Let me take a moment to tell you about a new feature on the site, which we’re calling HoosiersHQ Fans. In computer talk, it’s a social network run through HoosiersHQ. When you first arrive at the page, you’ll be asked to sign up. Then you’ll design your page, and from there can become friends with other members, add pictures or videos to your profile, join groups or post on our message boards. Yes, message boards. We have great discussions here on the blog. And I enjoy reading the comments left on our stories. But until now there was no place for you guys to start your own threads and bring up topics you want to discuss. We’re excited to see where this goes. I hope you’ll take a look at HoosiersHQ Fans sometime soon, and do let us know if you have questions, complaints or suggestions.


  1. Doug, I went in to subscribe just to hoosiershq, not to the H-T, and it was wanting a credit card #. You indicate that it’s free. I’m confused.

  2. Eric, I should have been clearer. The new HQ Fans part of HoosiersHQ with the social networking and forums is free. But to read the stories on that are the same ones published in the H-T still requires a subscription, as has been the case for quite a while. We also have some other stuff that is free on HoosiersHQ, including The Hoosier Scoop, videos and audio, as well as stories and updates that are not published in the H-T.

    Sorry that this is confusing. I certainly didn’t intend to mislead anyone.

    With the new free HQ Fans part of HoosiersHQ, probably the most significant addition is the forums where you can post your own topics and messages about IU basketball, football and other Hoosier sports, rather than only respond to our topics as you can on this blog. That’s something we’ve been lacking. Also, the new personal IU fan Web page that you can create for yourself is free. You can visit my personal page, for instance, by clicking here. Please add me as a friend if you are so inclined. I can use all of them I can get.

  3. So, now that you have HoosiersHQ, are you no longer having the Thursday morning chat? Normally by now you’ve signed on and asked for questions. This is not good news if it’s the case. I’m sure HoosiersHQ is great, but I live two states away, I’m not going to subscribe to the H-T just so I can go onto HoosiersHQ. I hope you’ll continue the Thursday morning chats.

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