Jordan Crawford on Crean

After today’s Tom Crean announcement, H-T reporter Ryan Dammeyer interviewed Indiana player Jordan Crawford, who attended the press conference. Here’s what Crawford has to say on his future at IU and Crean:

On him possibly leaving IU:
“Of course it crossed my mind, because the coach I came here for is gone, so it had to cross my mind, and I thought about it and still think about it. I’m gonna meet with the coach and then go from there. I don’t know if he’ll have to say anything (to get me to stay). I just want to get to know him and him get to know me. And I know he knows a little bit about me. Like he said, he’s gonna watch film on the season. That’s cool, he could help develop.”

On Armon Bassett and Jamarcus Ellis:
“A lot of people say certain things about ‘em, but I see ‘em every day and I know ‘em. I know they’re good kids...I think it was all just a misunderstanding. I think they’re very excited. Jamarcus had no intentions of leaving at all. Armon loves playing with everbody on this team...Jamarcus, first of all he’s a junior. He’s gonna be a senior next year so it’d be hard for him to leave. He’s been talking since we lost that he wanted to stay. I think he’s a very good kid who wants to take a second chance.”

On recent weeks:
“It’s good that a coach is put in place. It’s probably not been as long for people that’s not on the team, but to us it’s been real long...I was just thinking, ‘Get it over with.’ I didn’t know who was going to get the job. I know Tony Benett was the top candidate, so I knew they were going to ask him first and see what happens from there. But I didn’t really know the candidates at all.”

On Crean:
“He’s very passionate about the job and what he’s gonna bring. He knows a lot about basketball...I watched him play against my brother in the NCAA Tournament. You could tell he was very passionate and gets a lot out of his players and plays good defense. I remember Jerel McNeal and him talking. They play very good defense and they’re very competitive.”

On the team outlook next year:
“I think we’ll be very competitive. A lot of players that played last year are gonna be here this year.”

On Crean’s thoughts about fastbreak playing style:
“(My eyes) are going to light up a little bit because I remember what Michigan State did to us, so it was good.”

On the immediate future:
“I think the toughest thing right now is just us getting to know each other. That’s the most important thing, and that’s really what I’m looking for...What I was concerned about the most (was) the more kids leaving, it’s going to be hard for a coach to pick this school because it’s gonna be a very tough job and it’s gonna take a couple years to, you know, get back on his feet. So, just hoping I can get it over with.”

On Crean saying the IU job is No. 1:
“It is. He knows it’s gonna bring a lot of spotlight to you. It’s a very good job to have, and he’s gonna have the spotlight on him if you do good or do bad, so it’s a very challenging job.”


  1. I think he stays.

    As far as Bassett and Ellis, I read that Armon said he’s definitely going.

  2. It’s going to be a struggle no matter who comes back so I’m of the opinion that until each player agrees to come back committed to the team he can take his act some place else. For Ellis and Bassett IF they come back it means they get no more second chances.

  3. i feel like both will be back.

    I think Crean will let them express their side of the Dakich story, and he’ll let them know their can be no disrespect in his system.

    Ellis is desperate to stay, and I think armon knows it would be easier for him if he sticks around.

    If they screw up again however, they’re gone.

  4. Only way they should be allowed back on is if they apologize to Dan….even if he doesn’t stay on the staff.

  5. I have said this before…but we go as far next year as Armon takes us…If he stays we will have a very competitive team, one capable of challenging for the big ten (that rests heavily on Holman/post game however)…if he goes we will be mid/bottom of the table. I would imagine that Creen knows this seeing as his reputation for using/developing guards in his offence. I would bet he has alreday started the process of trying to bring him(them) back in. COME ON ARMON STICK AROUND BUDDY!!

  6. I don’t know how you can say that Laffy unless you know a lot more about what happened than I do. We don’t really know what the situation was but we do know that DD had players leaving and getting kicked off the team at BG. That kind of smells bad to me. I am confident though that Crean will make the right decision with these kids and I’ll stand behind him whatever that is.

  7. Hopefully, Dakich won’t be anywhere near this program next year. Butt out. Thanks for the memories and go back to being an alum and former player. Clearly there is something about him the players don’t like and he is only a rememberance of how bad things got, not that its his fault. I hope Crean brings in an entire new staff, with maybe a former player…Keith Smart though i doubt he would leave NBA

  8. Some kids need structure and, obviously, the program was out of control under Sampson. If TC brings the discipline he had at Marquette, and Bassett and Ellis subscribe to that, that will be a personal victory for both these young men that would be bigger than anything that happens on the court.

  9. I was an avid I.U. fan back in the 80’s. I may of either watched or listened to every game during Dakich’s career. If Knight could put up with his innumerable mistakes over four years then Dakich, and whoever ordered him to dismiss these kids, can get out of the way.

    Everbody talks about Dakich’s game against Jordan in 84. Review the tapes and look at the final minute of the subsequent Virginia game. That is the true Dakich. Four years of screw ups. The difference between Knight and Dakich is loyalty.

    Moral of the story: before you work for somebody, or commit to a programme of any kind, check out whether or not they are loyal to those in the fold. Stay away from sociopathic hatchet man programmes.

  10. Bassett and Ellis are young men and should not have been let go by Dakich. I have always liked Dakich but he should have followed the hippocratic oath and “do NO HARM”. They were waiting to see who the coach was and they (and anyone with a lick of sense) knew it wasn’t Dakich. It just didn’t work between him and them, end of story. Dakich should have been thinking of IU first and softened things postseason, more of a recruiting mode. That is Crean’s first job. Recruiting the players that are here.

  11. armon and jamarcus are first off grown men, both whom have gone thru evrything ask of them academically and team wise all season both are team first guys on and off the court. u mean to tell me that people dont see that dackich was hired to sabotage iu’s entire season first off he wasn’t on the staff last season and he was hired as assistant head coach. how crazy is that he doesnt know any of the players and coaches , how fare is that that a slap in the face to assistant like ray macalaa and coach meyer who recruited thes kids in the first place . ellis averages 33 minutes a game the first 27 games of the year and then misteriously when sampson ran out of town his minutes drop to 17 per a game somethings really smells, u loose to penn state cause suspends the only player the team that hasn’t missed a game. crazy i tell u what does that look like

  12. Paul, it cuts both ways.

    As you state, Bassett and Ellis knew there was a coaching search going on. All they had to do is put up with Dakich until that new coach was named. Instead (it appears) they acted out and now they are off the team. By behaving the way they did they really limited their own options. Silly moves on their part.

    If by some chance Dakich had been made permanent coach they could have quit at that point.

  13. dilema…….you’re in a hurry. What are you trying to say?

    Coach Tom Crean is now getting paid millions to handle it. Let us allow him to do his job. For better or for worse. (sorry…I’m married).

    Go coach. I loved your talk. Make it all better.

  14. Great point, Mike.

    They knew there would be a new coach by the end of the week.

    With that said, I’ll trust Crean’s decision on this.

  15. DD has to go… Not that it’s entirely his fault (IU should have put Ray as coach after KS dismissal)– but DD did make a mess of the end of the season. Totally agree with the “do no harm” comment above- what is DD thinking kicking two players off the team when he is himself a lame duck coach? Just keep things steady until the new coaching decision is made. Like presidents who throw out pardons as personal favors on the last day of office– dumb and irresponsible

  16. Worst decision possible if Crean allow the players to return. Crean boasted about IU’s program and to have two players tarnish it with their actions being allowed to return would be a slap in the face to the program. Everyone who wants the men back are just desperate and do not care about the long term effect on the program. IU has sunk to new lows if those players are allowed to return. Of course, they would help next season, but wouldn’t it be better to send a message that the new IU basketball program stands for integrity. If Crean caves and allows them to return, I would make them run every morning for a month or be like the movie Glory Road and make them do thousands of push up and wind sprints. Let them prove how bad they want the honor to be part of IU’s basketball program.

  17. why don’t any of these players just take a step back and realize that Sampson let them down simply by cheating. i just don’t understand the loyalty and the logic behind the players who gave up and now won’t even necessarily stay at IU. Sampson is the only one they should be mad out.

  18. Bassett and Ellis will both be back next year IF they are humble enough to eat some crow and jump through some hoops to prove their sincerity.

    The are good players but need to discipline themselves if they don’t want to be disciplined. I have read that Crean is a very demanding coach but one his players respect. I hope our guys get some brains and accept what they need to do to be successful and get better.

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