Hardy accused of pulling gun

Just as his NFL career is beginning, former Hoosier receiver James Hardy has been accused of fighting his father and pulling a gun Sunday in Fort Wayne.

According to a police report, a 73-year-old woman said that Hardy, 22, was beating up his father and when she yelled for him to stop, Hardy pulled out a black gun.

Hardy was not arrested. Criminal charges are not going to be filed, according to the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel. Hardy left the scene in a Cadillac truck before police arrived, according to the witness.

Hardy’s 43-year-old father, James W. Hardy II, told Fort Wayne police that he and his son got into an argument, but his son did not do anything to him. He said the younger Hardy is always angry because he was in prison much of the time when his son was a child.

Police arrested the elder Hardy for an outstanding warrant in Kosciusko County, where he was wanted for failing to appear on a violation of driving with a suspended license.


  1. I’m so glad Hardy is gone. Everyone I know in b’town said he was a punk. He stepped up from beating on women to old men, congrats on the progress James.

  2. Speaking as a 39 year old man, 43 isn’t “old.” That said, he shouldn’t strike his father.

  3. I think James may need some therapy lets hock him up with all the other young Hollywood stars that are going through re-hab might make an interesting reality series on FOX this fall.

  4. Wow…I my team, the St. Louis Rams, to draft James Hardy in the 2nd round, but now I’m happy with the selection of Donnie Avery!

  5. the story should continue…….younger Hardy may also see prison some day if he keeps carrying and flashing a gun.

    James has a chance to break the family pattern of violent behavior but he chooses to act like this. He needs to get some “Hep” like counseling and/or mentoring. James………call Coach Dungy and request a sit down with him. Do not throw it all away.

  6. Evidently I’m the only one who saw the part that said “he and his son got into an argument, but his son did not do anything to him”. How we go from that to punk, striking his father, and he should be locked up?

  7. sounds to me like James did a public service, cops got someone that had an outstanding warrant. and if he has a permit, theres no trouble, since his father isn’t pressing charges…his dad knows “hmmm… i press charges that will keep me from getting any money from him when he starts getting his checks from the Bills…”

  8. Hardy has has some troubles, but he wasn’t a “punk” this past year. People can change, and in my opinion he has. Maybe read between the lines a little: his dad, who was in prison most of his life, is reaching out to his son now that he’s been a football star, and approached him again now that he’s got a big NFL contract. You think maybe Hardy is a little defensive against that? Maybe his dad just wants to be a part of his life, and James just doesn’t trust him yet. Whatever the case, his dad said nothing really happened, and nothing will happen. I just hope people don’t rush to the acquisition of punk or “thug.”

  9. Someone should tell him he got drafted by the Bills not the Bengals!

    Seriously sounds like he didn’t do anything. Where is this coming from? Link to an article or something?

  10. I guess the 73 year old woman was hallucinating.
    She meant to tell police that James was shaking hands with his father and he pulled out a black comb.

    Sorry folks (LME)…..if this is reported correctly (?) then what did you miss? The woman said Hardy was beating up his father and after she yelled, he pulled a gun. This is strike two for James and I did not say he was a thug.

    I think the police report says that he needs a hug.

  11. For the record, I’ve always thought he was a punk and always wanted to him to leave early. I have access to info of his personal life that is not public knowledge.

  12. his father only said that Jmaes didnt do anything because he knows he will never have James back in his life if he rats on him!

  13. I’m sorry ww, but the person who supposedly was beaten up and had a gun pulled on him says that it did not happen. Why can’t the 73 year old nosy neighbor be mistaken?

  14. It’s crazy how alot of you people rush to judge someone. The lady was 73 years old to begin with. I know my grandparents are the same age, and they can barely see me if I’m standing right in front of them. And they tend to embelish and get excited over small things.

    I wonder how close she was to the incident. I mean was she standing close by or far away? No one knows, I mean unless some of you were there.

    And I mean it does say his dad’s been in prison and obviously hasn’t been the best guy, so maybe he started the trouble.

    Also, to the people calling him a “punk”, do you know the guy at all? I mean what are you basing your comments on? Before you judge someone, at least be a skeptic and look at the facts before throwing out stupid accusations.

  15. Way to rep the Fort James. Seriously, this kid has been trouble since his Elmhurst High School days. Sad that such talent could go to waste. The Bills won’t drop him but what I want to know is could he face concealed weapons charges if the gun wasn’t registered?

  16. Steve O, Talk about rushing to judgement, what makes you think all 73 year olds can’t see, and get excited and don’t know what they are talking about. That is far from being true. by the way I am far from being 73.

  17. Hope James doesn’t mess up a good thing…… he can have a long career in the NFL, hate to see a kid with such an opportunity potentially toss it away.. Cmon James, shape up like Hep would want you to.

  18. Personally, I think it’s unfortunate that the Hardy family, which seems to have enough problems, is being subjected to everyone’s judgment when a) they weren’t there to see what did or didn’t happen, b) they don’t actually know these people, and c) this type of incident, or worse, happens all over the country every day and this family is scrutinized because one happens to play a sport well… give it a rest

  19. SteveO…..you are so lucky there are not a lot of 70+ posters here. You would get ripped.Can barely see? Get excited? wow. And LME assumes it is the neighbor. Enough of the presumptions. It is apparent that several folks on this post know the true James Hardy. Time to move on to real athletes.

    Off topic (thankfully)….I attended the final IU baseball home game last night and what a treat. A no cost, little known and wonderful form of entertainment. Congrats to Coach Smith and team. Thanks for the offensive show.

  20. Uhhh, no, LME doesn’t assume ANYTHING. That is LME’s point.
    ww assumes that James pulled a gun and beat up someone despite the alleged victim saying that nothing happened.
    I didn’t assume that the woman was wrong. I asked you why she couldn’t be wrong and you can’t answer that.

  21. My original post did say………”if the reporting is correct?” I did NOT assume he pulled the gun. That is what I read in the report. None of us know and at this point, I must move on.

    Sir James needs to man up, no matter what happened. This type of announcement doesn’t happen to good citizens. I hope he is OK and grows up. Sounds like some family issues.

  22. Sounds like Papa Hardy’s word vs. the “blind” 73 year old woman. Hee Hee Again, the poor elderly get picked on. OK….OK…..I promised to move on. LME……I see your point. Just playing devils advocate here.

  23. The point is, we only know limited information, and alot of you refuse to be skeptical, and just go with whatever the “report” is. And the same people who are calling him a punk, are the same people who loved Hardy when he was catching TD passes and long bombs. Pretty sickening. I guess you are guilty until proven innocent in Hoosier nation these days…

  24. The kid hasn’t played a down in the NFL yet is rolling around the 260 in a Cadillac truck..what the hell?

  25. Zach,

    How do you think Hardy’s agent got him to sign with him? $60,000 truck for a 15-25% cut of a potential 3-9 million a year. Good investment if you ask me.

  26. I love how there are people here defending him like he doesn’t deserve to be called a thug. He punched his girlfriend. Who does that? Nobody I know or would ever associate with. No surprise that daddy’s covering for him, he has every reason to as this is his soon-to-be-rich son after all. Why would an eyewitness lie about this? If there was any reason to doubt her credibility, that would be noted in the police report.

    Just accept it Hoosiers, the guy’s a waste and this isn’t the first documented case.

  27. One of the ‘horrors’ of adulthood is that we find ourselves becoming our parents. Let’s hope that young James can avoid that pattern – but so far, it doesn’t look good. He needs to realize that his ‘father’s’ approach to life doesn’t work for someone looking for respect OUTSIDE prison walls. Ditch the gun, learn some humility, take disrespect with grace, and treat ‘dad’ like he’s invisible. For God’s sake, James, just walk away.

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