Harrelson, Ferguson and adidas

Two big men that Indiana had been recruiting committed to Kentucky today.

Josh Harrelson, a 6-9 265 pounder out of Southwest Illinois College (which produced Lance Stemler) signed his letter of intent with Billy Gillespie and will join the Wildcats this summer. He played only one year at junior college and has three years of eligibility.

Dominique Ferguson, a 6-9, 200-pound small forward from Lawrence North, gave a verbal commitment to Gillespie. A five-star prospect in the class of 2010, Ferguson has been to Bloomington several times. But ultimately he felt most comfortable in Lexington.

Kentucky, of course, went through its coaching transition last year. Gillespie didn’t have nearly the mess to clean up that Crean did, but it’s not hard to imagine Indiana getting these sorts of pick ups a year from now.

Indiana did manage to generate a bit of revenue today, though, by signing an 8-year extension with adidas to be the athletic program’s official apparel provider.

So, how much is the tradition of Indiana worth? How valuable are all those alumni spread across the country? What would it mean to a business to have Eric Gordon on SportsCenter dunking the ball while wearing nothing but adidas?

Try $21 million.


  1. Tough day for the Hoosiers. Great day for the Wildcats.

    Just to put those numbers in comparison (and I am sure the Scoop staff saw this part too) Michigan got $60 million for the same number of years. ND got $60 million for 10 years. IU came in at right about what Nebraska got for its deal.

  2. Its all about football fellas. You don’t see fans sporting basketball jerseys anymore. Football jerseys never lost the luster in the same way as basketball. Add that to the fact that a football game gets 100k fans to a game compared to a college game getting 17k and you can see where its obvious that their focus is on football.

  3. Can this money be spent on paying ex-coaches,ADs, Univ. Pres. and anyone else IU is still paying for not being here. The rest [if there is any] should go in the replace AH fund.

  4. Perhaps this will lead to Kentucky not having a scholarship to offer Maurice Sutton and he will end up here.

  5. are you FREAKING kidding me!! We’re stuck with Adidas for 8 FREAKIN YEARS!! A dang Soccer company .W.T..F! WHY CAN’T AN ATHLETIC PROGRAM LIKE INDIANA HAVE NIKE?!!?! SERIOUSLY.. MY GOODNESS..ADIDAS BLOWS!

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