Gordon to announce Monday

A press release from IU . . .


Indiana University All-American freshman Eric Gordon will discuss his future plans in basketball at 4:30 p.m., Monday, April 7, at the JCC in Indianapolis. The event is open to the media and public.

Gordon was the Big Ten Freshman of the Year after averaging a league best 20.9 points and setting a Big Ten record with 669 points scored. Regarded as one of the top players coming out of high school in 2007, Gordon was a McDonald’s All-American at North Central High School in Indianapolis.

He is currently in San Antonio where he is a guest of the National Association of Basketball Coaches.

The JCC is located at 6701 Hoover Road, Indianapolis: (317) 251-9467.

Take 37 to 465 west. Exit 465 at 71st St.

Take 71st St. east for about 8 miles or so. 71st turns into Westlane and then into 73rd St.

At Hoover Road (a stop sign in a neighborhood setting), turn right.

The Max and Mae Simon Jewish Community Campus will be on your left. The JCC is the building furthest south on the campus, located behind the fountain.

Turn in and park in the lot in front of the building.


  1. Good riddance Eric Gordon (or should I say Bracy Wright part II). You will be washed out of the NBA within 3 years as just a little taunting keeps you from playing well. Couple that with your propensity to turn the ball over and play like a buffoon and I know IU is better without you…just like Texas was better without Durant.

    Had you stayed, Coach Crean could have turned you into a real player and you could have a career similar to Dwayne Wade. But, no, I am sure your dad is making the decision because Coach Crean won’t capitulate to his demands.

  2. EJ was great to watch before he broke his wrist and only seemed like a let down to these idiots by comparison to that and their unrealistic expectations. I also must suggest a great deal of jealously is in their hearts. It was great to have him at IU for a year and I’d love to see him again, but that apparently will not happen.

    I grow very tired of people that cannot think of anything better to do than bash youngsters. There is no way a high profile recruit should consider IU as long as these low lifes are “fans.”

    Good luck Eric. It was fun to have you for a year and really great that you stayed in Indiana rather than going across the state line to our neighbors!

  3. what is it with….he’s going to announce his decision today and then monday and then…blah…blah…blah…who cares…blah…blah…!!!

  4. It hardly seems Gordon’s fault that the NBA now won’t draft directly from high school.

    (Which, by the way, made me go “duh” every time a commentator started drooling on about how this year was the “greatest freshman class ever”; of course it was–in previous years ten or so of it’s best members wouldn’t even have been playing college ball.)

    It seems to me that the way to win these days is to establish the solid core of four-year players that you need to provide continuity and leadership and make a solid program year in, year out, and then hope to get a Gordon or an Odom for a year or two once in a while and go for a championship. I don’t think you can win it all with just one or the other.

  5. He is currently in San Antonio where he is a guest of the National Association of Basketball Coaches.

    It’s for sure he’s not in san antone to play with the way he and his —-mates(had to leave team out of that word because they were not a team)..except for DJ “tanked it.”

  6. Hard to be a “Team” without a coach…you guys have absolutely no idea what these kids went through…but please continue to sit at your computer and bash them

  7. Fellow IU alumni, let’s not act like Illinois students & graduates and disrespect Eric Gordon. We want the best players from Indiana and around the country to come to IU not only for the great tradition, but because they understand that once they come here that they are family.

    Thus, let’s wish Eric Gordon well – as he will continue to represent IU in the NBA – and realize that to be 20 years old and be set for life is not something that may of us could pass up.

    Eric Gordon, if you read this, here is one IU alum that wishes you the best of luck in you life and career and thank you for choosing IU over Illinois (and sorry for the tumultuous year you had to endure)- now go and may the rest of us Hoosiers proud for the Glory of ‘ol IU!!!!

  8. Who wants to go to the Batchelor Middle School spelling bee with me, and scream at some of them stupid kids when they spell words wrong? Man, those kids are so freakin’ arrogant, but they all misspell a word eventually, and then you can yell and cuss at ’em, and call ’em little idiots right to their faces! What a bunch of little punks! Hey Tommy Johnson, you think you’re so awesome, why’d you spell your word wrong, you stupid little jerk? HA! LOSER!!!

  9. I would have to agree with jacu. I can’t wait till Eric Gordon is gone. He obviously is not a team player, which was evident by the fact that he couldn’t even win a high school State Championship. The bigger problem here is the influence that his dad is playing in all of this. Parents these days need quit living through there children and be parents. There is no doubt that Eric Gordon will make millions of dollars to play a game, but I hope that his dad is feeling good about himself. Good Riddence and lets support Tom Crean whom I am confident will bring in “team” players and not indivduals who are just looking to make the jump to the next level. The last team that we had that played like a “team” went to the National Championship game. I look forward to that again!

  10. Congrats Eric! I hope you have a successful NBA career and beyond. In a tough situation like the one going on at IU right now, it is hard to make everyone happy. I will be pulling for you whatever uniform you suit up in next year!

  11. I for one wish Eric Gordon all the luck in the world. No, I don’t agree with his decision, but he isn’t my son. I think these kids get too caught up in the money aspect of the game, and forget that they need an education too. Eric Gordon, if you are reading these posts, remember this, not EVERY NBA player becomes a star and you WILL need something to fall back on. DO THE RIGHT THING….Get your degree while playing ball like another Hoosier player did. Good Luck!

  12. The worst part of this tragedy is that the most important thing here is, what is best for the “STUDENT”, 1. an education that will last a life time, 2. the development of life long friendships, and 3. your youth. These things are priceless. These young men who enter the NBA “hoping” to be the next coming of Michael Jordan are all getting a wake up call when the arrive on the end of the bench in the NBA. There are a few exceptions, but, even Greg Oden will still have to prove his worth and value once he’s healthy again. It is a shame that the greed of our society clouds the fact that you can squander a million dollars away in just a few years and then what have we given these athletes to continue their lives with. It’s all about greed, greed, greed for millions of dollars. Curt Haston and Bracey Wright were our last big flops, and I’m sure I could dredge up a bunch more, Jay Edwards pops to mind, too. As for Eric Gordon, I’m not convienced yet. Let’s see, he made a committment to play for Bruce Weber at Illinois and then reneged on that deal, makes me question his character. Then he comes to IU and has a good freshman year, but, when the chips were down, the coach was gone, did we get a “Hoosiers” effort from him? Did he step up and say come on guys we can do this? Didn’t seem like it to me. Would Larry Bird have folded his cards when there was adversity to deal with, OH,Yeah I’m sure. I applaud Georgetown Center Roy Hibbert for coming back to finish his Senior year. Now, he’s got an education and degree in Government, will still make millions in the NBA and has lived his youth as a young boy enjoying what was for me, the best time of my life while I was enrolled in college. His loyalty to the Georgetown program just goes to show that education is the longest lasting and best choice, and don’t give me any of this, well, they need the money now stuff, because the money is still gonna be there. Even if the kids break their leg and never play for the NBA, they will have an education to employ themselves in society. Life is hard and doesn’t always give you what you want, but, I believe that life is fair if you work hard, have good morals and values and contribute to the better side of society. I can’t wait to see how this super star burns up in the atmosphere of the NBA. Coach Crean is a good man and let’s build some bridges here and get over the adult mistakes that have been hard on the young men on the IU basketball team. If they all choose to leave the program, then, it’s them that will loose because Tom Crean is as dedicated as they come, and IU is one of the best Universities in the country to get an EDUCATION.

  13. THANK YOU EJ! FOR BEING A HOOSIER. Dont let a few bad apples make you think IU fans turned their backs on you. BEST WISHES FOR YOU

  14. Good luck to EJ.

    Many analysts (and myself) agree that EJ’s NBA stock would probably have gone down had he stayed on another year. Plus, there is always risk of further injury. There is no reason in the world for him not to go try to earn a living at what he does best. If he blows his knee out one week into his contract he can take a small portion of his cash and return to school. Anyone who doesn’t realize this is incredibly ignorant of basketball and life. You folks are probably better off finding another sport to follow.

  15. “Would Larry Bird have folded his cards when there was adversity to deal with, OH,Yeah I’m sure.” – Doug P.

    “Yeah, right. And Grizzly Adams had a beard.”
    -Shooter McGavin
    “But Grizzly Adams DID have a beard!”
    -Lee Trevino

    Uh, Larry Bird committed to IU, attended school here for a month, and quit. So, yeah. Bad example.

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