Devan Dumes Bloomington-bound

My usual Saturday night wind-down time in the HT office after fielding a plethora of phone calls from high school coaches all afternoon informing me of their results for the day was interrupted this time around by a late phone call from one Dave Hunter, the Sports Information Director at junior college Vincennes University, sparking a wave of furious activity to make sure our loyal readers would wake up to this tidbit in their edition of the Sunday paper.

Hunter’s news was this: He had just received a text message from Vincennes basketball coach Everick Sullivan at around 10:30 p.m. informing him that Trailblazers sophomore Devan Dumes had given a verbal commitment to play for the Hoosiers beginning in 2008. The 6-2 guard averaged 16.9 points per game last season on the 28-6 team that reached the NJCAA Tournament for the 27th time.

Devon Dumes

Dumes, who attended Decatur Central High School and arrived on the Blazers after spending his freshman season at Eastern Michigan, nailed a school-record 109 3-pointers, shooting .399 from beyond the arc and .414 on all field goals. He was also an 83.7% free-throw shooter and dished out 4.0 assists per game.

Hunter also said that Dumes is the first Vincennes player to move on to the Hoosiers since Courtney Witte in 1983. Dumes, who will have two years of eligiblity, joins scholarship players Matt Roth and Tom Pritchard and walk-on Daniel Moore as members of next season’s incoming class.


  1. I have read that Ohio State and Colorado were two of the four other schools he was considering who had offered.

    Makes me wonder if this might be insurance for the Bassett/Ellis situation.

    On a side note…….anyone else see Kravit’s column in the Indy Star this morning? I guess he has his reason to be pessimistic based on the recent past. Give it a read online if you have the time. Dont always agree with Kravs, but he is a good writer.

  2. Hey Dynasty, according to the web sites of Vincennes University and Eastern Michigan where Devon played before, his name actually is spelled with an o. This is one of those confusing things, though, because you do also see it spelled with an a on various recruiting web sites.

  3. I did read Kravitz’s column in the indy star. The article was a smear. In summary, here is a coach who has never been associated with any of the wrong-doings of Kelvin Sampson. But, he did use to work under him so let’s watch him. How about we move-on and trust in the judgement of one of the hardest working and honest coaches in college basketball.

  4. FWIW:

    Rivals has him rated 29th in their JuCo top 200.

    However, he is not an NJCAA All-American, not even an honorable mention. Nor is he on one of the All-Region teams (but it’s unclear if all those teams have been announced).

    For reference: in 2007, Ellis was 1st team all-American and player of the year, Thomas made his All-Region team; in 2006, Stemler was first team all-American and Mike White was 3rd team. Also, Othello Hunter was only Honorable Mention and he turned out to be pretty good. So, take this all with a grain of salt.

    Can a 6’2″ shooting guard be effective in the Big 10?

    Also, it seems with Roth and Crawford back IU really needs a PG, not another shooting guard. If Bassett is gone are they looking at Crawford, Moore and Finkelmier at PG?

  5. Max, get a job, Seriously. I don’t know why you’re talking garbage. No one wants you on the Scoop anyway.

  6. He describes himself as a “combo guard”, which means that he could play the point or act as a shooting guard, similar to what Bassett has done that past 2 years.

  7. Also saw on the Indystar this morning Daniel Moore made All-State, so he can’t be too ordinary. Kid has got some game and could challenge for PG minutes next year. Mixing it up between a scoring Bassett or Dumes with a pass-first PG in Moore, could be a nice addition.

  8. Uh I’m pretty sure you just blatantly came out of no where saying stupid ISSHHH.. Enough Said.

  9. Looking back all I see myself saying is “Yo Ryan, his name is actually Devan with an a not an o =).. I got your back !”
    ..because I saw his name spelled like that on, not because I was being a smart-ass

    and then YOU all of a sudden say “Go home dynosty.” ..WHOA there Max
    Get your facts straight bro..

  10. It is Devan, not Devon. Dynasty is correct. They interviewed him and he clarified the spelling confusion. Not that it matters since all we really care about is the name on the front of the jerseys.

  11. Joe,
    Devan left because he felt the coaches interest was not in the best interest of the team. He’s always felt that he could play at a higher level. There are Indiana kids right now that have been playing at a higher level the last 2 years and Devan got the best of all of them each time they played. Devan is a definitely a player and you will see. His first year at Eastern Michigan Devon recieved the Academic Athlete of the year, so academics want be a problem. He takes his studies very seriously. Eastern Michigan’s coach was in hot water with the Administration when they found out Devan would be transfering. Devon choice Vincennes because he didn’t want to sit out nor lose his game time edge and intensity. Devon can definitely play the point, he’s done it at every level going down the stretch or in the 4th quarter. He loves to pass and he is a very crafty passer, but will put a team on his back offensively and defensively when he think it is needed. Devan is 2 shades south of a pure shooter. He loves guarding the other teams best player and takes it personal when he scored on. I think the Indiana fans are in for a treat.

  12. whoever this guy joe is, he sure does know what hes talking about but not like me because Devan is my older brother. So for all u doubters just wait and see what he can do next year………………Dumes!!!

  13. man dumes is a monster. When i was in High School i always had to guard his ass and he made me work and i was known as one of the better defenders on the team. He gonna do his thang and make Indiana Happy.

  14. hey ryan his name is actually DEVON with an o i know i played high school ball with him at Decatur Central and hes a friend of mine… Devon is a hooper and he will do his thing at IU next year just liek he does his thing every where he goes. Just wait and see

  15. DevAn Dumes is definately going to be a huge impact for IU this coming up season. I played highschool ball with him and he’s really something special. And for Tieco, I was a better defender than you haha.. by far! I was the only one who could rip devan lol. And Zach, for the record, you are officially a dumbass. Dont correct someone when you dont even know yourself. And dumes wasnt your friend, he made fun of you all the time in the locker room because you stunk so bad lol.. I know you remember that.

  16. devon is my older cousin and for all you haters out there HI HATER LOL my cousin goin be beastin for IU u jus watch jus like my lil cousin Magic said hes a beast and thats all to it HAters Ya dig

  17. Devan is one of the best high school pure shooters i’ve ever seen. You need proof, try and locate a video of the regional championships a few years back featuring Decatur Central, Pike, Lawrence North, and North Central. This series of games included Mike Conley Jr, Gred Oden, and Eric Gordon. Dumes held Gordon under raps, dropped 20-plus on Gordon, and with about a minute left hit a three from center court in Gordon’s face, 4 or so feet outside of NBA range. He’s a winner.

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