Assist to Jordan Hulls’ neighbors

Tom Crean is a hard worker. He’s got boundless energy (and goes hardly a moment without some caffeinated beverage in his hand.) He did a great job recruiting Jordan Hulls, making sure to invite the Bloomington South guard for frequent visits to Assembly Hall, where the two would dissect hours of tape, which just happens to be one of Jordan’s favorite things to do.

But as John Decker of (which has covered IU’s recent recruiting as well, if not better, than anybody else this spring) and I left Bloomington South earlier this evening, we couldn’t help but notice a car that had been, uhhh, decorated. Clearly, this is what swayed Hulls. Cause even Tom Crean needs someone to get him the ball before he can make a play.
A message for Jordan Hulls.


  1. Was reporting “Verdell Jones to Minnesota” what tipped you off to’s excellent basketball recruiting coverage?

    John Decker is a true talent, but he is greatly limited by the Scout network.

  2. haha I saw this today at school when I left,.. it’s been on his car for like a week now, I wonder if that meant anything since he never cleaned it off?

  3. Chris, that is the single most hilarious snipit I have ever read………..that was clever…..thank god for good reliable neighbors!!! keep up the good work!

  4. Agree with the comment about Decker. It’s not his fault that whoever runs Scout posted an article saying Verdell Jones committed to Minnesota.

    Decker and Scout have made up some ground in basketball recruiting with Crean’s hire, but has made some strides in football recruiting/coverage of the team. Decker and Scout are no longer the only authority for the football team and it’s been that way for probably two years now, that’s how it seems to me at least. Being a longtime football fan (I was graduate assistant under coach Mal), I have to say I love the attention the football team has been getting in all forms of the media.

    An interesting editorial comment you decided to throw in there Chris, but I do have to say I agree.

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