Lynch looking for more

Bill Lynch got on his players during and after practice Tuesday to say he wanted more effort — he wanted players to sprint, not jog, during drills.

After practice, Lynch was asked if having a practice that’s not as intense as he’d like here and there is a part of spring practice because players have to practice day after day with no opponent to prepare for. Lynch responded that players feel that way sometimes, but that doesn’t mean you can accept it.

“If you’re going to be a good football team, you have to practice hard every day,” Lynch said.

The Hoosier coach said he’s confident he’ll see a better effort out of his team during its next practice.

Lynch was also asked about which of Indiana’s players that haven’t previously seen much playing time have caught his eye this spring.

Lynch said that sophomore offensive linemen Cody Faulkner, Alex Perry and Jarrod Smith have played well, and that freshman Dennis Ziegler has shown promise.

The 6-3, 250-pound Zeigler is playing right tackle on the first string because of injuries to others. With his size and good feet, Zeigler has the physical potential to be a force on the line if he can stay healthy to get reps in practice and improve.

Lynch also mentioned tight end Max Dedmond, running back Zach Walker, receiver Colin Taylor, defensive tackle Kyle Kozak and linebacker Darius Johnson among the less experienced players who’ve grabbed his attention this spring.


  1. Does anyone have any information regarding Halloway signing with Xavier? I just heard it on the local radio

  2. Does anyone know yet why James Bailey decided to transfer? Seems like he had a great opportunity to be the #1 receiver this year.

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