17s Final: Indiana Elite v. Michigan Mustangs

Indiana Elite 80, Michigan Mustangs 63 (Final)

The Mustangs had pulled within eight points before Colt Ryan’s 3-points sandwiched a Stephan Van Treese  dunk — set up by a good look from Bobby Capobianco — and Elite doubled its lead. That was it, other than some yelling from the crowd about the officiating.


Indiana Elite 58, Michigan Mustangs 50 (End of 3rd Quarter)

Interesting turn of events. The Mustangs’ coach was called for a technical at the end of the first half, and it looked like Elite could begin to pull away. But Hulls hit only 1-of-2, and the Mustangs began to feed off what they thought was biased officiating. That, and Elite got out of its system and has not shot well. Plumlee’s in foul trouble, so Capobianco and Van Treese will have to work the middle.


Indiana Elite 44, Michigan Mustangs 31 (End of 2nd Quarter)

Elite’s in control of this game. It’s interior defense has been shabby but the Mustangs have no answer defensively. Elite just has too many ways to score. Indiana commit Bobby Capobianco has a quiet nine points.


Indiana Elite 31, Michigan Mustangs 20 (End of 1st Quarter)

Miles Plumlee was supposed to miss the game because he had a flight at 7. But a last-second change of plans allowed him to stay.

He’s made the most of it. His behind-head-dunks and unreasonable athleticism for a guy his size have pushed Indiana Elite ahead in this game.

But the Mustangs are having some success getting to the lane by clearing out and driving.


This game is about to finally begin.


This game’s been pushed back by a delay at the SportsPlex, but we just found out that the Mustangs edged Indiana Elite LNO, with Maurice Sutton, for the chance to face Indiana Elite One for the championship.

In the meanwhile, we’ve been watching Andrew Dakich — the son of former Indiana coach and player Dan, who is here — hitting shots from all over the court. Observers here say that he’s a better shooter than Dan ever was. I think he’s 13.


  1. It looks like we keep scooping up the Indiana Elite kids which is great because that means they have already played together numerous times and continue to win AAU tournaments. The person I am worried about right now is Van Treese. Was there any word on his recruiting this weekend or did he just ball(from my understanding he lit it up pretty nicely).

  2. haha dakich was on fire in Horse.

    Van Treese played great today

    I still think hes very overrated.
    He has flashes of excellence, today he did a good job and didn’t force anything, he just hit shots he knew he could hit( dunks layups).

  3. More evidence that as bad as things have gotten under Sampson, there are more significant violations going on around the country than just a few extra phone calls to recruits:

    “Louis Johnson told ESPN’s Outside the Lines, that Rodney Guillory, a Los Angeles-based event promoter, gave O.J. Mayo about $30,000 and other benefits while he attended high school and his sole season at USC. Mayo has decided to forgo his sophomore year and enter the NBA draft.”

    No wonder why so many notable recruits have decided to play for such a loser program like USC!

  4. After the Elite/Mustangs AMC championship game, Sam Chafin, 11 year old fifth grader of Lighthouse Christian Academy and the Bloomington Blaze 11U AAU team proceeded to light up the nets at Assembly Hall playing against a variety of sizes of spectators.

    Keep an eye on Sam Chafin for the recruiting class of 2012! He plays all over the floor and his 3 point shot is phenomenal.

  5. Wasn’t it Mason Plumlee that plays on this Team, Miles is the older brother, and older than 17, but also going to Duke.

  6. Isn’t a 5th grader in the class of 2015? Andrew Dakich can shoot but can he play defense?

  7. Hey Steve,

    if Sam is in 5th grade now (2008), he still has 7 years till he is going to college. That would put him in the class of 2015 not 2012.

  8. What a crazy weekend as far as basketball recruiting goes…

    I hope Crean scoops up Leonard Washington and Sutton, giving us a deep recruiting class. As long as Crean and company do their homework on Washington that is. Seems like he has some baggage, but I have confidence that the coaching staff isn’t going to take any unnecessary risks.

  9. Steve O – What is the baggage that Washington brings? I don’t know much about him, but neither Rivals and Scout have IU listed in his schools, but there is a artical on scout.com saying he is interested in IU.

  10. Go to insidethehall.com. They have a video of 1 incident. Apparently he was involved in some fights last year at one of the basketball tournaments. Their analysis of him over at insidethehall was basically we don’t need another Ellis/Holman. But I feel like Crean knows what he’s doing and isn’t gonna take a chance on a kid who he doesn’t think will pan out.

  11. Steve O – Thanks. After reading the little bit about him (academic troubles) and watching that video, I hope Coach Crean is not even giving this kid the time of day.

  12. Chris:

    Why doesn’t the Hoosier Scoop maintain a recruiting page so that we can keep track of everyone that is signed, being considered, etc???

  13. yeah Chris, I like Mike_C’s idea.. The only reason I come to the scoop is for b-ball recruiting =)

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