Porter, Hardy go back-to-back in second round

New Orleans took Tracy Porter with pick No. 40, followed moments later by Buffalo picking Indiana’s James Hardy with No. 41.

Porter, a Louisiana native, is probably thrilled to get to play so close to home.

The take from the guys on ESPN is that Hardy will have a chance to play right away at Buffalo.

A good call on Porter by one of our posters, Dynasty, who suggested in a comment that Porter would go mid-second round as Mel Kiper predicted. A lot of other draft prognosticators had Porter lower, but Kiper and Dynasty had it right.


This is the first year since 1990, according to ESPN, that no wide receivers were picked in the first round. But in the second round, there were three wide receivers among the top five picks: 2. (33 overall) Donnie Avery of Houston to St. Louis, 3. (34 overall) Devin Thomas of Michigan State to Washington, 5. (36 overall) Jordy Nelson of Kansas State to Green Bay.


With the first round of the 2008 NFL Draft just completed, Indiana’s James Hardy and Tracy Porter are still waiting to be picked.

Hardy, according to most prognosticators, has a good chance to hear his name called in the second round, while Porter is more likely to be picked Sunday when rounds 3-7 will be held.

Four Big Ten players were picked in the first round, including two to the Jets:

1. LT Jake Long of Michigan to the Miami Dolphins

6. DE Vernon Gholston of Ohio State to the New York Jets

23. RB Rashard Mendenhall of Illinois to the Pittsburgh Steelers

30. TE Dustin Keller of Purdue to the New York Jets


  1. I’m calling it right now, I think James Hardy will be early in Round 2 with the Atlanta Falcons! ..As far as Tracy P. goes, Mel Kiper has him in the mid-2nd round I believe, so we’ll see.

  2. Yeah Tracy! I gasped when I saw he had been drafted. It looks like not a lot of WRs have been taken anyway, so perhaps that explains why Hardy hasn’t gone yet.

  3. There we go – yay for James! I’m so happy for both of them. Doug and Chris and whoever else wants to answer this – what are the chances of some of the other IU seniors getting picked up?

  4. Cate, the only other Indiana guy who seems to have a chance to get drafted is long snapper Tim Bugg, who appears to have a good chance of making a team as a free agent if he is not drafted.

    For a real long shot to be drafted late, you might look at Blake Powers. His IU career didn’t work out like he’d hoped, but his measurables – size, speed, strength – are good for a QB.

  5. Thanks Doug. I know Josiah was possibly trying to as well, and I’d love for things to work out for him – he always struck me as a nice guy. Any chance you or someone else on the sports staff can talk to James and Tracy? I’d love to hear from them.

  6. Josiah is a great guy. My impression is that he’s suffered enough concussions in his FB career that he might be better off to call it quits with football, but he certainly has a chance to get picked up as a free agent. He’s a good student who will do very well at something, even if it’s not football.

    I’ve been trying all week to talk with James and Tracy, but haven’t had any luck with getting in touch with them. I think some NFL agents don’t want players talking to the media before the draft for fear that they’ll say something that could hurt their stock. But now that they’ve been drafted, I’ll try James and Tracy again today.

  7. Thanks so much for the hard work and quick answers, as always! Good luck getting in contact with them – I certainly hope they can talk.

  8. Swampy and the four other Bills fans in Bloomington are going to bed with smiles on our faces tonight.
    Thanks to NFL Sunday Ticket, I get to watch James play football every weekend in the fall for another few years. Life is good.

  9. I guess I should do my duty as a Bills/Hoosiers fan and tell all you folks who plan to follow James Hardy’s pro career what kind of team he’s joining. I also really, really want to prolong the amount of time I can talk about football today, but Swampette’s got that glazed-over, drooling look she usually gets right around week 3 of the regular season. Psshh. Her loss.
    Anyway, the Bills’ offensive skill positions are populated by a bunch of guys who are really, really young.
    Trent Edwards is the quarterback. He went to Stanford, losing a LOT but impressing the heck out of Bill Walsh. His first year in Buffalo was spent splitting time with JP Losman, whose name you don’t recognize for a reason. Losman was a disappointing former first-round pick who never panned out. Edwards did about as well as him, and he was a ROOKIE. Edwards won the starting job for the foreseeable future. I’m not completely sold on him, but I’m also smart enough to know that you can’t judge a pro quarterback on his rookie year alone. He’s smart and has an accurate, if not terribly strong arm. I’m not saying he’s Chad “Wiffle Arm” Pennington, but he’s not gonna put one in the air for 80 yards, either. I’m cautiously optimistic.
    Running backs are Marshawn “No One Tackles Marshawn” Lynch and Jonathan “Fast Freddie” Jackson. Marshawn was Buffalo’s first pick in last year’s draft, and he was a good one. REAL good. Dude carried for over 1000 yards, and broke the most impressive runs by a player in a Bills uniform since Thurman Thomas. He’ll probably go to the Pro Bowl next year. Again, he’s real good. His backup, Fred Jackson, is an undersized back who would be really fun for opposing players to hit, but he moves faster than humans can see. He gets tackled from behind by defensive backs a lot.
    The o-line had been porous for a decade, but last year the front office decided that one phenomenal left tackle (Jason Peters) can’t block four rushers by himself, no matter how good he is. They signed some monsters like Derrick Dockery and Langston Walker to help Peters, and that problem finally seems solved. The QBs had a lot of time to work in the pocket (which was a necessity, as Edwards was a rookie and Losman liked to work on Sudoku puzzles after he took the snap), and though Marshawn doesn’t mind contact, he prefers carrying linbackers ten yards, but not defensive linemen.
    Tight end? That’s another offensive line position, right? No? I don’t know what you’re talking about.
    Last (I’m not gonna go into the defense. This is already a novel) but not least, James’ future fellow receivers. James was brought in so opposing secondaries would stop putting their entire secondary on the immensely talented U of Wisconsin product, Lee Evans. Evans is incredibly fast with hands as good as his speed, but no receiver can handle the kind of coverage he drew. They were so thin at wideout last year, they actually signed Peerless Price AGAIN. He broke his face or something and had to sit out most of the season, so his stats were actually better than they should have been. They also have Roscoe Parrish, who is also really, really fast and shifty, but he’s part Oompa-Loompa. The rest of the receivers were lucky to make an NFL squad, and most probably won’t this season. That’s where James comes in. With his size, he’ll be an immediate impact player. Teams will have to double-cover him because of his size alone. This will free up Evans for crossing and post routes, and Parrish for underneath dump-offs, check-downs, and the occasional trick play. Oh, he’ll catch the ball quite a bit, too.
    I’m eternally optimistic (Buffalo fans have to be), but I truly see Hardy as the missing piece of the puzzle for this young and promising offense. Hopes are higher in Western New York than they’ve been since the Drew Bledsoe debacle brought shame and Mike Mularkey to the team. As a dual IU/Buffalo fan, I haven’t been this happy since the Dolphins hired Cam Cameron.

  10. Thanks for that Swampy… but I’m pretty sure REAL football fans know each team in the NFL and the good players they’ve got.. I also believe Buffalo will be going places next season depending on how J.P. plays..

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