Crean at the Motor Speedway

Indiana basketball coach Tom Crean is the honorary starter today at the Indianapolis 500 practice. Though the track is quite slick, I plan on challenging him to a race.

I grew up in Reading, Pa., where Penske Racing was once based (it has since moved to North Carolina). The Andretti clan comes from Allentown, a few minutes up the road from Reading.

With such a stellar racing background, I’m guessing I can average about 220 mph or so.

Crean will speak with the media eventually. He will undoubtedly face questions about Indiana’s response to the letter of allegations against the men’s basketball program, which was due today. Can’t imagine he’ll have anything of substance to say about it.


  1. I think the Andrettis were from Nazareth. So dock yourself 30 mph off your average speed.

  2. Chris Castroneves …… maybe? Can you ballroom dance? Go get em! and don’t crean into the wall. Giggle

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