Another crazy recruiting day

[4:40 UPDATE]

Tijan Jobe, the 7-footer from Olney Central, has apparently accepted a scholarship offer from IU and will join the class of 2008.

According to, Jobe averaged four points and four rebounds a year ago.





Emmanuel Negedu, the former Indiana Elite forward, will apparently get his release form Arizona and has some interest in playing for Indiana.

Meanwhile, Tijan Jobe, another African who happens to be good buddies with Negedu (from Nigeria) apparently visited Indiana today and may have even chosen to sign with the Hoosiers. The good news: he’s 7 feet tall. The bad news: he apparently averaged three points and three rebounds per game last year at Olney Central Junior College.

More to come on these developing stories.


  1. One thing you can say ,it has been a VERY interesting few weeks since T.C.arrived. Negdeu would be a very nice addition along with Sutton.

  2. I would take the 7 footer and Negedu over Sutton for sure… if nothing else the dude can stand under the basket and make it tough for people to score underneath, or block some shots. And from everything i’ve read and seen, it seems like Negedu is a real beast. Reminds me of Raymar Morgan.

  3. Welcome Tijan Jobe to IU. We hope that you find everything that you are looking for in Bloomington, Indiana! You will make our basketball team much better in the days ahead. Also, congratulations on your academic achievements!

  4. I’ve never heard of either of these guys, which isn’t saying that much. If anyone can give some info on them, I’d appreciate it. Sounds like Negedu cold help right away and Jobe would be a project? Galena indicates that he’s accomplished academically? Negedu must be pretty good or he wouldn’t have committed to Arizona. If he’s on par with Raymar Morgan, I’ll take him (as will T.C.!)!!

  5. There better not be a scholarship on the table for this JUCO kid. If so wow. We have 3 left over the next two years. I am hoping for Negedu or Sutton, SVT and a guard/forward combo for next year.

  6. I actually like this move, especially if Sutton does not come to IU. Considering that both Jobe and Sutton are projects, this gives IU some flexibility in future recruiting classes. If Jobe doesn’t pan out, he’ll be out in two years and we will have an extra scholarship for 10-11. Granted, Sutton’s additional two years could yield a higher return.

    But if we get Negedu and don’t get Sutton, I will be very satisfied.

  7. The thing about Jobe compared to Sutton is that he’s a junior and it will help space out the scholarships better. If Sutton and Negedu were added we would have a TON of scholarships wrapped up in ’08 and ’09.

  8. Thats a bit of a disapointment that we offered him a scholership but if we dont get sutton than it evens out. We need to get Negudu and hopefully from the 09 class we can get Watford or Walker

  9. Sutton and Jobe are both raw, so I’ll take the 7’0 265lb project over the 6’10 195lb project for sure. And as long as we add Nedgeu, we’ll have a really nice recruiting class coming in.

    Crean must have an inkling that Sutton is gonna sign with Villanova…

  10. I dont get this one. It HAS to mean Sutton is out of the running. We go out and pick up a big just because he is big? We arent winning the Big Ten next year and we all knew it was going to be a rough season of rebuilding. Now we are burning 09 and 10 scholys for real good players for a JUCO project? How does that make any sense? With this signing we have what 2 scholys left max for 09? Maybe even one? And that with Negedu, SVT, and Watford all having major interest. We probably just lost SVT by signing a JUCO project.

    Not even close to anything in the same universe of a fair trade in my mind.

  11. I’m pretty sure Crean know’s what he’s doing… This way we can be more selective with our recruiting classes going forward.

  12. Plus we’ll hopefully have Nedgeu, Elston, Capo, and Pritchard right around 6’7, 6’8, so SVT isn’t exactly a necesity.

  13. Negedu has said that it is between 4 schools; Indiana,Tenn.,Memphis, and Georgia Tech. I would say Indiana and Memhis are in the lead due to his ties with Indiana and his ties to the Memphis assistant coach who originally recruited him to Arizona. He would be the best player on IU’s roster next season(excluding J. Crawford) if he signs with IU.

  14. I agree, Sutton to Nova must be a done deal. I can’t imagine that there was a big rush to sign this guy before any other big school did, so why sign him today, unless Sutton’s not coming. Sutton has to make his sdecision by the end of the day tomorrow, so waiting on that decision would have made since if CTC truly thought IU was still in the hunt. I wasn’t crazy about Sutton anyway, but I’m less crazy about this kid. It’s great he can block shots and possibly grab some boards, but until D.J. the last couple of years, we hoosier fans have had to suffer through alot of years without much offense from the post. Can’t develop that in two years. At this point, Negedu would be a an absolute “theft’ for CTC and complany. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed and polish up on our bilingual skills.

  15. When does Negudu have to sign? Does he have to do it by tomorrow or what? Also i agree that SVT is no longer a nessicty.

  16. Coud bringing in the 7 footer from Africa…who is “good friends” with Negedu be a way to lure Negedu to IU? Funny how we sign him the day Negedu is released from Arizona? If it works, great!

  17. We have two bigs, low post players in Jobe and Pritchard. Both must develop this summer. We can see how well our coaching staff works with “bigs” this coming season. CTC has had to “reach” for bigs at this point in time. Now, he must develop them quickly. He wants more wins than we first expected. He knows that scholarships will be available for ’09 kids. We need Negedu and Sutton to sign immediately. This coming season, the whole team develops quickly.

  18. Good question Andrew. I wondered that myself. All the other big name loi releasees have already indicated where they’re playing next season, so I’m assuming the deadline is tomorrow. Regarding the earlier comments about CTC using up all the schollies. Something to keep in mind is that we don’t really know the status of Crawford and McGee. There could be one or two more scholarships available that none of us are considering. I saw “flashes” of special talent from Crawford last season (The Kentucky game comes to mind), but I also saw some laziness and at times what appeared to be a “me first” type of player. Granted he was a freshman, but I’m not totally convinced he’s CTC’s type of “I’m playing hard every posession” player. I hope I”m worng!

  19. E-Man as they call him would be a lot better than Sutton. I’ve seen him play he can shoot from outside and is super strong in the middle.

    Many people know him in Bloomington.. hes a summer spotsplex icon

  20. Tim,
    Your comment about us having to polish up on our bilingual skills was way out of line. Yes Tijan and Emmanual are from Africa, but if you knew them personally you would realize what very accomplished young men they both are. Between them they both speak more languages than over half of the professors at IU do. It isn’t fair for you to say such a comment like that without knowing both these young men. I can only hope that you get the chance to get to know them and hear the stories that they have to share, and then realize what a great opportunity you have to be born and live in the United States. These young men came here to get first class educations and follow their dreams of playing basketball so they can help their families back home and make a difference in the lives of people they meet. I am very proud to say that I know both these young men and wish them the best of luck, Tijan here at IU and where ever it is that EMAN decides to go. These young men are great ambassadors for IU and the game of basketball. Embrace them and welcome them to HOOSIER HYSTERIA. Realize that the next couple of years are going to be a transition period, so we need to stand behind all the young men that will wear the ‘CREAM AND CRIMSON’.

  21. has anyone seen Negedu play? He is highly ranked but I don’t like that at 6’6″ he is listed as a PF and not a SF/SG

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