Holman to Detroit, Hulls gets IU offer

According to the Detroit Free Press, Eli Holman has decided to pick the one non-West Coast school he was considering. He’ll apparently follow Ray McCallum to Detroit.

Holman was extremely close with McCallum, who was the lead recruiter for the 6-9 center out of Richmond, Calif.

Another former Hoosier, Xavier Keeling, has already landed at Detroit. Don’t be surprised to see a few other players that once wore the candy-striped pants to end up playing in the Horizon League with McCallum.

Also, news broke today that Jordan Hulls, a point guard who will be a senior at Bloomington South, received a scholarship offer from IU last night. I actually spoke with Jordan yesterday afternoon, and he wasn’t sure at that time where Indiana’s interest in him stood. He thought they were interested in watching him this summer and then deciding whether to offer a scholarship.

Turns out, Tom Crean and his staff have already made up their minds. They have competition, though: Hulls is on his way to West Lafayette as I type and could be offered by Purdue soon. Stanford and Duke are also picking up their interest in the 6-0, self-described “leader on the floor.”


  1. A South kid loses a scholarship from ISU and the South coach and commuity are outraged. A South kid gets an offer to IU and the next day he visits Purdue?! What the hell is that about?! If he didn’t agree on the spot, then let him go somewhere else.

  2. What that’s about, Mr Carter, is a 17 year old kid wanting to explore all of his options. I guess we should blame him for not wanting to make a life-changing decision on the spot. Give me a break.

  3. S Carter,

    You have no clue as to what you are talking about. I know Jordan and I know his dad, and if they scheduled a visit, they are going to stand by that.

    I will say this though, Purdue is the least of IU’s worries on getting Jordan. The kid is a life long fan of Duke and Coach K, and they are in the picture folks.

  4. Jeff, I know. But they, IIRC, are only 6’8″. How about someone taller?

    How many guards do we have coming in the next two years?

  5. Screw Duke. I like watching them lose as much as I like watching IU win. I dispise the way they whine and cry all the time like they don’t get calls. They make me sick. And I live in ACC country, so I have to hear about em’ all year. I really hope he doesn’t go there to try and become the next “Wojo”, Hurley, or Paulus. I would literally probably get sick.

    The kid’s from Bloomington. How does he not want to be a Hoosier?!??!? What happened to hometown loyalty?

  6. If I choose to go to a UDM game, I hope I’ll be watching Holman, Keeling, Bassett and Ellis. NOT Crawford and McGee!!!!

  7. I stand corrected! I hear his grandfather was a Duke man. If he gets an offer there he should go. But not to Purdue! What are they teaching those kids at South? Don’t like Duke personally, used to, but not anymore. Never seen a team foul so much and get away with it.

  8. While i’m sure young Mr. Hulls is a fine player… Duke? Really? He’s not even ranked in the top 150 on Rivals.com for 2009? Maybe he could walk on there but a scholarship?

    I am of a like mind with Laffy. How about focusing on Stephan Van Treese? Hell, even more effort for Lance Stephenson would be better at this point… he’s only 6’5″ but at least he’s a top 10 player. I’m quite certain Duke would be part of our competition for one or both of those gentlemen!

  9. David and Steve O

    Your comments just confirmed my intuition that both of you have no idea what you are talking about. Im not going to even give you the time of day….

    Just go watch Indiana Elite One this weekend in Bloomington and you figure out for yourself who the makes the biggest impact on the game. It wont be Van Treese….

  10. Mike P:

    What does he think about Miami? I saw him during his unofficial the weekend of the Miami-Bowling Green football game last fall.

  11. Someone please explain to me what I am missing with this kid. Duke, Stanford, IU, PU for an unranked small PG? I mean I can sort of see IU jumping in given he is a Bloomington kid, but not when we are only going to have two more scholys to give out in 09 not to mention the 2010 class is absolutely loaded in Indiana. Makes no sense whatsoever to me. We need bigs. You can never have too many bigs. I think Kansas, Memphis, GT, Conn, Louisville, Florida and on on proved that. There are some really good kids left in the 09 class that are big on the Hoosiers. Dont pick an in-state kid just to pick an in-state kid.

  12. Oh and Detroit can have all the bad apples. Just remember kids that Detroit isnt Bloomington Indiana. Step out of line with the wrong person and you will have much more to worry about than your coach finding out.

    Should provide some immediate competition for Butler next year.

  13. Okay Caleb, I go to school with Jordan Hulls (I’m a Junior as well) and sure you want a huge C to help your team but this kid has absolutely got a great shot and not to mention his CHARACTER, he’s a very nice person and academically is a 4.0 student (pretty sure) so he is all-around a good kid . . ! HULLS GO TO IU!!

  14. Nothing againist Hulls he sounds like a great kid but i agree woth Calab we dont need him. We need a big guy or small forward who can score

  15. Exactly what J said

    Stephan Van trese is very over rated.

    Watch Indiana elite play. Jordan will be the leader of the team.

    A much better big man they could also focus on would be the plumee kid( something like that) that is on IE. He’s much than that piece of crap from Lawrence north

  16. Mark, I hope you’ll be watching those guys too. Be sure to bring plenty of munchies for those players though.

  17. We don’t need anymore guards. Sure, he might be from Bloomington, but I don’t know about Coach Crean offering him a scholarship with so many good players left in the class of 2009. We could use that scholarship on someone better at that position, a big man, or a scorer. I hope he goes to Purdue and I’ve been an IU fan for 22 years.

  18. First of all Plumlee has already signed with duke and second of all there is no way a player who doesn’t have any stars on rivals is better than a 4 star. Go after SVT and other better players first use Hulls as a plan b

  19. Screw Duke. I like watching them lose as much as I like watching IU win. I dispise the way they whine and cry all the time like they don’t get calls. They make me sick. And I live in ACC country, so I have to hear about em’ all year. I really hope he doesn’t go there to try and become the next “Wojo”, Hurley, or Paulus. I would literally probably get sick.

    The kid’s from Bloomington. How does he not want to be a Hoosier?!??!? What happened to hometown loyalty

    Uh……………..you want not to have the kid from Champaign come to IU? Sean May showed that you dont have to have any loyalty…You play for whom you like and the program that will do the best for you. As simple as that.

  20. Did you know……..Jordan’s grandfather was an original Knight staffer. He has excellent basketball knowledge. I see an excellent floor leader with the heart of E. Suhr.

    Is that enough commentary Caleb? I hope you read my reply from yesterday. Think before you type son.

  21. I think it is great that IU offered a quality player and a quality person a schorlarship. He plays with heart and makes any team he plays on better and that will apply to IU if he decides to go there. I find it silly for people to suggest because he is from Bloomington he should be loyal to IU. He needs to go where he has the best opportunity to play a style of game that matches his strengths and his game. He owes nothing to IU.I am a big IU fan but in the end just because IU comes calling does not mean he should say yes. He needs to be loyal to himself, just like everyone commenting in here is in their daily life and their work choices.

  22. Hulls is the kind of kid that won Indiana 3 championships during the 70s-80s. Plays all out until he is ready to drop from exhaustion.

    Until you see the kid play and see what he is about don’t pretend to know how he can help Crean and IU be a better team.

    For those of you so wrapped up in his “ranking” and “stars”, answer one question. In what round was Tom Brady drafted by the Patriots and how many fans expected him to be any good based on his “ranking”?

  23. These comments are ridiculous! For the past two coaches all IU nation has bitched about is the ability to retain in state players. Now Crean offers a home town kid to do just that and now a bunch of hypocrites are spewing about not needing more guards. It’s for 09 folks! The only true PG we have was just added this week in Verdell Jones. He may turn out to be a great player but you can’t rely on one point guard with no backup. That’s basically what we have been doing since Tom Coverdale graduated. We haven’t had a true point since, no matter what Strickland was supposed to be.
    I think it’s a great move by coach Crean to fish in his own pond.

  24. The thing is we are shouldn’t have offered him a scholership untill we know for sure if we are or arnt getting Nolan Dennis. I have a feeling Nolan Dennis is going to be a tad bit better than Hulls.

  25. Andrew,

    Don’t you think you can give our coach, a guy who has been around college basketball for quite a while, the benefit of the doubt when he makes a decision to offer someone a scholarship?

    I guarantee you that Crean has given great thought to how many players we have/need for the 09 class, at what positions, and whose available that he is interested in recruiting. After considering all of those things, he decided to offer a scholarship to Jordan Hulls. There is no legitimate reason to question that decision.

  26. about Jordan Hulls being offered by Purdue, IU and Duke considering? I think the coaches must see something that the negative people on this site don’t see.

  27. If Jordan Hulls goes to another university to play basketball and does really well, maybe even takes his team to the Final Four….all of these negative people on this blog will be complaining about Coach Crean not landing this kid……..
    We all hope Jordan plays at IU! We need to bring back the ones that will make Indiana Basketball what it used to be. I would suggest we trust what the coaches are doing instead of bashing every move they make. They have to know more than we know!

  28. Ranked players are few and far between, not to mention that a lot of them don’t stand up to the ranking. Some are put there because they are 6’11, while others are there because they played in front of someone when they were younger. Obviously not all schools go for the so called ranked players. If you wanna talk about ranked players, look at the video of Jordan Hulls and note that the guard who is guarding him is the so called #1 point guard in the country, John Wall. Jordan dropped about 24 on him………so much for the ranking

  29. mollautt, I have no clue his thoughts on that.

    For all the doubters of what Jordan can do, I recommend you watch the Indiana Elite AAU. Jordan is a reason why rankings are not always accurate.

  30. J, what are you blabing about? You’re not giving me the time of day? LOL. Ok bro.

  31. Im blabbing about what you said about IU loyalty. Sure the kid grew up in Bloomington, maybe he wants to get out. He grew up in a time where Davis and Sampson were at the wheel, wrecking the tradition of IU….

  32. To return to the first comment on this article….

    Why haven’t I seen more outrage about the ISU situation? Is a school allowed to withdraw a scholarship from a player just because they decide they no longer need his athletic services? You can be kicked out for bad grades or bad behavior, but surely not just because the coach wants your scholarship for someone else? If this really is permitted by the rules, then the NCAA really need to address this issue. The school should at least be obligated to offer him the equivalent value of an athletic scholarship even if he’s no longer on the roster.

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