Crean talks about Holman, IU’s response to NCAA allegations and next year’s APR score

UPDATE (1:15 p.m.): Tom Crean spoke minutes ago about his concerns that Eli Holman’s transfer to Detroit Mercy appears to have been “orchestrated.” Chris Korman is now driving back from Indianapolis and upon his return will give you a report of exactly what Crean had to say.


Here’s a report Chris Korman just filed by telephone after Tom Crean spoke with reporters at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, where Crean is serving as today’s honorary starter:

Crean said he is not privy to IU’s report due to the NCAA today in response to February’s Notice of Allegations. IU had 90 days to respond to that notice.

The new Hoosier coach said he’s not sure of what’s in the report, but he’s confident in the people who put it together. He will attend the hearing with the NCAA infractions committee June 13 in Seattle. He is not sure of his role in the hearing.

The report to the NCAA is not expected to be made public immediately. The Herald-Times has made an open records law request to receive the report from IU.

Crean said his focus has been on addressing the team’s academic problems, which will be reflected in next year’s APR score, especially with recent dismissal of three players and the departure of another.

He is hopeful Indiana will avoid punishment for the low APR score next year based on the new staff’s scores at Marquette (954 for the last four years) and on the improvement plan that IU will develop.


  1. yes as in a way to get out of i.u and up to detroit.maybe he got some advice from someone close to that program, maybe the coach or someone close to him. just a thought

  2. I heard Crean on the radio in Indy yesterday afternoon. There, too, he said he couldn’t elaborate on the Holman situation other than he was surprised by it & that he felt it was orchestrated. I thought it was really odd to use that term.

  3. Right – someone who was really close to the program until very recently. And who had something to gain by Eli leaving IU … for DM.

  4. Lets just say Detroit Mercy’s roster is going to look something like this in 09. Look familiar?

    Xavier Keeling
    Eli Holman
    Armon Bassett
    Jamarcus Ellis
    Deandre Thomas
    Jordan Crawford
    Brandon McGee

  5. “(CLICK) Welcome to Detroit Mercy, how may I help you? (CLICK)”

    “Yeah, I’d like an ‘A’ in English, Business, and Basketweaving, and, uh, hmm. Are those ‘Bs’ still free as long as I average three assists a game?”

    “(CLICK) Uh, let me ask my manager, Dean Coach McCallum. Dean Coach, do we still have the “Average Three and B’s Are Free” deal?
    Yes, sir, that deal is good all season. (CLICK)”

    “Okay, uh, let me get two B’s in whatever’s fresh and I’ll call it good.”

    “(CLICK) Okay sir, I’ve got you down for a 3.5 GPA. That’s gonna cost one injury-free season and 12 points per game. Please pull up to the first windown and don’t forget to go to class. (CLICK)”


    “(CLICK) HAAAA! I got you good! Class! HA! (CLICK)”

  6. Should Crean really be whining and insinuating things about the Eli to Detroit connection when he didn’t hire his former Marquette assistants until players that were Marquette recruits ”reconsidered” and followed Crean to IU?

    Crean has no reason to complain about Ray since he took the shady recruiting path too.

    What is it they say about “birds of a feather”? Crean should just keep his mouth shut and go on with the kids that were going to be Marquette players.

  7. “He is hopeful Indiana will avoid punishment for the low APR score next year based on the new staff’s scores at Marquette (954 for the last four years) and on the improvement plan that IU will develop.”

    How can IU avoid punishment based on another school’s APR scores? Doesn’t seems right. IU should try to avoid punishment based on its own improvement plan only.

  8. J.D. Recruits almost always follow the coach to the new school. The NCAA is just fine with that. It is not even an ethically questionable move, it is common practice. What McCallum did violated NCAA rules as well as being unethical. Why is that so hard for you to understand?

  9. If Marquette had any questions about it all they had to do is not release the kids. Obviously, they know the rules and are fine with it as well.

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