in advance and were told that it is OK ! They have toomuch to lose by pushing the issue with the NCAA !!

  10. To Gary & Others that think IU would first check with NCAA –

    You might want to take another look at the trail of poor decisions coming out of Assembly Hall the past few years.

  11. Get a grip people. Crean is running the ship now. He has done a great great job so far of addressing the needs of the team in many different areas. Stop holding the faults of a previous staff against this guy. Believe me, Sampson has moved on and doesnt give a jack what you feel. It would be healthy for you to do the same.

  12. Jordan Hulls is going to be MONEY! Jordan if you see this you need to come to IU!!!!!!!!! and this is from a South Junior just like you!

  13. Let’s finish cleaning house in the Athletic Department and fire Greenspan. Once again, IU fans will have to explain to everyone that we still have no integrity. Yeah, I understand some of the arguments, but we all know it is wrong. Sampson couldn’t keep his word, and now apparently the AD can’t either. It’s called institutional control and we have none when it comes to the basketball program. Once again we will have a public relations nightmare on our hands.

  14. I just read that Miles Plumlee has asked to be released from his LOI with Stanford. Anyone think he could wind up here?

  15. “but don’t act like this was some horrible crime”

    Are you serious? That mindset is what has IU in trouble right now!

    Rules were broken … a lot of them! Many times!

    What seems like the entire IU team is in academic jeopardy! Two players have allegedly been mixed up with drugs. One players is leaving having allegedly not having attended class since semester one. The APR is teetering near the level of repremand …

    Not a horrible crime? Sheesh, your standards are pathetic. What IU does has nothing to do with crappy Michigan ethics, or Kansas ethics, etc. IU’s standards as an institution of integrity are on the chopping block and all you can say is, essentially, “well, everyone else does it.”

    Nice work. Pathetic.

  16. It is a curious decision. I hope the AD ran it by the NCAA.

    Guys, it’s time to move on. The penalties were self imposed. We lost a scholarship. We fired the coach. We turned over the entire staff. Coach Crean still can’t host official visits and still needs to be careful with phone calls.

    APR – We could lose scholarships but it sounds like Coach Crean is tough on academics and wants kids to graduate. (Sounds like he will turn that area around to me.)

    Drugs – Bad situation. Kids suspsended. However, college kids make bad decisions.

    Sounds like a lot of us are in glass houses.

    Let’s move on. Accept our penalties. Recognize we have a new coach and the situation is dynamic. We need to watch the new coach but we also need to trust him and know that if he’s smart he has IU’s best interest at heart.

  17. Sounds like the self-loathing segment of IU fans will have to dish themselves out a few extra lashes for this one.

    By the way, Rick Greenspan should be held responsible for the east side shooting yesterday. I JIST KNOW HE HAD A HAND IN IT!!!

  18. Just another way IU has become Kentucky.

    Welcome to the world of short-cuts and the easy way out.

    Maybe the NCAA will take this move into account when punishment is handed down.

  19. It’s not just Kansas. The NCAA has done nothing with Southern Cal. Of course, the coach would never be expected to notice that his Heismann candidate/winner on two championship teams had an extra half-million dollars lying around.
    Purdue’s infractions a few years ago were more agregious with just a slap on the wrist from the NCAA. What about the fab five Michigan players being paid for signing autographs – they were suspended for practice in October. Dumping a head coach near the end of the season was not a minor action. None of the aforementioned schools took nearly so strong an action.

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