Jones Sr. discusses his son’s recruitment

I just spoke with Verdell Jones’ father, Verdell Jones Sr., about his son’s recruitment and was able to gauge a pretty good understanding of where they stand in the process.

2008 recruit Jones, a 6-4, 160-pound point guard from Champaign, Ill., visited the IU campus last Friday and met with new Hoosier coach Tom Crean.

“We had a great visit to Indiana, and V (his nickname for his son) really liked Coach Crean,” Jones Sr. said. “He likes his energy and his ability to develop players. He likes that he’s got great knowledge of the game. He’s a go-getter. He wants you to want to get better.”

Jones Sr. said they’ve already visited Kentucky and Minnesota, and have plans to visit Arizona and Virginia in the coming weeks, although those “are subject to change.” It is important to note that Jones Sr. is extremely involved in this process, although he insists he will let his son make the final decision.

“This is a life decision, and you don’t want to rush into making such an important one without assessing the entire situation,” he said. “This will not be an impulse decision, it will be an informed decision. We have a rule where we don’t discuss or assess a visit until 48 hours after the visit. We can’t make a life decision based on excitement.”

Jones Sr. said he expects his son to major in business, something that most certainly bodes well for Indiana, home of the nationally-ranked Kelley School of Business.

“V knows this is his choice,” he continued. “He’s gotta be there. He’s the one that’s going to play. He’s the one that’s going to classes. When he’s ready to pull the trigger, we’ll be there to support him.”

Jones Sr. said they expect to make a decision in the coming weeks.

As always, we’ll keep you posted.


  1. He calls his son “V?” Yet another example of the lack of general morals and nick-naming skills in the population.

    This was summed up nicely in He Got Game:

    “What kind of name is ‘Jesus’ anyway?”

    “It’s biblical.”

    “No Sh!#.”

  2. bhss73……..that is the most reasonable comment I have read from you in in a long time. Thanks for not being negative.

  3. Thanks Hayseed for contributing an early contender for “most idiotic post Web-wide of 2008”

  4. E, Mike,

    Maybe, just maybe, Hayseed in Houston is doing a little parody of Hoosier in Houston’s incredibly sensitive and compassionate post in the Earthquake thread. Just a thought.

  5. Why thank you.. but I am not negative I am a realist that is hard for some people to understand. The name comes from his grandfather and has something to do with when his grandfather was a sharecropper in Mississippi… there was an article in the Champaign Urbana news gazette about the kid…. he won the State 8th grade championship 4 yrs ago with a a3/4 shot at the buzzer…. I am not sure what his father does to be honest… he runs a AAU team that travels alot…. I forgot the name something fort….will he be in idiot like we seem to have gotten the past few years in the guard situation? No… he was thought to be going to MN Tubby is very high on him…. one of the last guards who has not signed….

  6. story from the local tv station

    4/17-Verdell Jones nearing college decision
    Reported by: Aaron Bennett
    Thursday, Apr 17, 2008 @05:47pm CST

    Look for Champaign Central senior Verdell Jones to sign a letter of intent to play basketball for a major university sometime before the middle of next week. Sources close to the situation say Jones has narrowed his college choice to four schools: Minnesota, Arizona, Indiana, and Kentucky. Both Minnesota and Kentucky have been on board with Jones from the start. Indiana and Arizona have jumped into the fray in recent months.

    Jones visited Indiana, under new head coach Tom Crean, last weekend. Jones hasn’t given any interviews regarding that visit, but reports say it went anywhere from “sup-par to so-so.” Not a good sign if you want Jones to end up in Cream and Crimson. Jones will visit the Arizona Wildcats this weekend. If that visit goes well, expect Arizona to be in Jones’ final two.

    My gut instinct is that if Jones really wanted to go to Minnesota, he would’ve committed to Tubby’s Gophers already. He appears to be waiting around to make that big splash. Arizona freshman Jerryd Bayless recently made the decision to forego his final three seasons of college ball and enter the NBA draft. That opened up an offer for Jones, who appears to be extremely interested.

    Jones says he’ll sign next week. I expect he’ll be a Wildcat… I just don’t know if that’s a Kentucky Wildcat or an Arizona Wildcat.

    We’ll keep you posted.

  7. Hey Hayseed, you should mind your own business. We will take care of IU basketball from here. A father can call his son V if he wants. Go tend to your cows and get a real life.

  8. Gee… a Champaign, IL station reporting bad news for Indiana… that’s as unexpected as my cousins from Rantoul, IL making a cell phone joke at next Thanksgiving.

  9. Dave, your comment reminded me of a guy who called me at the H-T this week who was asking me over and over about which school I thought “this kid from Champaign” was going to pick. Only he kept pronouncing the “Ch” like you would in champion – cham-pain. He sounded like he was older than me, but was hyperventilating about the decision of this kid from cham-pain as if the very future of the university depended on it.

    Now this may actually have been a prank, but I don’t think so. I’ve got a friend who thinks its funny to make prank calls to me at work. After Rex Grossman played a bad game, he called and told me he was Rex’s dad, Dan, and screamed at me about why the Bloomington paper would publish an AP story saying his son had blown the game. While I was trying to figure out if it really was Dan – I didn’t think so, but couldn’t be sure enough to say so in the face of a barrage of insults – my “friend” breaks out in hysterics about getting me to start explaining why we have to run such stories, good or bad. So maybe he’s the cham-pain in the posterior.

  10. Zak,Good article hope we can land “V” we need all the talent we can get. Really like the hire of Cream!! Good job Cousin

  11. I can’t believe cry baby weber let this kid get away. I hope he goes to IU or stays in the big ten so Illinois realizes how bad weber coaches. I thinks one more season and weber will be one and done!

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