Crean picks up first guard in class of 2009

Maurice Creek, a shooting guard form South Kent, Conn., has given a verbal commitment to play for Indiana, according to John Decker from

Decker has not posted more details about his conversation with Creek yet.

Creek, though, was in a very similar situation to the other player Crean recruited into his 2009 class, forward Bobby Capobianco.

Both players had been offered by Marquette and then were unsure of whether Crean would continue to recruit them when he got to Indiana. But he did, and both have now decided to commit.

Creek is a 6-4 guard most noted for his scoring ability. He is considered the 17th best player at his position in his class, according to

According to, he is the No. 12 shooting guard in the class and No. 63 player overall.


  1. I know this is a little off topic but does anybody think that IU could be this years Purdue. If we can land sutton and jones we definatly have a chance

  2. This kid has Etwaun Moore written all over him. Scoring 2 guard that can hit all the shots and is lenky for 6’4″.

  3. Am I imagining things or does this Maurice Creek look just like Oscar Robertson when he was in high school? Hope he is at least half that great a player.

  4. We could get a class as good as Purdue’s of 2007 in 2009, but we have a way to go, yet.

  5. Great Player! Had a lot of interest from a lot of big time schools. We will get back to Indiana basketball one recruit at a time. 2009 shaping up to be a good class. We just have to make it through this season. Be patient, be patient, be patient. Hard for Hoosier fans to do.

  6. Our 2009 class can be alot better than Purdure class last year. If we can get Nolan Dennis, Lance Stephenson and Stephen Van Tresse we will be in great shape

  7. I would be very surprised if we get Stephenson. He’s a big time player. I have a feeling the coaching carousel probably scared him off.

  8. Has anybody heard anything about Finch transferring to IU from Florida? He was a safety in high school, but FL tried to convert him to LB.

  9. Very good news. Keep up the good work Coach Crean.

    I am actually very excited about next season. The Hoosier Nation will rally around Coach Crean and the new Hoosiers and surprise everyone.

    I will be just to to see a TEAM on the floor again instead of a bunch of individuals missing 28 foot 3-pointers and dipsy-doo, dumb ass drives to the basket.

  10. Before everybody talks about the purdue class last year as the second coming, Remember one just left, and these guys might be as good as they ever get, or Moore goes NBA. IU has had plenty of players come in and never improve soph. yr. on. All I’m saying is lets not give the keys to great B-ball to Purdue quite yet.
    The big 7′ kid from Chicago area that Crean had been recruiting 09′ or 08′? IU need bigs for 08.

  11. Anyone heard about Crawford transferring? if so, good…he can take his ‘tude somewhere else.

  12. Haystacks, what “tude”? Do you know him personally? are you in the locker room or on the court during games? I think not. How would our best player for next year transferring be a good thing in any way?

    I mean while 4 of his buddies were busy getting kicked off the team, he was 1 of 4 remaining players getting to know coach Crean and attending practices. Gimmie a break dude. Haters like you make the IU fanbase look like a bunch of goons.

  13. Haystacks you are stupid. Jordan is a great player. He was last year the most under rated frosh in the big 10. He will thrive this year not having to play under Gorden’s shadow.

    Also, i was reading an interview with Lance Stephenson and he said he is still very interested in Indiana and that he is more interested in the program not who the coach is. So there is still hope

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