Gordon press conference updates

Here’s Gordon.

He’s thanking us all for being here.

Specifically, he’s thanking his friends and coaches.

Now, he says it: he’ll be entering the NBA draft. He’s entering “to compete at the highest level, not for the fame or the money.”


J.D. Campbell, the director of media relations for Indiana athletics, is making the introductions. There’s going to be a couple of speakers.

First, Ira Jaffee. He’s the director of the JCC. I spoke with him a few weeks ago for a story.

Jaffee tells the story of the Gordon’s being members here for 20 years, then introduces Jeff Meyer.

Meyer, you may recall, coached Eric Gordon Sr. at Liberty.

Turns out that the Gordons invited Meyer over for dinner when he took a job at Butler a few years ago. After the dinner, they came across the street to the gym here to watch E.J., then in fifth grade, play basketball.

“He was knocking down the 3, he was using the glass off the dribble,” Meyer says.

Meyer says that Gordon has had a great attitude during a difficult year. “E.J. could probably write a book about the year we had,” he jokes.

“Where ever you go, and I’m sure you’ll be traveling, you’ll always be an Indiana Hoosier,” Meyer says. “And you’ll always be, in my humble opinion, a great Hoosier.”


We’re about to get started. Assistant coach Jeff Meyer is here, seated with Gordon at the podium. New coach Tom Crean is on his way.


The Gordons have arrived, including E.J.

A lot of kids in this situation would be working the room, owning the event. I’ve seen that happen before. Gordon looks sort of nervous, almost out of place at his own celebration.


About 100 people have gathered in a conference room here at the Jewish Community Center in northern Indianapolis. There’s an IU apron on the table and an IU background for the cameras to film.

A few kids here in Eric Gordon jerseys.

No sign of Gordon or his family yet.


  1. Brian,

    I don’t think the new minimum age requirement will kick in for a couple of years.


    I believe the Indy Star is streaming the event. It pains me to send you there, but we’re here to be helpful.

  2. Eric Gordon should stay he was among the leaders in turnovers per game in the big ten and he struggled with his shot when his team needed him most, though he is regarded as a top 10 pick I think it would be best for him to return. (too bad its not going to happen)

  3. At the press conference Eric was wearing a yellow T-shirt that had a giraffe on it. Do you know the logo on the T-shirt or the symbolism of the T-shirt?

  4. I hope he does well in the NBA. As good as he is, he would have profited by staying at IU for at least one more year, but if he has the chance to make in the pros and it’s the best decision for him, so be it.

    Now coach Crean can concentrate on recruiting those who can make a good nucleus to build upon.

  5. Impressive news conference for young man who is only 19 years old.

    It is too bad he did not stay at IU for 4 years, but anyone who second-guesses his decision to jump to the NBA is very naive.

  6. Don’t know why he had to throw in the dumb line about It “not being for the money.”

    Of COURSE it’s about the money.

    Is he going to play for free?

  7. disappointing, but not surprising

    whats disappointing? That I wont be able to see his 5 for 31 three point shooting? His ball hogging skills? His parents wearing their black IU jerseys ( the jerseys are white or crimson– not black) what exactly Ben are we going to miss with Mr. Gordon and his family gone from Bloomington?

  8. there can’t be a new minimum age requirement until and unless it’s negotiated with the players’ union in a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. And even if it is, it probably wouldn’t go into effect until the current CBA expires which, IIRC, is 2011. Plus, the NBA has an option to extend that CBA an additional year, through 2012.

  9. Why Should he go pro when at the end of the season he couldnt hit anything. I dont really think he has what it takes to go pro. D.J. As a Freshman thought he had what it took also. Yet he choose to stay at IU to get an education. Maybe thats what you should do too Eric.

  10. Let him go people…….and be civil about it. He was, and is, a special player. Just because he is not playing tonight you all are spouting Illini sour grapes. Yes, he had a lot of turnovers, but he also had a lot of points. So many that….whoa…he led the Big Ten in scoring. Crean up your act people. Sorry! giggle giggle

  11. Did anyone find it funny that Coach Meyer said “where ever you go you will be traveling”. He is right but they won’t call it in the NBA.

  12. I wish Gordon well, but I still believe this is a big mistake. I have a feeling this has more to do with the amount of smoke being blown up Eric Sr.s rear end about how good Gordon is. Too bad they didn’t have an impartial advisor.

  13. @ David Tate:

    I don’t know, but do you think he is really ready for the NBA if he’s still into Garanimals?

  14. I don’t think it is that big of loss of Gordon leaving. He didn’t rise to the occasion in the end and I can say “don’t let the door hit you on the way out”:)

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