Brandon McGee dismissed from IU basketball team


[3:45 UPDATE]

I spoke with Brandon McGee earlier. Apparently, he was dismissed earlier today. He’s still surprised by what happened and said he needs to take some time to think about the situation.


News breaking now. More to come.

Here’s the press release from Indiana.


Indiana Men’s Basketball Coach Tom Crean announced today that freshman Brandon McGee (Chicago/Crane HS) has been dismissed from the program for academic and team guideline negligence.

“Our coaching and support staff tried to make this work out, but we felt that there were some basic standard operating procedures that were not being met,” said Crean. “I feel badly for his family and Coach (Anthony) Longstreet (Crane Head Coach) who were helping us to try and make this work, but in the end it just was not possible to continue in the current direction.”

He played in just 17 games and averaged 1.5 points and 1.0 rebounds.


  1. Wow, this sucks. Thought McGee had some potential. I guess we’ll never know. It’s a shame that the thing he’ll be remembered most for is his missed 360 dunk. Lol. We could really use Negedu now…

  2. Josh S, we don’t care how he fills the team, but rather that it is filled with individuals that want to put on the candy stripes, work hard, go to class, and be good citizens.

  3. I think we all saw this coming. Crawford is the main piece here. If we lose him as well then I think we subtract about 3 or 4 more wins from the total next year.

    I think its a positive that he was not mentioned in this article as being a problem. I think he is safe. He and Tabor will be our leaders next year. I bet Crean turns him into a really good palyer if he stays at least 3 years.

  4. Brandon can bounce a ball and, because of it, he was handed the opportunity to acquire a top notch education for free.

    How kids can continue to just throw that away is outside my capacity to understand.

  5. Once again….I have to applaud Coach Crean! If these young men are going to come to this school, at a minimum, they have to meet & exceed academic expectations and the team expectations. Who cares if they have a down season if the pride is restored in IU basketball and we are building a new future? I don’t. My son attends IU and knows Jordan Crawford personally. He told me that Jordan is a very cool guy who has really tried very hard to make his grades! I hope so for his sake!

  6. Surely the availability of immediate playing time will help convince Negedu to come to IU. With McGee gone, we’ve only got 8 scholarship players. If you want to play right away, come to Indiana!

    This is unfortunate, but I agree with Stacey, if he wasn’t willing to do what was expected of him, he had to go. Good job coach Crean!

  7. For all the wondered he had a has a high Star rating than Jordan Hulls yet he is not that good of a player.

    I think Crawford will stay. If i were him i would stay i mean him and taber are going to be team captains hes likely going to be our go to scorer. He should fit in well with Crean’s offense.

  8. This sucks. Brandon was my favorite player. I thought he was going to be really good one day. But hey, if you don’t go to class, then this is what is going to happen. And that’s a good thing. A great thing. But I’m still a little bummed.

  9. Ok, Kenny_G and “I miss coach Davis” move to Alabama and watch watch that train wreck. Give me a break. Again Coach, I have no doubts you are doing the “Right Thing”. Something that has long been absent from IU, not only in Basketball, but as a school as a whole. The basketball team just gets more national attention.

  10. Playing time will be appealing to Negedu, but at the same time it is not appealing to join a team that has a slim chance of going .500 and an even slimmer chance of playing any type of basketball in March.

    Not trying to be negative, but it’s true.

  11. Who the hell is Brandon McGee?

    Just kidding, we’ll miss his 1.5 ppg.

    Maybe he can find another coach like KS who doesn’t care about grades and give hime another shot. If not, see you at the Mickey D’s drive thru Brandon.

  12. Wow this is a surprise. I thought we were through all of the problems with Kelvin’s kids. I guess not though. Hopefully Crawford is one that we don’t have to worry about.

  13. I don’t think we will be as bad as a lot of you think. Intelligent ball players with average ability that play as a team can often beat teams that no one thinks they should. For example, most of the teams Bob Knight had at Texas Tech and some that he had here. Look at what Butler has been able to do the past couple of years, no superstars there. Smart kids that are decent players and love to play, that is what Coach
    Crean is building here and I for one think it will work. I think McGee was the last of the garbage that needed to be taken out, things should only get better from this point on.

  14. I would like to hear a little about what attempts were made to improve some of these basketball players grades ie tutors, remedial classes to bring them up to college academic levels etc. Coach Crean has not been here even a semester and numerous coaches and athletes have been given their walking papers. I recall reading that he has a reputation of been tough on assistants & having a high turnover rate. Is he also reputed to be tough on kids? What is his players transfer rate? What is his graduation rate at previous colleges? Why is Brandon suprised? Was he on academic probation because of grades from fall 2007 semester and did not raise his grades spring 2008? If he was on academic probation and did not raise his grades, then he should not have been suprised to be dismissed. Too many questions and not enough answers about the coach and this player suit this alumni!!

  15. Nate –

    Not to burst your bubble or anything, but get real. This team is bringing back TWO players that have ever stepped foot on a court together in a real game.

    I’m not complaining, I like that Crean is cleaning house and rebuilding, but the IU fans that are expecting this team to win a lot of games next year are nuts.

    Not only will it take a lot of time to build chemistry, but the team will have 1 senior and no juniors. That’s not a winning formula, this will take time.

  16. In regards to RMK winning with players of average ability………….

    In a short time Crean has done a great job recruiting. Long term, however, we need to get the 4 and 5 star players. Those players do not guarentee success but they do greatly enhance the odds. It is “urban legend” that RMK won with average players. He did not.
    To his credit he did well when he had good teams (not all coaches are able to do so). On another site I read how his last great team (’92-’93) was molded with Henderson and a group of average high school players. A few minutes of research revealed the following about that roster of “average” high school players:
    Pat Graham – McDonalds All American ,’89 Mr Basketball, ranked 12th in US.
    Greg Graham – McDonalds All American, ranked 60th in US.
    Damon Baily – McDonalds All American, ’90 Mr Basketball, EA National HS BBall Player of Year!
    Alan Henderson – McDonalds All American, ranked 6th in the US.
    Chris Reynolds – ranked 48th in the US
    Calbert Cheaney – ranked 58th in US (one site had him as high as 40th in the US. People are very mistaken when they repeat the “Calbert was not considered a top talent” urban legend. He was in fact very highly rated.)
    Matt Nover – Indiana All Star team.
    Brain Evans (great in college but did not find HS ranking)
    Would have been seniors but transferred – #7 Funderburke, #44 Chris Lawson
    We are currently excited about getting a top 90-150 player. We would self implode if we got recruits anywhere remotely close to the ones above 🙂
    Also———the ’81 championshp team had 2 Indiana Mr Basketballs and 3 McDonalds All Americans. The ’87 team had 2 McDonalds All Americans (someone the other day stated Daryl Thomas was an unknown gem when in fact he was a McDonalds All American) and a Mr Indiana (Alford) and a Mr Illinois (Sloan).

    We are off to a great start but I want to put some facts in front of those that “remember” IU winning with teams comprised of hard working 2 and 3 star players.
    The fact is………we had talent.

  17. The key word to me is “academic.” I was fortunate enough to have gone to college on an athletic scholarship, so I know it’s tough to go to classes, practice and compete. Having said that, if these guys can’t do the academics, with all the hand holding they get these days, send them packing in a heartbeat. It is clear that Sampson didn’t really care about these guys, few of whom besides Gordan would have a snowball’s chance in hell of playing in the NBA, so the best thing IU had to offer them was a college education and they blew it. I have no sympathy with Sampson or the players who didn’t have a clue that student-athlete starts with the word, “student.”

  18. Alan,

    I am just fed up with the obvious type of kids Sampson brought to Bloomington to help him drag Indiana University through the mud. Did it get us some wins? Sure, but look at the cost.

    Would you prefer the term “loser”?

    All I know is that a normal person would not screw up an opportunity like playing basketball at Indiana University and getting a free education to go along with it. How many of “Sampson’s Guys” did so? Nearly all of them.

    You can be PC and simply call them “misguided” or some BS like that. Bottom line is, I am glad they are gone.

  19. B in MD-

    Just trying to stay positive and hoping for the best. If we don’t do that great next season, at least now we are on the right track.

  20. DCDave –

    I completely agree with you. And more to your point, I think a mistake a lot of us IU fans make is comparing what we need to do now to what Bob Knight did 25 years ago.

    That was a long time ago and the college basketball landscape has changed tremendously. We need to be comparing ourselves and competing with UNC, Duke, Kansas, UCLA and Memphis. They’re the top dogs right now and have been for several years.

    Those teams consistently have the highest rated recruiting classes and consistently have 4 & 5 star recruits and McDonald All-Americans.

  21. Nate –

    Agree. We should always be positive. Not that you were doing this, but I just worry that some fans aren’t going to give Crean the time he needs and that they’ll raise expectations too quickly.

    Know what I mean?

  22. Hey 1977, have you played a sport at a university level? Technically, these kids don’t have to attend a single class 2nd semester and can play all semester long. They watch the rest of the team do the same and they don’t understand there will be hell to pay later. They were given all the information and the tutors from the first day; they got the academic wake up call once Dakich took the reins. They didn’t want to hear it. Now they are looking for new teams. Nuff said. The right decision was made. Way to go Crean!

  23. oh and 1977,
    Coach Crean’s academic record is better than my alma mater…Butler’s. I think he knows what he is doing.

  24. Very interesting DCDAVE… Now who thinks we don’t need 5 star guys to win a championship? You don’t hoist banners with a bunch of mediocre players. You need a few “studs.”

  25. DCDave-

    Can you explain Butler’s success the last two years like you did the ’92 Hoosiers?

    I am not expecting miracles next season, I am just saying the right bunch of guys can do it with average talent as long as they work together and play intelligent basketball. I truly believe that is what Coach Crean is trying to put together for next season. All the super athletes are taken, what choice does he have?

    I am just keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best.


  26. And to my boy B in MD, just to back you up, check out and click men’s bb at the top of the page. They have a list of the top 25 recruiting classes for 2008… And guess who appears in the top 10… UCLA, Florida, Ohio State, Kansas, and North Carolina. All of whom have played in or won the NCAA tourney in the last 5 years. And I’m willing to guess it’s not the first time these teams have appeared in a top 10 recruiting class list. (Indiana did recieve honorable mention.)

  27. Steve O-

    I don’t think ANYONE is expecting banners the next couple of seasons. Just respectable finishes. I would be happy to be in the middle of the Big Ten Standings until we can start landing the “studs” again.

  28. Student athletes is the term for what these boys were called. Not athlete, part time student. If they can’t understand the opportunity they were given, tough crap ! Basketball is very important and Lord knows we all LOVE it and the Hoosiers, but come on, these boys are never going to be much without a good education and they have thrown it all away! Most of them certainly would never have gone on to the NBA, but at least they could have gotten a good job! They sure had more benefits and advantages than most other students at IU in the way of tutors and help with their studies and they still couldn’t hang??? Pitiful. Coach Crean is doing the right thing.

  29. What up Steve O?

    I think Nate is referring more to next year and the next two years, although I think he’s a little too optimistic, there’s ZERO correlation between IU the next few years and Butler’s recent teams.

    I think people are expecting too much next year. I’ll be happy with 10 wins. This is a team with mostly freshmen that has never played together other than Crawford and Taber, and it’s not like those two have even played together for long.

  30. Hey Nate… They’re playing in Horizon League first of all, Secondly, they didn’t beat a ranked opponent all last year, third, they have some good individual players, but when it came time for the tourney, they were exposed.

  31. I see what Nate’s saying, and I’m not saying we’re gonna be able to get top level guys this year or the next, but ir’s something we need to get back to eventually.

  32. And, I know we’re in a tough way right now, but let’s never make Butler the team we strive to be like. They’ve had a nice run, yes, but that’s not the goal.

  33. Hey B, not to completely change the subject, but do you have Direct TV or Dish Network? I was stuck with Comcast this year, and had to go to Buffalo Wild WIngs to watch most IU games LOL.

  34. No I have Comcast too. I just watched the national games, luckily (unfortunately, depending on how you look at it) a lot of IU games were national this past season, but I don’t expect that this year.

  35. We have a tendency to point our fingers at these kids but this is all Sampson’s doing. Think about the attitudes these guys must have had the last year and half. Not going to class? What are we talking about here?

    The fact we are still suffering from the KS fiasco is amazing. These are young, impressionable KIDS. KS was in their heads and was grooming them to be something other than a student-athlete. The man is a L-O-S-E-R.

    It’s best for all of them the guy was forced to leave because believe it or not, they would be in worse shape than they are today. The longer he stayed, the more damage that could occur. Please put an asterisk next to his coach of the year honors at Oklahoma.

  36. Personally I believe that Coach Crean is doing a great job in the short time he has been here. These kids that Sampson brought in here seemed to think that an education was secondary to playing basketball. Sampsons record of graduating students was pitiful. His academic standard were in the trash and good riddance to bad rubbish.
    Welcome Coach Crean and keep up the great job. It may take some time, but we are behind you 100%!!!

  37. Nate,
    first of all I think IU’s ’92-’93 team was a threat to win the tourney if Henderson did not get hurt while I do not think Butler was a real threat to win the tourney (not a knock at Butler -I really liked the way Butler played)

    My point was that you need some 4 or 5 stars to have a great chance to compete for a banner. Sure, there are always exceptions (i.e. Wade was not highly ranked and some highly ranked players do not pan out) but your odds are greatly enhanced when you have great recruits. Knight had great recruits when he won big. That is not a knock on Knight because there are 4-8 loaded teams every year but he tended to win big when his teams were loaded. I also wanted to present some facts to those that believe Knight won by molding hardworking basketball savy 2 and 3 star players. He did not. As noted above he had a slew of McDonalds All Americans and his last good team had 4 McDonalds All Americans plus two other players in the top 60! We are presently hoping to land 1 top 60 player and 0 McDonalds.
    The odds are just not as good of winning big time with that scenario (I realize that we cannot expect more under present circumstances but this needs to change over time).

  38. Well.. no one can say that next year the tv guys will be saying “so and so started at IU under Sampson”. There does not appear to be anyone left who Sampson recruited.

  39. DC

    The ’92-’93 team was the best team in the country until Henderson got hurt. In fact, Dean Smith said that he thought they were the best team and it was a shame that UNC didn’t have to play them. Now that is respect.

  40. I just read that Jobe was also being recruited by UAB, Auburn and Nebraska. I hope this is not a representation of the schools we will be competing with in the future for recruits.

    Just wondering how much of a chance Crean gave McGee. I mean if he wasn’t academically eligible, why wasn’t he dismissed with the others? Something does not seem right here.

  41. Christian Moody made the Kansas starting lineup as a walk on. His brother, Patrick, is on the UNC Tarheels roster as a walk on. I watched both in high school. They were good, nothing more. Roy Williams thought they the had potential to be quality college players. It’s not always about the stars after your name.

  42. Chet,

    I don’t even know what to write, that’s just ridiculous. I don’t think Roy Williams recruited Patrick Moody as a walk on because he thought he was the missing link to a championship. Like every school they needed someone for practice and to fill out the roster.

    UNC wins titles because of the top-notch recruits they get. They consistently have a top 5 or top 10 recruiting class. That’s why they win, not because of kids like Patrick Moody.

  43. I’ve posted this in another area a week or so ago but I know a 6th grader that interviewd Deandre THomas, Dan Dakich and Armon Bassett. One of the questions he asked Armon was how did he balance school and basketball. Armon told him that all he had to do was get a certain grade point average to be eligible and he did just enough to get by. I think that was the attitude of a lot of players on this team. Maybe it started with KS but see where it got the players. It got them out looking for someplace else to play and hopefully get an education that they can use after basketball.

  44. Bald Guy-

    My wife is a substitute teacher at a school in Bloomington. One day when she was there they got a visit from Eric Gordon. One of the things he did while he was there was read to the first graders in the library. She said he could not read several words in a simple childrens book. How did he get good enough grades at Indiana University to play basketball? Better yet, how did he ever graduate High School? And everyone wonders why he was so eager to get to the NBA. No reading there.

  45. I know the wife of a guy named Nate, and shes a sub at some Bloomington schools. I heard that she is a sub, because she cant hear very well, and her reading skills are quite poor as well.

  46. Sorry Mikie. You are thinking of someone else. My wife hears fine and reads even better.

    I am a huge IU fan. Trust me, I was very bothered to hear that the guy that was supposed to be leading our team last year couldn’t read a friggin’ children’s story.

    It sure explained a lot of his poor decision making in the games. Great athlete, yes. Smart basketball player, far from it.

  47. Nate, I hate to add to your negativity but it is just plain wrong to post that message. Why do you and your wife feel the need to judge others in order to make your own pathetic lives feel important. You are an idiot who obviously can’t think for himself and you and your wife deserve one another. You call yourself a huge IU fan but you obviously lack principals that this University promotes.

  48. I am not judging anyone. The guy can’t read. Period. That is the kind of guys Sampson brought to IU. Look where it has gotten us. I am just saying it is time for a change and I for one am glad Sampsons guys are gone. I’m not sure what my wife has to do with any of this, but I would thank you to keep her out of this. How do I not think for myself, what the hell are you talking about? I am all for good principles (not principals like you say), that is why I am glad all of Sampsons players are gone, so maybe we can bring back the respect and integrity we used to have.

  49. Gordons SAT scores were better than you and your wifes…combined. Maybe he had a disorder, you dont know that…that doesnt make him stupid as you implied.

  50. Mikie-

    What is this, third grade? I am simply putting facts out there. Maybe Gordon is a genius that doesn’t know how to read, you are right. But I doubt it.

  51. Mikie and Jon-

    You guys obviously have a boner for Eric Gordon. Sorry if I offended you by telling the truth. The NBA can have him. I have seen him miss enough 30 foot bricks with 25 seconds left on the shot clock. I’m outta here.

  52. Now that talented but non-academic athletes can no longer go directly into pro sports, is it any wonder that colleges recruit players who can barely read? What are these non-academic kids supposed to do?

  53. B in MD…and Christian shouldn’t have been starting at Kansas because he wasn’t ranked in high school? You picked only the part that fit your argument and ignored the rest.
    I am glad you were able to write.

  54. I feel bad for Brandon. I knew him as a baby. He is a sweet young man with a good disposition….very well liked. What I will say is that had he been a top player (scoring high points and rebounds), then they would have found a way to work around it….it’s done every day. He was not an asset to the coach..not a future potential NBA prospect, so they used the the excuse of lack of academic requirements being met. I am all for a good education; therefore, I will add that he had an opportunity, if not go to the NBA, but have a degree to get a decent job. There are too many kids that want to go to college and work hard with their grades in hopes to get a scholarship, but are denied and can’t afford to go. Here is an individual that was given a free education, and a chance to maybe make it to the NBA, and he took it for granted. His family, I’m sure is upset (especially his grandmother who raised him), but they should have enforced education and good study habits when he was in grammer school, and I know for a fact that it wasn’t. Unfortunately, a big loss to pay for a wakeup call to him and others, and a lesson to be learned. Good Luck Brandon. I’m truly sorry.

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