1. Speaking of Pinnacle: If Crean wants to see what the future holds for him at I.U. he should go to YOUTUBE AND TYPE INTO THE SEARCH ENGINE:”chris farley has a problem with birds.” Besides being hilarious, it contains a view of the future.

  2. i think just maybe this is the start of something great,at least i hope so. go iu!!!!!

  3. You guys have Crean, have you looked at his track record? 2 out of 9 years of winning a first round NCAA game. Good Luck! He got lucky with Wade.

  4. Also, tell me why you all IU fans think this is the greatest job, look at your last 2 coaches and before him was an angry old man. I would rather be an ——- than to be a hoosier fan.

  5. Finally, whoever made this impulsive decision on Crean should be looked at. I predict in 3 years he will be done. Good luck with your offensive game plan under Crean. Lots of screens and no pressure on defense.

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