Jones shocks the world, picks Indiana

The state of Minnesota weeps. Verdell Jones III, the point guard who was reported to have the Gophers as his “prohibitive favorite,” ended up picking Indiana.

Count me among the surprised. If I had more of an inkling that Jones might pick Indiana, I would have driven over to Champaign and experienced the whole thing for myself.

We could have more on this story as it develops.


  1. How come is reporting that Verdell Jones has selected Minnesota?

  2. WOW!! Nice stuff Tom Crean. wow. Definitely thought he was going to be a Gopher.. T.Crean must have told him we lost a bunch of people so he could be a star here and start right away or something

  3. So does this mean we’ll have more interesting games when we go to Illinois this year, or was this kid not on their radar.

  4. According to Scout, he attended Kansas’ version of Midnight Madness 2.5 years ago. Hes got some articles from the Illini page, Lousiville and Depaul. Then beginning around September 24th Minny got in the picture. He took multiple visits and met with tubby multiple times over the past 8 months. The fact that IU and Crean were able to jump in and get this kid is pretty amazing because I cant find anything where IU, Crean, the assistants, or Marquette were involved on any level until Crean took over at IU.

  5. After reading Verdell’s recruiting diary I’m pretty amazed that Coach Crean was able to persuade what appears to be a really bright kid to come to Indiana. With UK and Minnesota as his leaders for so long I can’t help but grin when I think about the future with Tom Crean as IU’s coach. The immediate playing time, style of play, and vicinity to Champaign were just too much for Mr. Jones to resist. You won’t regret it.

    Be ready to get some heckling and nasty defaming comments thrown your way by your hometown Illini fans Verdell. Don’t let it get to you, they can’t help their ignorant selves. See you in B-town soon.


  6. Scout says he is a pure point guard. Pass first with the ability to penetrate and finish but especially hit the cutter in the lane. Needs to fill out and work on his outside shot.

  7. Isn’t it so fun to piss off Illinois fans!!! BAM I am right with you that Verdell has to watch out for Illinois fans “ignorant selves”. BA Verdell was too good for Illinois but they will still be piss!!

  8. Crean has been exceeding my expectations thus far. All things being equal it’s hard to compete with instant PT.

  9. So does this mean we’ll have more interesting games when we go to Illinois this year, or was this kid not on their radar.

    for reasons best known to Webber, he really wasnt interested in this kid. He goes to HS with my son ( who is a freshman) but he seems to be a good kid and his parents actually live together. He won the State of Illinois 8th grade championship 4 yrs ago with a last second full court shot…real quiet kid

    I think that with the departure of the thugs of IU that he thought he had a chance to play in the winter of ’08

  10. Talent wise V is the real deal, no question about it the reason he was still available is because many top programs got scared off of him because he’s not added weight and strength over the years. He was highly though of early on in his HS career but as his body stayed frail as time went on it cost him scholarship offers because as talented as he is he could be a bust because he body might very well not be able to handle it.

    So this could be a huge coup for IU if his body pans out but because his skill and basketball IQ are there.

  11. In addition to those ignorant Illinois fans Verdell, watch out for those IU fans, because when they turn on you they’ll be calling you ‘thug’ and worse.

  12. We need to add a big, even if he is a project. We’re so guard-heavy we’re about to tip over.

  13. Whats ignorant is bashing where the kid is from.. Mental giants we have here.
    Welcome “VJ”!

  14. TruVision………it appears to me that the THUG callers did not miss the target by all that much. I have said before that the kids are all basically “good” kids. We had a small group of players that banded together as a result of tumultous times in the program. Unfortunately, they made poor choices and the THUG label evolved. Sounds to me that subsequent meetings with Tom Clean did not improve their attitudes (behavior). Just guessing here. I was not there. They are not THUGS, but they sure put themselves out there for criticism. Sorry to dredge out old stuff. I am confident Coach is focusing on good citizens, as well as good players.

    I have to wonder why the immediate change of heart with this new intended? This story plays out almost daily. Lots of commitments to a school and then last minute change. Tough business to be in.

  15. Come visit Baltimore City and I’ll show you all what thugs are. None of these kids are thugs. Thugs don’t go to college.

  16. This is great news! Welcome to IU Verdell!

    So now we have 3 kids on scholarship who are returning and 5 new recruits for next year. Hopefully we can add 1 or 2 more and save the rest for 2009.

  17. You got it SteveO. No thugs here. More accurately, they were b-ballers with entitlement (Coaches term).

  18. It is nice to see some reason return to the postings. I had grown sooo weary of all these postings blasting these kids and calling them names that were never appropriate by obviously immature people. Yes, they have made some bad decisions that they will regret someday. I did in college as well and ended up being a contributing member of society. I think Armon and Jarmarcus will as well. I wish them all well as they try to salvage something of the mess they have made for themselves, and hope they learn well from it.

    On the other hand I am really getting pumped by the new recruits and Tom Crean. It will be fun to watch this team develop next year. Go Hoosiers!

  19. “shocks the world”….come now I hardly think so.
    Nice to see a good recruit though

  20. Perhaps “shocks the IU world” is more appropriate. Crean landing Williams, Jones and Dumes (who Ohio State offered) at this point of the year is nothing short of astonishing. (Sutton is coming soon) Imagine what he can do with a full season under his belt.

    What we are seeing before our very eyes is the great marriage of Crean and the IU program. If I were a fan of another Big Ten school, I would be very, very worried. I really don’t see a lot of coaches out there that could of pulled all of this off in a month. Think about it.

    Now, throw in his style of play and coaching ability….we may not be a tournament team but we will break a few hearts. Get us next year people because in 2009 an beyond its on like Donkey Kong.

  21. I don’t think any of these kids are/were thugs. I feel, as a long time Hoosier fan, that these kids were almost owe an apology. To have these memories of I.U. and Bloomington to carry with then is terrible. These memories should have been something they would cherish into old age and be welcomed back to Bloomington as Long lost sons. And we have a lot of former players here. For my part I’m sorry that Sampson, the Big Ten network, and the past the buck, that went on here, is what they will have to remember this town by. And this is a great town and college. Peace on you all.

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