Skiles hired by Bucks, may hire Sampson

Scott Skiles, the Bloomington resident who was between NBA coaching jobs after being ditched by the Chicago Bulls midway through the season, has apparently agreed to become the next coach of the Milwaukee Bucks.

In an odd twist, the move may mean that Kelvin Sampson — run out of Bloomington for his part in the NCAA violations — ends up in Milwaukee. According to Adrian Wojnarowski, a columnist for Yahoo! (and the author of the sublimely superb book The Miracle of St. Anthony) Skiles might hire Sampson, thus creating a virtual coaching worm-hole from Milwaukee, known for producing a lot of beer, to Bloomington, known for drinking a lot of beer.

Indiana, of course, hired Tom Crean away from Marquette in Milwaukee.


  1. haha! I like the way this is worded. Quite clever. Esp how the beer analogy is mentioned BEFORE the Tom Crean note.

    After all, Bloomington is a drinking town with a basketball problem (and a bit of a football problem too…actually a REAL BAD football problem.)

  2. KS has certainly laid low since decimating our program, and well
    he should. He’s just following the money when he signs up with
    the NBA. They won’t care about his unscrupulous habits.
    Good riddance!

  3. If that happens, I will proclaim, right now! that I will go to ONE Pacers game next year (that is all I ever have in me). BUT, I would hope that a lot of IU fans show up to let Sampson know what a piece’o’poop he is…

  4. bad, bad move by skiles

    wait for someone to change before you give em second chance. sampson already says he going to fight the charges, as if he thinks he’s innocent.

    this move will somehow, in some way, come back to bite him in the butt.

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