1. Crean is a great coach for guards. Bassett and Ellis whould stay to benifit from his coaching. One great thing is Terrell Holloway still had some intrest in IU plus he had intrest in Marquette as well. This may put us back on the inside track with this kid. No matter what happens next year we are very fortunate to get coach Crean and will be competitive no matter what the ncaa does to IU.

  2. For all the people crying a river over Dan kicking Bassett and Ellis off, read Hutch’s blog today.

    Those two have been a PAIN the ENTIRE season.

    And like I said yesterday, both Fish and Leary said the same thing.

    Good riddance.

  3. Are Fish and Leary a joke too?

    They said the same thing.

    Those two have been a cancer the entire year.

  4. Kyle Kozak is a freshman defensive end for the Hoosiers. He and offensive lineman A.J. Thompson are the two new scholarship players on Indiana’s football team this spring. You’re thinking of Kyle Kuric.

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