It’s official: Indiana dismisses Bassett and Ellis

Indiana athletics media relations director J.D. Campbell confirmed this morning that IU has dismissed Armon Bassett and Jamarcus Ellis from its basketball team.

Campbell gave no explanation about the reasons for or timing of the dismissals.

We will keep you updated with any developments in this story.  


  1. Doug – when does Greenspan’s contract expire? For those of us who want him fired, it would seem unrealistic to hire a new coach then immediately turn around and fire the AD.

  2. Just wonder when it will all end. Maybe these guys are bad kids…who knows. All I know is that we lose two of our better basketball players (Bassett is better than Gordon) for undisclosed reasons? The guy that dismissed them won’t even be the head coach in a few days…or weeks. I am still a die-hard fan but I hate to say that IU basketball is the biggest joke in the country right now!

  3. I hope that someone has atleast tried to discuss this with them and not just try and rule with the iron fist of a certain former coach.

  4. This is getting ridiculous. The biggest problem with the program is about half of the fan base. Stop living in the past!! Bobby is not going to walk thru that door, and who would want him to. Can anyone name a former IU player that can make a difference in Bloomington? NONE!!! As far as Basset and Ellis, these are kids. Look what OUR university put them thru this season. Fire a bad hire, replace him with someone who wasn’t on the bench at the beginning of the season, for whom the players didn’t want, and then throw them under the bus days before the NCAAs, by announcing their BLUE RIBBON panel of non-experts to find the new coach. Give’me a break.

  5. What is going on! Can’t this wait until some decisions have been made with a new coach? It’s like Greenspan wants I.U. to go down the tubes. One bad decision after another. I am sure that this will help entice a good coach to come into a program with no players.

  6. You can’t tolerate insubordination no matter who is in charge. But I have to agree with T.Wyzard, these are just kids that make mistakes. IU needs to clean house starting with Greenspan and the coaching staff. Unfortunately IU is a joke of a program right now… this is a sad day!

  7. How about Mike Woodson!! I think that we need someone who loves and really understands I.U. basketball (like DD but with some enthusiasm to lead and inspire his players)I think that he would be a great recruiter with all of his NBA years behind him & he’s and “Indiana Boy” Might be worth checking to see if he is happy coaching in Atlanta. (Never hurts to ask) If not him someone who would be willing to work hard to bring back this program to the greatness we all want and desire. Let’s face it we are in for a long hard struggle if we don’t find the right someone who wants I.U. back on top we may never get it back. God knows we suffer enough with football, please lets not have to suffer to long with basketball. What would you think of DD as the next AD? God knows he loves I.U. You are right this is a sad day!!

  8. TW and DF I couldn’t agree more. These are young men who need support right now. This is probably their best opportunity to receive a college education. I made alot of mistakes when I was their age. No one ever took away something this important from me. Someone may be a little power drunk. Let’s take away that power before he holds up in Assembly Hall with a list of demands.

  9. Completely agree with T Wyzard. As for Mike Woodson … I live here in Atlanta, and I’m not sure he’s the greatest coach in the world. Not sure if he’ll be willing to leave before the end of the season (with the Hawks about to make the playoffs for the first time in forever). I will say that just a few weeks ago the GM, Billy Knight (an idiot), tried to fire Mike Woodson, but got vetoed by the ownership.

    I want Pitino or Calipari (I know people THINK he is shady, but remind what he’s been in trouble for?). But now with DD (again, another idiot) trying to sabatoge the team, maybe we just ought to go with a Kruger or Montgomery to right the ship, rather than starting with an unproven, young coach. I think Kruger is a great college coach and his teams have played well everywhere he’s been (except for the Atlanta Hawks).

  10. Kenny,
    Greenspan’s contract runs through June 30, 2013. It was scheduled to end Sept. 14, 2009, but former IU president Adam Herbert on March 12, 2007 – just three months before Herbert left the presidency – signed an extension that gave Greenspan an additional three years and one month, as well as a raise from $275,000 to $300,000 a year, in addition to $60,000 per year in deferred compensation.

    If IU would fire Greenspan without showing cause – i.e. that he violated the terms of his contract – IU would have to have to give him a buyout of two years salary, $600,000, according to the contract.

  11. Bassett & Ellis off the team is a non issue. They’ll be back when a new coach is in place. In my view, all of this nonsense is white noise until Coach Grant takes over and stabilizes the program.

  12. IU cannot continue to allow players to skip out on team activities and go unpunished. Ellis just has a bad attitude. Yes, the players have been through a lot, but Dakich is still the coach, and the players still have to follow the rules. These players think they can walk over whomever is in charge. Ellis and Basset have already been suspended once. How many chances are they supposed to get? I like what Dakich is doing. Instill some accountability back into our program. This is just the beginning of the rebuilding period. Next, fire Greenspan and the other clowns in the front office and begin to recruit role players who will be able to build team chemistry.

  13. Just heard that Dakich has condemed Assembly Hall due to structural faults. Will knock it down this weekend and we will play in the HPER next year.

  14. Why does everyone assume there will be a new coach? No one of the “up and coming” variety will want to come to a school facing sanctions. We may have Dakich because he’s the only one who wants the job.

  15. I never knew IU had so many idiots for fans.

    These guys blew off their SECOND meeting after being told they’d get booted if they did.

    They are the ones who are “power drunk.”


  16. Doug,

    Without providing any details, can you at least confirm that there is more going on here than missing some meetings? I believe that Dan spoke with the AD office before making this move and I am wondering if past problems, suspensions, or other issues were factored in. I can’t imagine that IU wants to be out talking with potential hires while it is going through all of this public turmoil unless the problem is bigger than what is being reported.

  17. You fans who are mad at Dackich, dont seem to understand the real world. You have 2 kids, who missed a team meeting, then skipped the punishment, what’s he supposed to do? Say oh its ok, little trooper, you’ve been thru alot, the rules dont apply to you, just come when you want. Its amazing that so many people are against Dan on this. We are in this mess, cause there has been 0 accountability with our last 2 coaches. You cant let the inmates run the asylum

  18. This just in from a pretty reliable source, the meetings missed were actually bible studies. Way to weed out the heathen Dan.

  19. Mark,

    I’ve heard that Dakich has been concerned about the behavior of Bassett, Ellis and a couple of other players for a long time.

    The IDS and Fox Sports have both reported, using unidentified sources, that failed drug tests have been a problem on IU’s team. We have not reported that – and I cannot confirm those reports – because we will not use unidentified sources to allege that criminal behavior has occurred. We know that players – including Bassett and Ellis – have been suspended, but we don’t know for certain why they were suspended.

    We know that Dakich has said the culture of IU basketball needs to be restored and this action appears to be part of his effort to restore it. But the obvious question, as many have pointed out, is why not wait until a coach is named to make such a decision? I don’t know if events this week forced this action somehow, but if not, I can’t understand the athletic department allowing Dakich to take such an action when IU is trying to hire a coach and expects to name one within days. I’m not saying it’s the wrong action necessarily. Discipline needs to be restored on the team – although in this case it leaves IU with a woeful team for next season – but I’m questioning who should have authority and accountability for such a decision at this point.

    We have heard from a couple of people close to the basketball program who wonder if Dakich is trying to make the job so unattractive to others that he’ll eventually get it, but that is just speculaton on their part. It could well be that this needed to happen now, but if so, Dakich or Greenspan need to step up and explain to the public what’s going on. IU constantly feeds the turmoil by trying to hide and keep everything a secret.

    We’ll be working to get some more answers for you as the day progresses.

  20. Sorry but if my boss is fired and they appoint someone as interim and he schedules meetings which i refuse to attend…guess what? HE CAN STILL FIRE ME…Stop using this whining argument “these are just kids”..gimme a break…If they are unable to tell right from wrong after being suspended multiple times during the season, then they do not deserve to play at IU…or maybe some of you forgot that we already look foolish because of Sampson? I dont want to be known as the Big ten school with all the (racist code word here)…If you want to win at all costs, go support an SEC team…

  21. it would be nice to see at least one article free of racist language. time to man up and do your job ht mods.

    and i think the coaching decision has been made. why else would they let dakich make such a powerful decision if this was not going to be his team? the hits just keep on coming…

  22. I’m telling you! Dan Dakich will be the next head coach of Indiana University men’s basketball.

  23. I would assume the school wouldn’t make you leave because you didn’t want to run or attend a basketball meeting. However, if they are not meeting the guidelines outlined in their scholarship (attending meetings and everything else) the University will pull the scholarship they are on. So basically, if they want to act like regular students….then they will be treated like them. Good riddance.

  24. This is a disaster…Bruce Pearl and even Steve Alford don’t want coach IU, and now two of our best remaining players get thrown off the team. It’s going to take 4 to 5 years before IU is even on the map again…what a disgrace!

  25. so apparently samspon spent his time breaking recruiting rules while talking to pot smokers. and everyone is angry at dakich for getting rid of them? are these the type of people we want in the public eye representing our state and our university? are these the role models we want our little boys with their iu hats to be looking up to? when i was a kid, i always wanted to be an iu basketball player. i wentto church with kirk hastings, i thought iu basketball was all there was in college. do want that to include breaking rules, ignoring authority figures, and doing drugs?

  26. Doug,

    Thank you for the honest response and for how you guys handle rumors. I appreciate that these players are just kids but it is a sad chapter in IU’s history. The more I learn about how Kelvin ran the program the more dissapointed that I am. He seemed to put winning in front of everything and his kids were influenced by that. Let’s hope that this period is about to come to an end in the very near future.

    – Mark

  27. Irritated,

    It’s Hasten, Kirk HASTEN. If you’re going to name-drop while remembering days gone by, at least get the man’s name right.


  28. By the way,

    If anyone thinks there were no dope smokers on any of Knight’s teams, they are sorely mistaken.

  29. There are very few people who make it to graduation at IU who haven’t smoked some gonja a few times. Toking the reefer is the least of my concerns when it comes to character.

  30. JBlndy,
    Is actually Haston, Kirk Haston, if your going to name drop or correct someone for doing so, then at least spell his name right. Also, numerous IU players have smoked weed over the years and I know for a 100% fact because I smoked with several of them (football and soccer players too) between 94-98 and i’m sure its gone on long before and after I left so that’s not really the issue with these dismissals. None of this really matters though as we continue this downward spiral of a coaching search. We have to get Calipari!!! We keep Ebanks, and would then have a shot at Tyreke Evans who is going to end up at Memphis if Calipari stays. Its worth the extra million bucks or so to make final 4’s consistently and win national championships every 5 years or so for the next 15 to 20. Kids love to play for him and he coaches a great style that is fun to watch for the fans. If it isn’t Coach Cal, then we are in trouble for years to come. How about one of those “big baller” boosters up in Indy footing the bill to make this happen? I know they’re out there so time to step up for your University.

  31. According to all these reports, all they got kicked off for was basically not accepting Dakich’s authority as the coach and possibly past mistakes before Dakich took over were held against them. They’re passionate student-athletes who don’t respect a lame-duck coach who wasn’t even their choice from the start of this Sampson fiasco (Ray McCallum ring a bell?). Was it a mature move? It wasn’t. Was it a Bud Mackey-worthy immoral offense? Hardly. The guys didn’t do anything immoral, they just got upset and walked. So what? And yes, if my boss compiled Dakich’s record at Bowling Green coupled with Dakich’s paltry showing at IU, I’d absolutely want a different “job” with more opportunity to succeed if I was in their shoes. If Dakich wasn’t an alumni, people wouldn’t even be sticking up for him. And I may just “mail it in” if I was stuck “working” for Dakich.

    Should they show respect to Dakich? Sure, he is the “coach” right now. Has he earned any right to be the IU coach? If you seriously try to defend such a position you’re acting ludicrous. You don’t go .500 at a small school if you’re a good coach, EVER. Bill, I don’t care about the athletic department. Not firing him earlier is how BG’s athletic department showed no commitment to the program. Crean, Pearl, Bo Ryan, etc. all started out at small schools, as does usually every great coach. They put up 25-7 type seasons regularly. They didn’t compile .500 level clunkers over 10 years. Dakich may say all the right things, but saying the right thing doesn’t a championship banner make.

    In any event, those two guys showed heart and grit on the floor. Anyone who questions that just doesn’t know hoops.

    Apparently people have forgot what it’s like to be a passionate college student, one who feels betrayed. If they are somehow allowed to come back to a team (despite the announcement from Campbell) that doesn’t face serious sanctions with a coach who isn’t Dakich, they will help this squad survive this debacle and maybe even have a little success.

    P.S.: I WATCHED A.J. Moye smoke pot when I was at school. And Tom Coverdale was a freaking alcoholic when I was there. The Purdue kids weren’t kidding back in ’03 when they chanted “alcoholic” at him.

  32. No, I can’t imagine that. But, those players came to IU to play for Knight. These players came to play for Sampson. It may have been a poor decision to skip team meetings, but I’m not mad at them. I wouldn’t blame them if they all wanted out of this joke…
    Bassett and Ellis may be rough around the edges, but those are the ones you don’t give up on. We will be begging guys like them to play at IU the next 2-4 years after all this.

  33. I’d love to see Grant. From everything I can tell he’s got the Right Stuff. I can live with Brownell, Miller, or Crean too.

  34. Dakich is an IDIOT…… he couldnt coach at Bowling Green after being let go and he still can’t coach today. This is a big mess and Dakich is way out of line.

  35. why the hell is dakich allowed to make decisions regarding the future of the team when he’s not going to be in charge? is greenspan a total moron? my only hope is that the new coach (whoever that is) comes in, reinstates bassett and ellis (if they want to stay), and promptly tells dakich he’s a horrible coach and to go f*** himself.

  36. A Grant, Jamie Dixon, Crean, Sean Miller, each would be very good coaches for IU, hope we get one of them, and hope this latest incredibly short-sighted and idiotic move by IU/Dakich does not tank the basketball program. To those of you who keep lambasting these college kids for not coming to a meeting with this power-hungry, lame duck, sorry excuse for an interim coach who managed to tank an excellent IU team with loads of talent (because, as his history shows, he can’t coach), take a step back and look at the situation honestly. The season is OVER. It is absolutely crystal clear that IU is deep into the process of getting a new coach, and it won’t be Dakich, who was only given the interim position for political reasons/to put an Indiana face on the program. These kids are not bad kids or criminals, they’re kids, who have had the rug pulled out from under them by circumstances completely beyond their control, and, by the way, they’re excellent basketball players. Support dismissal of these kids, for these trifling incidents, by a lame duck and lousy coach who is PO’d because he wants to hold onto a job he absolutely never should have had? Are you kidding? Get off your moral horse and give these kids, and this program, a break. What a punch and judy show.

  37. Amen Hoosier Hoopster/Grad. I wish I could’ve produced such an insightful, well-written commentary.

  38. Oh, they are not “kids.”

    Give me a f-ing break.

    Players always talk about “wanting to be respected” and “treated like men.”

    Well, act like one.

    Dan should be APPLAUDED for kicking them off.

  39. my brother is tracking the IU charter flight pattern on line. It was in Albuquerque for two days and now is heading to Washington state. (no lie, but who cares) His infrared camera cannot tell who is on board.

    I love these blogs but am a bit bored until the real deal unfolds. Same old crank about Greenspan, DD, and racism. Not to mention sales pitches on each and every candidate. I am moving over to debate with the atheist.

  40. First of all, I see a lot of posts from people that are obviously not IU fans. Calling people morons, etc. How big of a loser do you have to be to surf sites of the teams you hate to stir discussions? I’m sure you were EXTREMELY popular in school eh? Give me a break.

    As far as the program goes, the media will tear into this at such a high level I have no doubt change is near. Between them and the alumni I’m sure enough is enough. Look, the rest of the world already thinks we are a bunch of country bumpkins. How do we look now? It’s insanity.

    Leave it to us to find an administration that seems to be doing about as well as Bush is running our country. This program is in Civil War. I for one have no more excuses and have never seen anything like this in my life.

    Dakich, Greenspan, please, please for the love of God Almighty……HIT THE ROAD!

  41. I could absolutely live with Crean, Dixon, or possibly even Grant if it came down to it but let’s go after the biggest gun and that guy is Calipari. I see several people saying he’s a sleeze ball but what example do you have. Please don’t say Marcus Camby at UMass because he was exonorated from anything with those grumblings. Just curious to know what other terrible things Calipari has actually done besides win a ton of basketball games and recruit top notch talent to places like UMass and Memphis.

  42. I’ve deleted several posts alleging illegal activity by players. Unless you have evidence of such activity, we won’t allow those allegations here. We generally want to allow as open of a discussion as possible and criticism is certainly allowed, but to accuse people of illegal actions, you need to have some proof.


    How many walk ons will be playing for us next year? Our best incoming recruit is a 3 star SG!! what a joke! Its going to be a long time before Indiana basketball means anything again. We wont win a game in the Big Ten next year.

  44. Thank You Hoosier/Hoopster Grad. Well said.
    Laffy, get a grip on reality.
    Dakich is a horrible coach and he made a horrible decision. If you guys really do care so much about your precious IU basketball team, you should really sit and think about the bigger picture here. Two months ago IU was a potential Final Four team. A few phone calls and one huge overreaction later you’ve got a coach who can’t do his job and a program on the verge of ruins. I don’t know if you noticed but they tanked the last part of the season. I can’t help but think that some, if not all of that had to do with the decision to fire Sampson and put in Dakich. He’s not good and shouldn’t be in charge of breakfast in his own home, let alone a respected college basketball team. “Dan should be APPLAUDED for kicking them off.” You’ve got to be kidding me.

  45. THANKS DOUG! Keep it civil folks. Let us not be the “country bumpkins” as mentioned in one post.

  46. No, I’m not kidding.

    The “huge over-reaction” you losers keep CRYING about is the “They are only kids” nonsense.

    They were told the consequences and did it anyway.

    And people wonder why athletes think the rules/laws don’t apply to them.

    It’s because of idiots like you always kissing their butts telling them they don’t have to be accountable for anything.

    “Hey Johnny, we don’t care care if you skip class or tell the coach to go screw himself. As long as you can put a ball in a hoop, you can do ANYTHING you want.”


    As far as Calipari, I guess you missed this story:

    His players reported getting ripped off of THOUSANDS of dollars worth of stuff, including fur coats, and it was only after people started asking, “Ummmmmmmm, how did they afford all that stuff” did they change their story.

    I’m sure Calipari replaced it all.

  47. initially i thought DD was nuts, but if the kids behaved in the way that is alleged, then damn, they should have gotten the boot much sooner. We dont need that kind of behavior at IU

  48. Aren’t we getting a little tired of being so “clean” and “civil” while the rest of the college world does not? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for doing things right but we can walk the line occasionally to save our program.

    Our “high and mighty” leadership cannot stand the thought of Sampson sticking around while 80% of the colleges would have waited until the end of the season when the NCAA made the ruling.

    Then the same staff announces this committee prior to the tournament? Do two wrongs make a right? We then dismiss players under these circumstances?

    Is Greenspan a Purdue fan planted at IU in an effort to render us useless for the next decade? None of this makes any sense. All of this over phone calls. No one has been accused of anything that is truly a hard crime we see all over the news on a daily basis.

    It is what it is. An administration that just isn’t capable. Inabilities are one thing, but to the extent they embarrass the entire university is a whole other level of absurdity.

  49. Give them a break? Really? What kind of a break do you have in mind?

    These aren’t the victims of a violent crime, they’re not suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome. They play basketball, they go to class (sometimes), and then they play more basketball, then they watch for their highlights on SportsCenter. They get more academic leeway than any other 30 students on campus combined, they (have the opportunity to) graduate without the mountain of debt that most kids do, and because Bloomington grants “rock-star” status to IU football/basketball players, they have to do something pretty serious like beat their girlfriend (James Hardy/Sherron Wilkerson) before they get held legally responsible for their actions. This is all without mentioning the “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” method of dealing with underage alcohol consumption, I would think the prosecutors office as well as the NCAA would have a little something to say about that.

    As for DD being a lame-duck coach, that is not even a valid argument. I don’t care if DD is the coach tomorrow (truth be told, I secretly hope he’s not) the fact of the matter is that he is the coach today, and these kids broke the rules today, therefore they pay for those choices…today. By the previously mentioned, “give them a break” rationale, you are saying you can do whatever you want provided you dislike your authority figure, and there is a finite and foreseeable proximity between said authority figure and the time at which they will no longer maintain their authority over you. In retrospect, perhaps my frustrations are a little misdirected. Maybe I should be looking at the group of overly-permissive, “don’t-listen-to-that-man,-you’re-special” crowd that seems to have gathered asking us to “give them a break.”

    I’ll grant you that Indiana University is perpetrating the worst crime on Indiana Basketball since the IHSAA implemented class basketball, but to dismiss the actions of a group that (if you really look at it objectively) will be minimally impacted by the outcome of these institutional issues based on the fact that they happen to be here at the time, is going beyond grace and rapidly approaching the disciplinary equivalent of sticking your head in the sand.

    Let me speak to the resulting argument now, don’t tell me they have their pro careers to think about. That argument is a loser from the get-go and here’s why: 1.) Indiana has had so few “big-time” pro players come out of it’s ranks that they can be counted on two hands and that’s if you go all the way back to the dawn of time. 2.) Players that have a realistic pro career ahead of them, don’t go to Indiana. They go to Duke and North Carolina and Florida and Texas, they pay better and don’t use up all their Anytime Minutes. (That one was a joke, just for fun.) 3.) Any player that does come to Indiana with the idea that they are going to go pro is only here because the NBA made that new rule to keep players from coming right out of high school. They are a short-timer and essentially a waste of money and resources. Anybody that wants to argue this point, I’m all ears, but I’d like you to start by saying you’d approve an agreement whereby any player that leaves voluntarily for the professional basketball ranks before the end of their promised number of scholarship years, owes back the difference to the school. If we’re going to make such huge investments in players, I don’t think it would hurt to have them seriously considering their investment in education. If they can’t agree to that, fine, sit out for your NBA mandated year playing pick-up games and hoping that you don’t get hurt or become less athletic, because once you hire that agent, it’s game over in the NCAA.

    If it gives you a warmer, fuzzier, feel-good feeling, look at this like this: DD totally understands their situation and did give them a break. They can do whatever they want, they don’t have to listen to a single word that comes out of Coach D’s yapper. They don’t even have to play basketball anymore if they don’t want to, they can sit back, relax, and focus completely on their education which is our top priority anyway. All they have to do to get this wonderful break is make a quick trip down to the Financial Aid office. How do you feel about listening to your lame-duck coach now, better or worse?

  50. I love the people who say he can’t coach.

    He has a winning record for his career at Bowling Green, and his record is right on par with the coach he replaced, Jim Larranaga (George Mason anyone), and the coach before that, John Weinert.

    In BG’s history, not including Dakich’s replacement but including Dakich there had been 14 head coaches. 7 of them with winning records, 7 of them with losing records. Dakich has a winning record.

    He left the team with the 3rd longest tenure as a head coach, ranked 3rd in school history in wins, only to be out done by Jim Larranaga (11 seasons) and Harold Anderson (21 seasons) for wins. Along with those two, he is only the 3rd BG coach to have an 18+ win season.

    He also graduates his players, with 20 of 23 seniors getting their degree (.869 rate) and has 12 players in 10 seasons who have went on to sign professional contracts.

    I guess being one of the top 3 most successful coaches at a school, 12 former players going pro, that says without a doubt that Dakich is a bum that shouldn’t coach a Kindergarten team.

    Give me a break!

  51. Chip – you are well spoken but I’m not sure you understand our plight.

    The question wasn’t “Why.”

    The question is “Why now?” and “Why Dakich?”

    Let’s assume these two absolutely deserved this decision. Does the administration have the common sense to drag out this matter say, 5 days until a coach is hired? Do you work in a business?

    Put this in a business perpective. You are trying to hire a sales manager for your firm. These guys are 2 of your top 5 salesman. They have issues and you think they may need dismissal. However, your sales manager will want the best team assembled to work with since his productivity will be reflected. So you fire both of these guys now knowing full well others may follow. To include those you have recruited to employ the next fiscal year.

    Nothing personal sir, but if you choose the IU path here your company will TANK. And that’s what the program is doing fast. TANKING.

    Like I said nothing personal but as a true IU fan this is just hard to deal with.

  52. It is hard on kids when the rules change in mid-stream. Sampson didn’t care what the guys did in their “off” time and Greenspan was okay with that – I guess. DD wasn’t going to run things that way, and as the appointed coach that was his right.

    BTW, I thought the NCAA had mandatory urine tests after each NCAA game. Or was that just a Nancy Reagan thing?

  53. I think the rule you’re thinking of was that Nancy Regan had to take a urine test after every NCAA game. 🙂

  54. Even if we could confirm Jamarcus mailed it in against Arkansas it doesn’t erase his strong effort and output this season when he was on the court. It’s unbelievable, the temerity you have to to call a player a “streetballer” or “lazy” when said player has nose for finding the ball and getting it where it should be.

    Jamarcus clearly has solid fundamentals (read: rebound, create TOs on defense, pass and shoot). The only way I could rationalize those dirty, undeserving accusations is if they came from someone who knew nothing about basketball or someone with something against a black kid from Chicago. Like I said, I’m not going to venture to take a guess as to which it is, so take your pick.

    So…………Michael………….those of us who hhave watched the games this year were wrong about those two? Seems that if you cannot honor yyour “contract” ie a scholarship, for a full season, then there is no real reason for you to stick around huh… just a thought… that at one time RMK threw half a squad off the team for smoking dope in a state that allowed it.. Alaska… yet now we have those allegations against these players and finally someone from BB office stepped in an did something with these two men. I hope that they get their priorities in order, or else they will have a long and difficult road ahead of them without an education and without a chance in the NBA or overseas….

  55. Did you even go to IU? Did you ever meet a recent IU basketball player? There were quite a few who drank underage or have smoked or do smoke pot. Those aren’t accusations; those are eye-witness accounts. Who cares about a little pot smoking and underage drinking? And what does it matter what RMK did? He’s not walking through that door. Isiah Thomas was one of RMK’s kids and he has behaved completely inappropriately long before he got to New York. Is he a role model? Get off it. Whether or not you want Dakich out or Ellis and Bassett out is besides the point. If you think the behavior or Ellis and Bassett is an aberration in terms of IU ball players, you don’t have open eyes and open ears.

  56. My goodness if we are going to base these decisions on who has or has not drank/smoked as a collegiate athlete we may as well forget watching games in the future.

    Seriously, that is not an IU problem that is an international problem. Once again why are we putting everyone in the red uniform on such a high pedestal?

  57. Quit yappin about al the “bennies” and privledges these athletes get. You forget that MILLIONS of dollars the university is dependent upon (Not just for the athletic dept), is a direct result of those young men out on the floor.

  58. Good point Wyzard. It’s the same cash we’re going to use to lure the next head coach.

  59. First posting here.
    I’ve been an IU fan for over 30 years and it has always been a storied program. But to let the Alumni allow the trustee’s to run the program this way is just down right childish. My 9 yr old could have made better decisions then what they have. Indiana needs to clean house. The bad news is that Myles Brand still somewhat has a hand on our destiny. I didn’t like what Sampson had done either but the Pres & AD hired him knowing full well that he had issues and it could come back to haunt us.

    We would have been better off to keep KS and still have our 8th seed and NC next regardless plus the fact that Myles may not be done with us yet. If after IU fires their coach and include self-imposed sanctions (turning themselves in) was not enough and we still receive something like Post ban play for two years, we would have been better off to keep KS and in two or three years time everyone would have forgotten all about this. If we don’t get a decent coach we will pay for this even longer.

    I have a contractor who’s cusin is dating one of guys on the Louisville’s program (that much is true) and he says that it is a 50/50 chance that Rick will leave the Cards for IU. Hard to believe but this would be the kind of coach that would make things all better. I can’t stand Ky nor L’ville and it would just eat them up. Plus we wouldn’t lose any local kids anymore. OK, I’m going to have a vodka and tonic or two orfreeeedoripasooe, whoops.

  60. Laffy thank you for the article which somehow implicates Calipari to be a scum bag? I don’t see it. He didn’t buy them the stolen furs or any of that stuff and the story pretty much relates back to one kid out of all who were listed, was in fact charged with theft/holding stolen goods. I agree its not the best story (quite minor to other allegations and stories not only at IU but at other programs) in the world but really that has little too nothing at all to do with Coach Calipari. Lots of players do stupid things, so do lots of students and lots of business people for that matter. Heck even coaches do stupid things and I think we all know who I am referring too. This is a jacked up world we live in unfortunately. If you steal from your employer without anyone’s knowledge and then get caught, does your boss get fired for your poor behavior? Let’s hire the best man for the job to run our basketball program, that person is Calipari. Can someone get me Greenspans cell phone so I can let him know what he needs to do?

  61. …and how much do you think those tutors get paid, and how much do you think they spend to travel the team around the country to play their games, and how much do you think their scholarships cost, and how much of that money do you think comes from actual ticket sales, and how much do you think goes to pay for other sports, and who exactly do you think puts up that money? If you think that TV pays those bills you simply don’t know how the system works. You think ESPN chipped in on the 750,000 severance for Sampson? No, an alumnus cut that check. The fact remains that the REAL money that pays for things like these players uniforms, and meal plans, and shoes, and upkeep on the facility, and, and, and, doesn’t come from the state, and it doesn’t come out of the school’s budget (as much as you think anyway) it comes from fans, varsity club members, alumni, etc. By the way, how much money do you think we’ve lost in terms of alumni support over the past few years in this mess. So to speak to Mr. “Wyzard’s” argument that the university is dependent upon the the Millions that are brought in by these kids…think again, that money is brought in by the alumni, as a direct result for their love of the game and the program.

  62. The players are getting a free education plus room and board.

    Even better than that, they are getting exposure to the NBA. If they feel “taken advantage of”, let them go play in Europe.

    Sad to see so many “Hoosier” fans rationalize away cheating and/or telling the coach so we can win.

    And people think Greenspan has ruined the program…..

  63. No one has talked about it here, but on the site they are saying that Lon Kruger has accepted the IU coaching job.

    I am not a premium member, so I don’t know for sure, but I hope this is just 1 bad April Fools joke.

  64. There was a flight that left Btown to LV this morning.
    Is now enroute back to Btown right now.

  65. No, I’m not kidding.

    The “huge over-reaction” you losers keep CRYING about is the “They are only kids” nonsense.

    They were told the consequences and did it anyway.

    And people wonder why athletes think the rules/laws don’t apply to them.

    It’s because of idiots like you always kissing their butts telling them they don’t have to be accountable for anything.

    “Hey Johnny, we don’t care care if you skip class or tell the coach to go screw himself. As long as you can put a ball in a hoop, you can do ANYTHING you want.”


    First of all I still hope you’re kidding. Second the ‘huge overreaction’ i spoke of was the instant dismissal of Sampson instead of waiting until the end of the season. It was an overreaction that cost the kids the rest of their season. This is what I don’t understand about this place, a coach who berates, chokes and kicks players is alright Let him stay! Bring him back! you cry. But when certain players make mistakes they are gone before practice is over.
    I can’t help but think that it all comes down to people like you wanting the ‘good old days’ back when Knight was coaching his ‘good, local white boys’ who lets face it probably did the same things players today do but it wasn’t as widely reported. You can’t tell me Coverdale’s alcoholic ass never got into any trouble. But it seems to me that most people around here would rather have a team of Coverdales, Baileys, and Fife’s as opposed to a team of Thomas’ Mays’ and Chaney’s because they’re what IU basketball is all about.
    Ahhhhh, the good old days.

  66. Ummmmmmmmmm, I think Knight should have been fired LONG before he was.

    So, you lose on that one.

    And the most tired line in the world is “He/she made a mistake.”

    Complete nonsense.

    They were told, flat out, if they missed the running session, they would be canned.


    It was not a “mistake” to blow it off.

    It was telling Dan to go F himself.

    I don’t care if he’s the “interim” coach or not…….those players need to do what he says.

    Or leave.

    And please………….please……….take your race card baloney and shove it sideways where the sun don’t shine.

  67. Just saw “around the horn” on ESPN. It is embarrassing that the only way we get on ESPN nowadays is to be talked about for our “program in disarray”. And by the way, Woody says Dakick is just a substitute teacher sitting in the chair and it should have been up to the next coach. They also said no coach would want to coach us now as we are losing 5 starters between NBA, graduation and suspension.

    Just want them to name a coach (not an IU alum) and get busy finding average kids in this state that will play hard for four years and not jump to the NBA.

  68. For the “losers” comments above, get some maturity, you benefit no one with that kind of petty sniping. It is mind boggling to see the pains taken to try to defend lame duck Dakich’s actions. I’m sorry, the season is very much over, it’s been over, and it has been made very clear, including to him, that he is not the incoming coach. Accordingly, he had no business, whatsoever, dismissing players, let alone trying to force them to undergo his assigned punishment and power play. If you’re into conspiracies, which I’m not, you can contemplate the possibility that this was a set-up job to avoid the question of past problems. I don’t think so, I think Dakich is acting very much on his own, and he has crossed the line and seriously jeapordized both the selection of a new coach and the program as a whole. Way to go. Both starters. And yes, that he is lame duck is directly relevant to this ridiculously self-destructive action. Why do you think IU is now the laughing stock of the ESPN community? Come on already, Dakich was the wrong choice for the interim position from the get go (over a much better coach, who, by the way, knew the kids and the playbook. I went to IU, I grew up in B-town, I watched as Knight mooned fans from a bus, etc. Stop the morality play, it gets IU nowhere.

  69. Those of you who are reporting the IU jet, post the tail numbers so we can all track it, because I hear tale it is coming from Marquette.

  70. Coach Dakich is getting a lot of heat here for doing his job in a principled way. The comments that don’t jive with me are the ones that say he dismissed two players because he’s hungry for the permanent position as IU head coach. I would have dreaded being in his position. So those of you who think he did this to get some points or some kind of edge on the candidates that the Blue Ribbon Committee is considering, I just don’t get it. So I don’t know what to say about Dakich getting the job, but I applaud him for doing what he thought was the right thing to do at the right time for Indiana Basketball. I like both players, Armon Bassett and Jamarcus Ellis, and will miss seeing them play for IU. I wish all three individuals the best outcome in their future personal lives. I’ve heard enough of the dooms-dayers who are so worried about the state of IU basketball. Maybe we should all give it a rest and let everybody do their job for awhile. Maybe we should just start believing that IU Basketball will not only survive this era of hardships, but they could also become a better, stronger program as a result of the hardships.



  73. To quote Donald Trump:”you’re fired.”

    We will we will fire you. We will we will dismiss you.

    Pretend that it is the year 2050 and the question is 20th century men’s college basketball. Name the college program that won four national championships and then said good NIGHT?

    Branch Mccracken help us.

  74. We are losing sight of what NCAA college basketball is about. This is beyond reason. The adults are holding the student athletes more accountable than they hold themselves. The entire team has been thru a lot this season – all caused by older and better paid adults. Give Bassett and Ellis a second chance!

  75. All committee personnel are Elliot Spitzers. ALL.
    They are ALL the biggest dork revenge-of-the-nerd type people that I have ever met. They never have ability in their profession, therefore,they become members of a committee. They all need to be tarred and feathered. Run them out of town like the frankenstein they are. Keep Bassett and Ellis.

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