No update on Ellis or Bassett (and other notes)

New Indiana coach Tom Crean eventually showed up at the Eric Gordon announcement. He had been stuck in meetings all day, he said, and was just beginning to assess the situation with the program.

He refused to go into details, but said there was a lot of work to do. He was asked about reports coming out of the Final Four that some of Indiana’s players are having severe academic troubles. Again, he couldn’t discuss them but did not refute the report.

He was not ready to give an update on Armon Bassett or Jamarcus Ellis, the two players who were dismissed from the team a week ago but hope to return.

Crean was accompanied by Bennie Seltzer, who was his assistant at Marquette the past two years. Prior to that, Seltzer was an assistant for nine years at Oklahoma under Kelvin Sampson, for whom he had played four seasons at Washington State.

Seltzer said he couldn’t discuss his job situation but did say that he had not been named to the coaching staff.  Crean and Seltzer were also spotted together a few times at the Final Four.

Crean said he didn’t have any updates on his staff, but was trying to move quickly in putting it together. He’ll need them to start recruiting ASAP.

Jeff Meyer, the current Indiana assistant coach, said he had not had a chance to speak to Crean about anything related to his employment status. He’d only had time to congratulate Crean on getting the job.

The other assistant coach, Ray McCallum, and his family were also in attendance, but I did not catch up with Ray.

Also of interest: Rob Pelinka, a former Michigan basketball player and current NBA agent, was in attendance. Gordon has not yet signed with Pelinka and his father, Eric Gordon Sr is still evaluating options on that front. He did say that Pelinka, whose most notable client is Kobe Bryant, is “in the lead.”


  1. Pelinka ……. licking his chops. Like my dog begging for steak.

    Chris or Doug……can you, and/or will you? comment on Ray Mac and his feelings? Is he upbeat in conversation? or is he mute and behind the scenes. His is a good story, since some of the kids say they preferred him and now have blown off DD. Ray is obviously a player (no pun intended), since he brings a bonafide recruit to some program.

  2. I have yet to hear anything about academic issues surrounding the program but quiet honestly am not surprised. Can anybody elaborate on this issue for me?

  3. ww – Ray McCallum turned down my request to talk with him after Sampson resigned, which I took as a sign he didn’t have good things to say about the situation. I’ve also heard that he’s been busy looking for other jobs.

  4. Ray was screwed over by Rick Greenspan. He probably doesn’t want to work under Greenspan’s watch, and I can’t blame him. Greenspan made the complete wrong decision in hiring Dakich, a coach none of the players liked, appreciated, respected, or knew all that well.

  5. Thanks Doug and others. It does seem a shame to waste (and lose) Ray. With all the players in limbo and now the academic issues, it looks like TC will be earning his garish salary.

    I hope in 2-3 years, someone will be able to chronicle IU’s rise from the ashes.

    ZachRoyse….read todays paper. TC will not elaborate, but says it is not good. Dang!

  6. I’m for inmates running the aslyum. 2 are still trying to do it. No wonder kids are like they are these days. And rather or not he was “screwed” over by Greenspan, you can’t please everybody guys, not even asst. coaches who son is a 5* “qaurd”, whatever that is. I wish Ray the best. And thanks to Mikie (are your 6?) & Hoosier Fan for my daily laugh at the uninformed.

  7. hey bradly, are YOUR 6 too? nice work. YOUR dont even know what a 5 star recruit is…thank YOUR for the laugh

  8. I think Greenspan was in a lose-lose situation. If he made McCallum the interim coach he’s left with two options at the end of the season: make him the permanent coach (which I don’t think was ever going to happen)or replace him at the end. If he replaces him there’s not much chance of McCallum hanging around. It would be seen as a demotion.

    If he makes Dakitch the interim coach, you at least had a chance.

  9. Guys,

    Any updates on the assistant coaching front or recruiting front? I thought it was interesting how little time Crean spent at the final four. I was expecting him to sort out his assistants situation while there so I am guessing he already had a good idea on who he was going to hire before going.

  10. I don’t see how we would have been forced to take him as head coach after the end of the season as long as the AD can say thanks for the good job but we’re going with a new coach. Assuming IU appointed the search committee before the season ended.

  11. Mike K – I just read that Holloway is going to Xavier as well. Too bad… I thought that he may be the likely one to stay between he and Ebanks.

  12. Next year is gonna be rough… Hopefully we’ll have 5 to put on the court in November after the smoke clears. Gotta have confidence in Crean though…

  13. Thanks to Kelvin Sampson and those who blindly supported him for the mess IU’s in right now.

    Had Mike Davis not have been given the job by Myles Brand, and had IU gone out and hired a real coach at that time that was clean, IU wouldn’t be having these problems.

    So, blame Kelvin Sampson, Mike Davis, Adam Herbert, Myles Brand, and Rick Greenspan for the problems now at IU and for those on the way in the future.

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