First spring scrimmage – live updates

That was the first concrete look at the IU football team. All-in-all a good day for Chappell, the running backs and defense, while the recievers didn’t have as a great a showing. Look in tomorrow’s copy of the Herald Times for further coverrage.


The receiving corps have dropped plenty of catchable balls today. The last to do so was #18 Walker-Roby, who dropped one across the middle. Evans has shown athleticism and and ability to break out of the pocket for a positive gain, which is the one dimension that Chappell is lacking. What Chappell lacks in the mobility department, he has made up with his arm, going 18-of-21 for 137 yards on the day.


While Chappell continues to impress, Evans has thrown his first interception of the day, as #17 Bruce Hampton jumped an out-route in the redzone for an interception.


Drop by Ray Fisher. Chappell is currently 13-15 with a touchdown. His two incompletions were dropped passes. Evans and the second team offense are now on the field. Evans throws ball away after being pressured out the pocket. Evans scrambles and throws a nice 40 yard pass on the run that is dropped by Matt Ernest #84. Evans is now 4-10 for 39 yards.


11 on 11 begins. Chappell enters running first team offense vs. second team defense. Banks #80 makes nice leaping catch for about a 10 yard gain. Chappell goes back to Banks for about 8 yards. Zach Walker #3 shows good mobility and speed up the middle. Ben Chappell throws, 35 yard pass to Collin Taylor for a touchdown. Chappell currently 11-12 for 98 yards. Taylor is leading receiver.


7 on 7 drills begin with Ben Chappell at quarterback. Chappell goes 1-4. Evans enters the drills. Evans finishes 5-10.


Evans scrambles for 5 yards up the middle. 16 yard pass to #37 Collin Taylor. 20 yard pass to #7 Ray Fisher. Evans goes 3-5 for 39 yards. Taylor is leading receiver. Burgess has 3 carries for 19 yards.


Mitchell Evans and the second team offense begins play. Trea Burgess has a big 12 yard gain up the middle. Zach Walker runs for about 4 yards up the left side. Kevin Burrus #98 goes down holding his left knee. Hobbles off with the help of training staff.


#31 Charlie Klingensmith looks solid during punting drills. Last punt was nearly 60 yards.


Sack by Ryan Marando #35 resets the drive. Payton has a strong burst for about 4 yards up the middle. That ends the first set of 12 offensive plays. All were run by the first team offense. Chappell was 5-6 for 34 yards.


Will Patterson stuffs Bryan Payton, stopping him at the line of scrimmage. Burgess has nice gain on the following play. Chappell’s accuracy looks sharp on short yardage as well as on plays over the middle.


Ben Chappell is running the first team offense, Mitchell Evans is running the second team. Bryan Payton is first string running back and Trea Burgess is second string. Demetrius McCray is still playing it safe, recovering from injuries.


It’s a beautiful sunny day at Memorial Stadium, but there’s only a small group of fans here to watch this year’s first scrimmage – maybe a couple hundred.

The Hoosiers are going to have 60 plays of live scrimmaging this afternoon in five sets of 12. In between those five sets, they’re going to run other drills, including seven on seven.

I’ll be keeping stats during the scrimmage and we’ll give you updates here during and between the action. IU student Evan Frederick, who is helping us cover spring ball, will give you the highlights as play proceeds.