Holman asks to leave IU; police called to Assembly Hall

Indiana basketball player Eli Holman has requested to be released from his scholarship, according to basketball coach Tom Crean.

When Holman met with Crean this afternoon to discuss his plan, he became angry during the conversation and eventually broke a flower pot in the basketball office. That prompted a call to police.

“I really thought at that point he posed a danger to himself,” Crean said.

“No one said anything about feeling threatened or like the anger was directed at a specific person,” IUPD Capt. Jerry Minger said.

Several IUPD officers arrived at Assembly Hall to find Holman speaking with athletic director Rick Greenspan. He had calmed down.

Police did not arrest Holman, but did take a statement from Crean and others who witnessed the outburst.

Holman left the building without speaking to the police and before reporters arrived.

Heading into today’s meeting, Crean thought Holman planned to stay in the program. He had spoken with assistant coaches about his future with the Hoosiers and was discussing his living situation with teammates.

Crean was surprised when Holman revealed his intention to leave. The coach would not say specifically what made Holman angry. He did say that Holman was “not getting the answers he wanted.”

The skinny, athletic 6-foot-9 freshman from Richmond, Calif. averaged 1.0 points and 1.7 rebounds in six games last season. He missed most of the season with a wrist injury.

Despite his lack of experience, the loss of Holman could have a significant impact on Indiana’s frontcourt next season. He and 6-8 DeAndre Thomas were the only expected returnees taller than 6-7.

The loss leaves IU with five returning players on its roster (Jordan Crawford, Brandon McGee, Kyle Taber, DeAndre Thomas, Brett Finkelmeier) and just four on scholarship.


  1. Is this kid for real? He has a chance to maybe be the best player on IU’s team next year. He hasn’t played hardly any organized basketball the last 2 years, and now he’s going to have to set out another year or go play at a no-name juco. If he doesn’t want to be here, let him go. He can kiss whatever chances of the NBA he thought he had good bye. I feel it’s a decision not very well thought out on his part. Now Coach Crean can go out and use that scholarship on a better player.

  2. This the reaction of a kid who came to Indiana under Sampson, who told him, “Hey kid, come to Indiana, play and you just have to barely get by in class and we’ll take of the rest. School? Kid, you are coming to play basketball.”

    And then Tom Crean stepped in and said, “Yeah, we are changing the way things are done around here. From now on, go will go to all classes, and get good grades. Meet with academic advisers and tutors. You will be a success on and off the court, kid.”

    Holman never came to Indiana to get an education, he came to play under Sampson and his lax academic requirements. Now that Crean is turning up the heat, he is running.

    I see no problem with Holman leaving, I see it as Crean cleaning house by eliminating the kids who aren’t there to put in the full effort. This will free up another scholarship for a kid who wants to come in and work his tail off on the court and in the classroom.

  3. How in the world could you say Holman had a chance to “be the best player next year”?

    The kid is extremely raw and barely played this year.

  4. I’m not sure it’s necessary to bash Holman. There’s no indication one way or the other that he left because he couldn’t or wouldn’t handle the academics. In fact, he seemed to be one of the only remaining players that weren’t rumored to be in trouble academically. I don’t have any idea what happened that caused a flower pot to be thrown…sounds kind of crazy to me & I’m sure everybody wishes it hadn’t come to that, but this will work out ok for everybody involved. From everything I’ve read so far, the coaching staff had no idea that he wasn’t going to stick around until very recently. That indicates to me that the staff felt he was going to make his grades ok & that he was staying. The report is that he asked out of his scholarship, not that it was pulled.

  5. Just unbelievable. How much bad karma is there surrounding IUs program these days?

    IU has got to land Sutton. They just have to. They have to land Plumlee too.

    Kelvin Sampson…….the gift that keeps on giving. Stick with us Tom!!!

  6. Pokie,
    The history he brought here makes this an unfortunate experience that was predicted by some. Just sad he empowered the nay-sayers with this ugly exit.

  7. There’s a whole lot of throwing in that athletic office. Didn’t Coach Knight throw a flower vase at a secretary? (Not to mention the fabled flying chair.) Now, this punk Holman throws a flower pot at -?-. Flower vases, flower pots, chairs… Perhaps, they should furnish the athletic offices like they furnish toddler nurseries and prisons. Everything glued or nailed down, no sharp objects, everything tamper proof. Better yet, pad the walls, too. Nothing surprises at the IU ZOO.

    With the money saved from buying season tickets to IU sports events, I’ve got enough money for a large vegetable garden and a woodshop to keep me busy. Far more productively, I might add, than wasting time and money watching team players throw tantrums, and sleazy coaches cashing out and running, and hordes of drunken student fans screaming out profanities and acting like rabid hyenas.

    To the devil with IU. Let him take the hindmost.

  8. The last few months have been really tough on all basketball players. Many of us probably do not understand just how difficult it has been! I wouldn’t be surprised that Coach Crean has not had some second thoughts about coming to IU. Most fans who attend games will give enormous support to our players in the coming season. Before hiring Coach Crean, fans and players have lived through bad decisions from the University regarding the basketball program. Most fans from other schools have never experienced what we have. We will walk the distance with hope for better days ahead.

  9. Something is missing from Crean’s account. “The coach would not say specifically what made Holman angry.” Crean and IU need to be more transparent if they want to keep a fan base.

    If it’s academics, so be it, it’s good that Crean is setting a higher standard.

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