1. I wish him luck. He certainly has the potential and showed that prior to his injury. I do think any player who is on scholarship and leaves for the NBA should be required to pay the University the balance of their scholarship money. IU made a commitment to pay your expenses to get a degree, you decide you don’t want or need a degree, at least pay back what was paid out to house and educate you for this year – as we taxpayers wasted our money on your education.

    This might also discourage some from testing the waters if they know they have a debt to pay off.

  2. What time can we come over and help him move out of town, and take his 5 for 30 three point shooting and take that to the NBA, a league that if it failed tomorrow I wouldnt miss.

  3. I do think any player who is on scholarship and leaves for the NBA should be required to pay the University the balance of their scholarship money.

    I couldn’t agree with you more S Carter.

    This might also discourage some from testing the waters if they know they have a debt to pay off.

    Doubtful. Think about this, Gordon is a Indiana residence. His one year at IU, with every expense spent on him, I would say he would owe roughly 12-15,000 dollars. His first contract will be 12-15 million dollars. I don’t think 15 grand in debt is going to change his mind.

  4. I forgot to add that the kids who are going to jump early to the NBA, not just a player with the potential of Gordon are looking at millions of dollars.

  5. Gordon was/is a good kid…but I agree with coach Knight …players who are NBA level out of HS should GO play pro ball…this ONE and gone is NOT helping college ball. He seems like a really nice young man…very impressive considering the PUB he gets !

  6. S Carter, IU knew what they were getting into. They knew he would be one and done. I’m sure they were very happy with the attendance at all of the home games and media hype because of Gordon. The deal goes both ways.

  7. Mike Walker, how exactly is having very talented players in college basketball hurting it? Are you saying that Gordon coming to IU didn’t help? Mike Walker BS,MA, that’s BS.

  8. I was happy to watch him perform, and I think he will develop into a very good pro. I also think he has a good head on his shoulders and seems to ge a great kid. But they still use the term “scholarship” for a reason. Perhaps it should be just termed as “hire”, and we should forget about graduating athletes.

  9. We’re starting fresh……no more standing around, watching “phenoms” chuck it from half-court.

  10. S Carter……..you forgot that scholys are for only one year. They get renewed every year. There is no such thing as a 4-year scholarship or a “full-ride” unless they renew it every year. So he only received one year of compensation for his play. Believe me he brought the University pub that was worth 10 times what they paid for his freshman year. Maybe 100 times more.

    He will be a solid NBA player in a few years. What troubles me more is how he doesnt seem to have a mind of his own. His daddy makes all his statements. As the year has gone on I feel more and more like Eric was only a tool for his father to hit a big payday. Daddy has been grooming him for this for most of his life and its about to pay off big for daddy.

    I would guess there is about a 75% chance of the Pacers taking Gordon based on where he is projected and where they will be picking. It lines up almost perfectly.

  11. Josh – Yes it goes both ways, but should it?

    As of now these 1 and done players are still going to exit high school, play one year in college, and move on to the NBA.

    To keep fielding the top level teams, you can’t ignore the talent of these kids, or someone else will pick them up and beat you with them.

    If the NCAA would adopt the rule that a player jumps early to a pro sport without earning their degree, then they would be responsible for repaying the value of the scholarship they received. Not just in basketball, but across all sports.

    Again, the amount of money they would owe compared to the contract they would sign is minuscule in comparison, but maybe it would force the NBA to develop their D league into more of a “minor league” or get them to adapt a 3 year rule like the NFL has.

  12. I figured this announcement would open the flood gates for the haters. Just a few thank goodness.

    Good arguments about the scholarship pay back. Who should lead this bandwagon? A coach or administrator? Do we call our congress-person?

  13. Many of the kids with ‘great character’ do give back to their University one way or another. Certainly Eric has given IU a lot of publicity, and in a more positive light than most of our recent notoriety. IU also gave him a big time stage to perform on, with lots of network TV coverage.

    Perhaps these kids that leave early ought to be obligated to fund a non-athletic scholarship on behalf of the program they attended.

  14. At least he will be able to claim the same thing that Shaq claims, “I’ve won at every level except high school and college”. How does that sound Eric? Take a hike.

  15. Jeff –
    You wrote: At least he will be able to claim the same thing that Shaq claims, “I’ve won at every level except high school and college”

    You made me chuckle because I recall Shaq’s comments following that NCAA game with LSU back in ’91 or ’92 when Knight’s team pretty much shut him down. He said, “the other team’s defenders didn’t give me a chance to display my skills”.

    He was frustrated that night.

  16. Good Riddance…
    He can take his selfish and over-rated game to the NBA. Was I the only one who noticed how much he turned the ball over this year. Plus he seemed to get half his points from the free throw line. If he wasnt getting fouls called then he would dissappear. I guess he was pretty good shooter before injuring his wrist, but he sure couldnt hit anything late in the season. I am glad to see him go. Sure it might cost us a few wins next year, but I’d rather see Crean bring in his own players and start fresh building the program as opposed to him having to build around a selfish over-hyped star.

  17. Gordon also makes money for the school by attracting attention and sales of jerseys etc. That would be stupid to have them pay the school for their scholarship.

  18. i wish people would quit saying gordon can’t risk a career ending injury to stay in school and play for another year. i challenge anyone to name one player who was nba ready and decided to stay in college, only to get injured and ruining his pro career.
    alternatively, there have been countless players who left college for the lure of the nba before they were ready only to never be heard from again. wanna compare lists?

  19. Dustin, wow that was a pretty intelligent argument there…I would say his abilities to drive and create contact were great for the team. Granted he would sometimes whine about no-calls but his ability to get the other team in fouled trouble, get to the line and hit 80+ percent (minus Arkansas) won us a lot of games this year. He was quicker and stronger to the hoop than almost any college player in the Big Ten…so he got foul a lot…He controled the tempo late in a few big games this past year (Purdue)
    An 18 year old kid averaging 20+ at IU…all the while not running his mouth or getting in any trouble…Good Riddance? Bring in Crean players? In my mind any coach in the country would be happy to have a classy player/person like EJ on their team. Its the nature of college b-ball to leave after one…cant blame him

  20. Good Riddance???? Are you people retarted? 20.9 ppg as a freshman? If you wanna blame anyone for the “selfish” style, talk to the coaches, who repeatedly made comments basically indicating they let EJ do anything he wanted. They told him to shoot the ball whenever he was open. And maybe if there was some type of offensive structure other than dribble, drive, turnover, he might have blossomed a little.

    Also, the wrist injury obviously bothered him all year. I bet the same idiot who are saying good riddance are the same people who worshiped him when he decided to come to IU. The coaching staff is to blame. Get a clue.

  21. I agree everyone knew he was one and done when he came to I.U. Im sure it was the same people chanting his name at assembly hall.

  22. I wish him only the best. Having said that…I wish IU would adopt a “no one-and-done” recruiting policy. As a season ticket holder, I would much rather watch average kids play their guts out for four years than sit on the edge of my seat wondering when superboy is going to get it going and maybe win us a Big Ten title for one year. I agree with the view that if they want to go to the NBA, let them go. Having them in college basketball for one year does nothing for the college game…just makes us an NBA farm team.
    Still, wish him and his family good luck, not that they’ll need it now $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  23. Classic case of unrequited love. Everbody wants the engagement ring back.

    Thank you Gordon for a year of excellent play. I hope that you are the next George Mcguiness.

  24. I wish the NCAA would look at replicating the agreement that Major League Baseball has with college baseball which basically provides that a player may be drafted directly out of high school or he may choose to attend college. If he elects the latter, he is not eligible for the draft again until two years later. While we would obviously lose some players right out of high school, we would no longer have the one-and-done situation which, in my opinion, benefits neither the student-athlete nor the institution.

  25. Well, it was pretty much inevitable. The kid has talent, I just feel like he would have benefited from having one more year at IU. Or even another college team.

    Unfortunately, like many players in the NBA, you hear about them being drafted and then from there they just disappear. That’s why I don’t watch NBA anymore. Just a bunch of thugs that play all offense and no defense.

  26. “At least he will be able to claim the same thing that Shaq claims, “I’ve won at every level except high school and college”. How does that sound Eric? Take a hike.”

    I’m pretty sure Gordon would be happy with Shaq’s career.

    Jesus, you IU people are self-centered. You won’t be happy until every kid that comes here signs a lifetime commitment to never play, coach, or root for any other school as long as they live. Guess what guys – you’re not that special. Get over yourselves.

    I can’t wait until you guys run Crean out of town in two years. You know it’s gonna happen…you self-centered morons will find some excuse…

  27. Do you think daddy will receive the “king’s treatment” from his son’s NBA Coach and GM that he did at IU?

  28. Dave Gustavson, that’s an excellent suggestion. Some kind of structural or policy change needs to occur. The only reason someone like EJ comes to IU, I presume, is that the NBA won’t draft out of h.s. Same with Oden going to OSU. NBA-potential athletes have a year in which they are required to wait. College ball for that year serves as prep time or the equivalent of minor league baseball. The NBA gets a year of training on the cheap. NCAA is happy to oblige because getting these kids has to increase revenues and excitement. Something needs to change — the current arrangement makes a joke out of collegiate basketball.

    I like the idea of adding strings to agreements with college athletes who jump early into the pros. I’m not exactly sure what those should be, but I think the current arrangement is simply driven by market forces and not academic and related values. It strikes me as unhealthy, and it warps what a university is all about.

  29. This is beginning to be reminiscent of the movie MISERY. “I’M YOUR BIGGEST FAN.”

    Hobbling recruits … did I just see a tumble weed blow by Assembly Hall?

  30. Only thing crazier than this season is the stuff you guys throw around on here…anyone who is kicking gordon out the door clearly forgot the whole season before the Sampson stuff came out. They must also have forgotten that he was a FRESHMAN. Anyone who is wanting him gone should think back to the beginning-middle of the season when you were praising and loving the kid. He faced a FRESHMAN year in which he badly hurt (possibly broke) his wrist and had his coach forced to resign in the middle of the season. Yet he still averaged 20 PPG…this isn’t the BCS people, the last 3 games are not the only ones that matter. He is going PRO anyway so it doesn’t matter,but a summer to heal his wrist and learn from Crean, you guys are crazy if you wouldn’t wanna see him in an IU jersey next season

  31. Why would you guys not want to see these players play in college for atleast one year?! Personally I am thrilled that I got to see the likes of Oden, Conley, Gordon, Mayo, Beasley, Rose, Love and many others for atleast 1 year before they go pro and no one cares anymore. It’s not a perfect world, nor is it the 70’s anymore, so if given the option of watching them for 1 year in college or have them go straight to the pros, i would gladly choose the one and done

  32. I agree that we don’t need anymore Eric Gordons at IU. I prefer to watch a team rather than a supposed superstar. I never really understood all of the media hype about this guy. Anyone could score a bunch of points if they took every shot possible, remember Bracey? I think they will make a good team togther in the C league. There is no way that Eric will make it the A league. He will make a lot of money at signing and will need all of it to remove the splinters from sitting on the bench.

  33. EJ was great to watch before he broke his wrist and only seemed like a let down to these idiots by comparison to that and their unrealistic expectations. I also must suggest a great deal of jealously is in their hearts. It was great to have him at IU for a year and I’d love to see him again, but that apparently will not happen.

    I understand the NBA is thinking about extending the rule that they will not take a player to essentially require them to stay in college for two years. I loved the idea earlier that they should take the baseball rule.

  34. I guess the second coming of Carmelo Anthony (won a Championship for Syracuse) didn’t quite pan out this year.

  35. The worst part of this tragedy is that the most important thing here is, what is best for the “STUDENT”, an education that will last a life time, the development of life long friendships, and your youth. These things are priceless. These young men who enter the NBA “hoping” to be the next coming of Michael Jordan are all getting a wake up call when the arrive on the end of the bench in the NBA. There are a few exceptions, but, even Greg Oden will still have to prove his worth and value once healthy again. It is a shame that the greed of our society clouds the fact that you can squander a million dollars away in just a few years and then what have we given these athletes to continue their live with. It’s all about greed, greed, greed for millions of dollars. Curt Haston, was our last big flop, and I’m sure I could dredge up a bunch more, Jay Edwards pops to mind, too. As for Eric Gordon, I’m not convienced yet. Let’s see, he made a committment to play for Bruce Weber at Illinois and then reneged on that deal, makes me question his character. Then he comes to IU and has a good freshman year, but, when the chips were down, the coach was gone, did we get a “Hoosiers” effort from him? Did he step up and say come on guys we can do this? Didn’t seem like it to me. Would Larry Bird have folded his cards when there was adversity to deal with, OH,Yeah. I applaud Georgetown Center Roy Hibbert for coming back to finish his Senior year. Now, he’s got an education and degree in Government, will still make millions in the NBA and has lived his youth as a young boy enjoying what was for me, the best time of my life while I was enrolled in college. His loyalty to the Georgetown program just goes to show that education is the longest lasting and best choice, and don’t give me any of this, well, they need the money now stuff, because the money is still gonna be there. Even if the kids break their leg and never play for the NBA, they will have an education to employ themselves in society. Life is hard and doesn’t always give you what you want, but, I believe that life is fair if you work hard, have good morals and values and contribute to the better side of society.

  36. Ben-

    I dont think that its Gordon per se that we are angry with, but with the entire baggage that he came to IU with, and a coach who broke the rules to get him here. Is there any doubt that when the NCAA investigates the Gordon recruitment, that something bad is going to be found out? No.

  37. bhss73- i can understand the view that there has been soo much wrong involved with Indiana basketball this year, and that it might just be best to start clean. I just think sometimes we forget that Sampson is the one who did these kids wrong(and the whole University), and we put the blame on the shoulders of all these kids. These players faced a situation this year than not many would know how to handle, I think they deserve to be cut a little slack once and a while. I’m not excusing them for missing practice or meetings…just saying when we are all looking for someone to blame for this past season, there are better places to aim it at than the players.

  38. Gordon actually regressed as the year went on, and once again, alot of the blame should be put on the coaches shoulders. There’s no doubt Gordon is an above average baller, and a potential star, but how much do you learn in an offense where the coaches just tell you to shoot every time you get the ball or drive and get fouled. Did we actually run any plays this year? Everyone just stood around on offense. DJ and EJ had monster years because that was the game plan. If Gordon had an open shot, he took it, if not look to lob it in to DJ.

    This brand of ball just isn’t gonna work. You need movement and set plays, back door cuts, screens, etc. This had to be one of the most frustrating years in the history of IU basketball. We had Final Four talent and NIT coaching. Give me someone who knows how to coach and we make the Final Four.

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