Porter, Hardy reaction

I haven’t been able to reach James Hardy and Tracy Porter yet, although I’m still hoping to hear from Tracy tonight.

In the meantime, here’s what we’ve got:

Hardy is quoted on BuffaloBills.com: “He [Coach Jauron] told me he didn’t think I’d be available in the second round, but God blessed me to be in Buffalo and I just want to make the Buffalo nation proud.”

I talked with Porter’s agent, Paul Lawrence, who said his client was so ecstatic about New Orleans picking him that he could barely speak when Lawrence called him right after the pick. “He’s just excited to be able to play close to home,” Lawrence said.

IU sent out a press release in which it noted that this was the first time the Hoosiers have had two first-day picks since 1988 when offensive lineman Eric Moore went to the Giants in the first round and defensive end Van Waiters went to Browns in the third round.

Bill Lynch said in the press release that the football program is extremely proud of Tracy and James. “They gave everything they had to Indiana University and have been rewarded for all of their efforts,” Lynch said. “We congratulate them and look forward to watching their NFL careers for many years to come.”

The Bills also posted a video on BuffaloBills.com in which Tom Modrak, vice president of scouting, talks about Hardy. Modrak said that even in the NFL, Hardy’s 6-foot-5 stature will cause mismatch opportunities against smaller defenders, particularly in the red zone.

“He gives you opportunities that a quarterback doesn’t always have because of his height,” Modrak said. “And really he’s a good athlete. He bends better than you’d expect for a 6-5 guy.”

BUGG UPDATE: I just spoke with long snapper Tim Bugg who said that whether or not he gets drafted Sunday, he expects to know by the end of the day what team he’ll be signing with. He said that all indications are that he has a good chance of making a team and that if he isn’t drafted, he should be hearing right away from teams about signing as a free agent.

It’s quite a week for Bugg. He got married last Saturday and just got back today from a honeymoon in Cancun.


  1. What is there to talk about? There is only so much information on recruits. Would you like a daily update of Deandre Thomas’ weight?

  2. These young men deserve recognition for being selected in draft. This site is for the scoop on Hoosier Athletics – not just b-ball news. That is a ridiculous comment to make after this piece.

    Good Luck to both Porter and Hardy!
    Hopefully Bugg will be picked up by the end of the day!

  3. Congrats to Hardy and Porter! And Dynasty, would it kill you to congratulate these former Hoosiers instead of complaining about basketball coverage?

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