Finch interested in Hoosiers again

UPDATE 2:25 p.m.: It’s official now that Jerimy Finch has been given his release from Florida’s football program, according to the Gainesville Sun.

A report today on the newspaper’s Web site says that Finch is expected to transfer back to his home state to play at IU or Indiana State. It said that after playing safety and suffering a season-ending knee injury in the third game last season, Finch played outside linebacker this spring and struggled to learn defenses. He also had problems in the classroom this spring, the report said, and would not have been academically eligible to play for Florida this fall.


Sources close to the situation are saying the reports are correct that Florida safety Jerimy Finch is interested in transferring to Indiana. Finch hasn’t made that decision yet, but it appears he’s definitely considering it.

Finch visited IU’s football program and talked with members of the coaching staff Friday, according to a source.

The safety/linebacker from Warren Central, as you may recall, committed first to Michigan and then to Indiana before switching to Florida at the last minute. He would have been the biggest in-state recruit IU had landed in many years and his change of heart was a big disappointment to Terry Hoeppner and his staff.

Finch played in three games at safety for Florida last year as a true freshman before injuring a knee on an interception return. This spring, he played both safety and linebacker.

We will provide updates on this situation as it progresses.


  1. #1 safety recruit in the country, #37 overall, top prospect in Indiana of 2007…….COME TO IU JERIMY! Apparently he has already been released from UF.

  2. This would be a great addition to the Class of 2009 and would definitely help lend some much needed credibility to the program to lure some of the other highly regarded recruiting targets.

  3. This would be a great pick up for IU, if that knee is healthy.

    I watched Finch play many times in his years at WC, he was one of the most dominate secondary players I have ever seen in this state. The only Indiana High School product I have seen that was better in the secondary is a guy by the name of Rod Woodson (some of you might have heard of him).

    Jerimy is a hard nosed, fast player who is not afraid to hit. If any doubt his talent as a player, he started last year as a true freshman playing safety for the defending National Champions. I was always amazed that he always seemed to be where the ball was. I watched some of the top running backs in the state slide down to keep from taking a direct hit from this kid.

  4. I guess take me as one of the minority on this issue, but I have my reservations about a kid who turned his back on IU and now essentially cant cut at Florida anymore and wants IU to give him a second chance. What loyalty do we owe this kid? None as far as I am concerned.

    Kid got hurt, bombed in the classroom, got pushed back on the depth chart and now wants to come back home. The same home he turned his back on at the last second. Yeah kids are free to make the decision they want but they arent free from the reprucussions of that decision. NO THANKS JEREMY. HAVE FUN AT ISU!!

  5. There is a chance he could play in 2008. Since Jerimy is a father, he could apply for a hardship that will allow him to play in 2008, either way he has 4 years of eligibility left.

  6. I understand his upside, but wouldn’t accepting a kid without making him prove his ability to make the grades just cancel out the intent of the new Men’s Basketball Coach and the Administration?

    academically inelegible
    difficulty reading defenses

    I’d say go to ISU but I wouldn’t recommend student athletes attend that school after what they did to the Men’s basketball player.

    Make Finch Earn It!!!

  7. If his grades couldn’t make the cut at Florida, he will have a hard time making it at IU. The SEC is notorious for lowering their standards so that athletes can play

    That said, our defense needs all the help it can get. Hopefully he decides to come to IU, I don’t really care if he “turned his back” on IU. Where would you choose to go play football if you had a lot of talent? Probably not IU. So if he has talent and wants to play for IU, then I am all for him coming here provided he gets his grades in order

  8. Just say no. After what he already put us through during his recruitment, not to mention one of the main reason he went to florida was to get away from his kids and have a “clean slate” he doesn’t deserve to be a Hoosier. Don’t we have enough off field headaches associated to Hoosier football? Not someone I’d want reppin’ IU.

  9. I agree Ricky. Who cares if he didn’t come to IU?? Florida is a national power year in, year out. You can’t blame the kid for picking them over us. You get national exposure and if you crack the starting lineup for the Gators, you are pretty much on the fast track to the NFL.

    The academic issues are a different story though. I mean if he can’t get his grades up, then there’s no way we can let him play. We don’t need a football version of Kelvin Sampson.

  10. Steve O –

    Believe me, I get your “if he can help us out then let him back” angle. As we all know, IU’s defense stinks year in and year out. And I agree, you cant blame the kid for picking them over us. I can blame him, however, if now he wants to come back to us because he NEEDS IU now. He didnt NEED IU a year ago. IU did, however, NEED him and he turned his back on us at the last second.

    Its a matter of need. We needed him and he walked away from us at the last second after giving us his word. Now he needs us and we have the absolute right, but perhaps not an obligation, to tell him that we no longer want you. Either way I will back the decision, but I couldnt care less either way.

  11. Turn your back to IU, and your home state school…dont come back knockin when you need us. Who cares how great he was, he should learn his lesson. No thanks.

  12. So, if one of the best recruits of 07 decides to transfer to IU, you’re going to be upset? You going to boo him when he suits up?

  13. PLEASEEEE… Gimmie a break Caleb. It’s NCAA Football, not a bad relationship from Days of our Lives. The guy went with a national power so he could eventually play in the NFL and win an NCAA championship. Hmmmm, lets see National TV audince for every game, a championship contender every year and like 50 players in the NFL, or IU??

    If he gets his grades up, why would you hold a grudge?? This is a kid. And I, along with probably every other football fan will give him a standing “O” at his first game.

  14. I also agree with Caleb. whats the old sayin? screw me once, shame on you, screw me twice, shame on me? finch and lynch can both go to hell! the wrong coach died!

  15. Dego, you are a piece of garbage. Anyone who can say something like that is obviously a sick moron. I hope someone takes Dego’s post down. By the way Dego, you can go to hell.

  16. People who don’t want this kid are used to having to root for a losing football team. If a kid with talent wants to play (provided his grades are in check), why would anyone want to stop him? Why are we punishing him because he went to Florida? HE WAS 18 YEARS OLD. “Its a matter of need. We needed him and he walked away from us at the last second after giving us his word.” — Caleb. You sound like an Illinois fan regarding Eric Gordon. He is a kid, he made a decision, and now he is making a different decision. He is doing what he thinks is best for him. You can’t hold grudges against kids who don’t choose to go to the school you root for, they are doing what is best for them and not for anyone else. Does he owe it to Indiana to go here because he is from Indianapolis? Hardly. Kids decommit all the time in college football, it isn’t the taboo thing it is in college basketball. If his grades are in check and he does in fact decide to come to IU, we should welcome him because he is a good player that can help this football team win. Thats the bottom line — winning. If he helps us win, nobody will care that he didn’t come here at first

  17. I also doubt he “needs” IU. I bet there are other BCS schools that would offer him a scholarship. he is just interested in IU

  18. So NOW he wants to play at IU. Yea he’s a great talent, but isn’t he the same guy who verbally committed to Michigan, then backed out, then verbal to IU, then backed out, then committed to Florida? He would definitely help out our defense (either secondary or line), so hopefully he will come here, but still.

  19. I love the ignorance of the people saying not to let him back.

    Lets see, you are the #1 safety in the nation, you have a choice between IU and Florida (defending National Champs).

    Both schools offer you playing time as a freshman, one school will get you national coverage when you play the top conference teams and get beat up on, the other gives you a national audience every week while being on one of the top teams in the country. Knowing you are a future NFL pick, do you play on the small stage to 2nd round after 4 years, or the big stage to go 1st round after 3? As much as I love IU Football, it would have been a easy choice for me to make.

    I won’t comment on his grade situation, I know he was considered a VERY good student at Warren Central, and I am sure he can get his grades back up.

    As for Florida, he earned a starting spot as a true freshman, then suffered a knee injury. He has healed and working for a chance to play again, however there was a change at Florida. If I am not mistaken, his defensive coach left for the NFL. Now, instead of playing safety, he is slated as a linebacker in a defense he doesn’t like.

    Put that on top of him being home sick, and he wants a change that is better for him.

    He made a choice in high school based on what was best for his future at that time, things have changed and he no longer feels that is the best for him, and that returning to Indiana to be near his family is what will benefit him the most.

    If that will benefit him, why not let it benefit us by picking up an extremely good player who could make a major impact in an area that we are lacking.

  20. Yea, Mike P, I agree, but I think that’s the extended version of my exact point earlier.

  21. If the kid can make the grades and wants to play at Indiana, then accept it. Geez, some of you sound like jilted lovers. Get over it.

  22. Steve O – It is an extended version of your point. Ever since this blog has been in existance, I have learned 1 thing when it comes to talking football on here, lay everything out in great detail.

  23. It sounds to me like Finch had a bad case of homesickness, and may have underestimated those Florida summers. The poster who commented on the SEC’s low academic requirements is dead-on, but that serves as further proof to me that the kid wasn’t trying because he didn’t want to be there. Who knows, maybe he suffers from depression and wasn’t taking his meds without his parents around to tell him to? It happens to college freshmen all the time. We should welcome this kid with open arms. I’m sure he’ll get back on track a little closer to home.

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