Holman officially signs with Detroit

I didn’t even have to make a request to get this press release. It magically appeared in my inbox, for which I am thankful. Here it is.


New UDM head coach Ray McCallum continued his retooling of the Titan men’s
basketball roster with today’s addition of transfer Eli Holman, a 6-9, 250-pound
center who played last winter as a freshman at the University of Indiana.

McCallum spent the last two seasons on the IU basketball staff and is
well-acquainted with the newest Titan, who was part of a recruiting class ranked
among the top five in the country for 2006-07. Holman played in six games as a
Big Ten freshman before being sidelined for the rest of last season with a wrist

“I’m really happy that Eli made the decision to come to UDM. I think me having
been at Indiana and recruiting him was a big reason why he went there and he had
a great opportunity there. But when you’re involved in a young man’s life for
two years, you obviously build a relationship that he cared about and respected
and he wanted it to continue,” coach McCallum said.

“With his size, he’s an athletic player who can finish around the basket, he can
block shots, he rebounds, he has good hands, he’s a good runner. I think the
next phase for him is to continue to grow as a player in our practices. I’m glad
he’s here with us.”

Holman, a native of Richmond, CA, looks at his transfer to UDM as an opportunity
to have a fresh start in his college career.

“I want to thank the University of Indiana for the time that I spent there. I
was treated fairly by all the people connected to the University. But, at this
time, I think that it is in the best interest for me and my family to transfer
to the University of Detroit Mercy. I wish the University of Indiana the best of
luck,” Holman said.

“Coach Mac is a big reason why I’m here. He recruited me out of high school, and
he’s been like a father figure to me. I think he’ll make an impact on the
University. He’s going to put some more (championship) banners up in the arena
and he’s going to get us to the NCAA Tournament. I want to help him do that. I
found out right away there are some great people on this campus. I’m very
comfortable with my choice.”

Holman, who has already started summer classes at UDM, was considered among the
nation’s top 100 prospects when he signed with the Hoosiers. He averaged 24.7
points, 12 rebounds and 10 blocks as a senior at Richmond High School, helping
his team to the state Division II championship. He was also named the top
defensive player in Northern California.

Holman is the third heralded recruit to sign with UDM since McCallum’s hiring in
mid-April, following junior college forwards Thomas Kennedy (Flint [MI] Mott CC)
and Xavier Keeling (Wallace State [AL] CC). Kennedy was a second-team NJCAA
All-American in 2008 after leading Mott to its second straight national
championship. Keeling, who began his college career at Indiana, helped Wallace
State to a 32-1 record and a berth in the Alabama Community College Conference
championship game last season.

“I like the three players we’ve added,” McCallum said. “I felt like we needed
more front line help. The three of them have good size for their positions.
They’re versatile players. They have great work ethics, and they’re great
people. Collectively, they are going to improve our program. They’re winners.
They came from good programs and that’s important. Winning breeds winning.”

Coach McCallum also announced Wednesday that two members of the 2007-08 UDM
roster, centers Justin Sample and Russell Allen, have been given their releases.
McCallum is in the process of assisting both players as they pursue transfers to
other universities.


  1. Okay, Eli Holman has actually been enrolled at IU, and he twice refers to the school as ‘the University of Indiana’?? Surely someone at Detroit who doesn’t know any better wrote that release. Still, you’d think their fact-checkers(and possibly their coach, who should also know that it’s IU)would catch that. Sounds like it’s a great place for a nice fellow like Eli!!

  2. How many times did Holman say “University of Indiana” in his press release?! What a tool!

    Thanks for leaving.

  3. Detroit: arm pit of the Midwest

    Holman: arm pit of IU BB.

    good matchup.., wait for him to play for Michigan State Prison before his time is up.

  4. Hey if nothing else they might give Butler some competition for once. Other than that, thanks for taking the baggage off our hands. Good luck with that. Just make sure you secure all your plants real good. No one likes to get hit with a plant.

  5. I hope Eli succeeds but based on what we know about him it seems unlikely. If I had to put money on it I’d bet he never graduates from Detroit and never gets to the NBA. Some kids just can’t escape their own poor decisions no matter how many people try to help them.

  6. Whoever wrote the article also uses University of Indiana. Not just Holman. Well done…

  7. Christ, people, will you please stop bashing these kids? You’re making us look like Kentucky fans.

  8. You do sound like Kentucky fans. I’m ashamed to be rooting for the same school as you people!

  9. This is the damn dumbest decision I have ever scene with regards to basketball and scholastically. I kinda feel bad for him because he is following some really bad advice. Lets take a close look at this. Transfer from a Big Ten University from which you probably would have been a starter. To a Horizon league school, and ohh yeah by the way you have to sit out a year. A degree from U of Detroit does not equal a degree from IU. But obviously he does not care about education. He is way more concerned about playing professionally, which makes this decision even more confusing. Good Luck Eli you are going to need it.

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