Another bizarre day

This is not, I can assure you, the first day this year that I sat in Assembly Hall wondering if covering Indiana basketball could get any weirder.

But the timing of this announcement — that Kelvin Sampson has indeed landed with the Milwaukee Bucks — could not have come at a more odd and maybe fitting time.

These are his players being exorcised from the program.


  1. Today’s events officially vindicate my decision to not attend a single IU game this year. The last time that happened was 1988.

    Well, we’ll have ourselves an underdog to root for next year, and a seat in section J will have a familiar buttprint in it again.

    Best of luck to Armon, Jamarcus, DeAndre, and Eli. I look forward to seeing you guys succeed wherever you wind up.

  2. If you dont want to go to class and get the grades then you dont want to play basketball at IU.

  3. Swampy, why do today’s events vindicate your decision? Crean is cleaning up the program… It’s important to support a team when they’re up are up and when they’re down.. Don’t be a d-bag fairweather fan.

  4. Let’s try that again… Swampy, why do today’s events vindicate your decision? Crean is cleaning up the program… It’s important to support a team when they’re up and when they’re down.. Don’t be a d-bag fairweather fan.

  5. I should have clarified that just a tad more. I meant last year. My bad! Is it weird that I kept finding excuses to not go to the games I had tickets for? It doesn’t seem that way anymore. That’s what I was trying to get across. Poorly.



  6. Swampy I too am surprised at you. Hopefully this gets our program on a sound academic base.

  7. I completely agree with you, Steve O. Coach Crean has already said there will be some tough times ahead. But, I absolutely LOVE the way he is re-establishing the “IU way” – do things the right way! If the leftover players can’t or won’t completely commit to Coach Crean, and more importantly IU, then let them leave. No hard feelings. I would rather have guys that will their blood, sweat, and tears for the good of the program. The team may have a tough year or two, but it will be back. I’m even more excited about the program for next year than I would have been anyway. Go Big Red!

  8. First off… Armon was a Mike Davis recruit: In fact, if i remember correctly, Sampson had to convince him to come to IU once he was hired.

    Secondly… if you really think it’s only going to take “a tough year or two” for this program to recover i need to get in touch with your supplier… because you must have the best stuff in the COUNTRY! It’s gonna take AT LEAST 4 years to get back from the season we’re about to have and the penalties we’re about to receive.

    Don’t get me wrong… i have no problem with the way things are going to go, but no one can be honest and expect Crean to be back in the top 25 after 2 years. Talk about setting him up to fail!

  9. Coach Crean & IU has not shown anything but a lack of willingness and/or ability to solve and/or work thru problems. He is absolutely taking the easy way out. ANYONE could do what he is doing. IU has become the laughing stock of the college B-ball world if not all of college sports. I hope everyone will be as supportive following 2 – 3 successive 15- game winning seasons (i.e. 20+ game losing) as you are now. Any kid who trusts this institution, their athletic dept and/or their coach has to have their head examined (as does any incoming coach). It started with Coach Mall, continued with BK and has even gone further with secondary sports. These people making 6 figures+ who are making these incredibly expensive decisions on behalf of IU NATION is embarrasing. They couldn’t find their ass if someone duct taped their hands to their butt cheeks and then said “squeeze”. ‘Nough said – between them and the Big Ten Network – in the words of Mr. Gable “Frankly my dear, I no longer give a damn”. Unfortunately – I know I am not alone

  10. Listen, I love it, Crean is so arrogant, you guys think he is the deal. Look how bad this is now, and he is yet to coach a game, Once he coaches, you all will be like, who the hell is this guy? no coaching ability. He looks like the pope, but no clue how to coach the game. Good luck, he might recruit you a few guys. I have warned you all, so you are all to blame for this.

  11. Scott Skiles and Kelvin Sampson? That sounds like a perfect disaster. The only thing the Bucks could do to make their program more corrupt is to add O.J. Simpson on their staff. What a dumb ass decision, good thing it is no longer IU’s problem. GO Hoosiers!

  12. DB and Joe Hoss, you are retards, and probably the same person and if not are definately giving it to eachother in the butt…

    Crean has been great since coming in. And yea, maybe anyone could have kicked kids off the team, but those who are out were obviously a detriment to the team. Why would we want them around?? What are you basing any of your facts on Joe? No coaching ability? Seriously? Come on bro.

    And db, i’m pretty sure that if you don’t support IU through these upcoming years then you are a fair weather fan and you should go jump off a cliff. Stop hating man. Find another hobby. BK is an icon in college basketball. You are delusional. I mean who do you 2 root for??

    Give Crean a few years to rebuild, and we’ll be back in the hunt.

  13. Hi, Being a former 40 plus year B-town resident. I am glad to see Coach Crean doing away with non-sense and requiring an interest in wearing the cream and crimson in recruits. Indiana’s storied history will be justly served when you want to include some recruits from Indiana locals (White River Valley-Graves Brothers and not just Future NBA prospects. Sometimes heart can beat a superstar. Go Hoosiers !!!.

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