Negedu visit set

[5:10 UPDATE]

Looks like Negedu has set the rest of his visits.

Here’s the complete schedule.

  • Indiana                 June 3
  • Georgia Tech        June 8
  • Tennessee            June 10
  • Memphis              June 12


An update on the hottest recruiting drama of the summer….

Emmanuel Negedu, the 6-7 springy forward freshly freed from his letter of intent to Arizona, will visit Indiana on June 3. The Hoosiers are in the running for his services — he’ll begin his college career this fall — along with Memphis, Tennessee and Georgia Tech.

As has been reported, Negedu knows the Bloomington area well. The Nigerian native came to the U.S. as part of Mark Adams’ A-HOPE Foundation and spent a lot of time with Adams and his family while not attending Brewster Academy in New Hampshire.

So Negedu’s visit will focus on what he doesn’t know: the current IU staff. Kelvin Sampson and his assistants pushed hard to make Negedu a Hoosier, whereas Tom Crean and his assistants have had limited contact with Negedu. So they’ll inevitably pitch him on being a part of the rebuilding project, playing in Crean’s up-tempo system and the chance to play early.

Stay tuned.


  1. I would feel so much better about next season if we could get Negedu. Come on Karma, we’ve paid our dues, give us a break here.

  2. That is the same foundation as Jobe came from isnt it? Plus he has a good friend in Roth, so we will see. I still dont think we would be considered a favorite here, but at least we have some ties.

  3. Yes, this is the make or break recruit for next season: land Negedu and the Hoosiers have a shot at a Top 5 fininsh in the Big Ten and an NCAA bubble bid; lose out on this recruit and…well, let’s just say next season is looking bleak.

  4. I guess he’s getting the “Loser” programs outta the way early!! Indiana forever doomed to be a “used to be” program of nothing…. whine about what you “used To be” Hooziers/Loooziers. Negedu ends up at Memphis or Tennessee.. either is still your new masters in ALL sports… HA HA HA HA AH AH HA HA

  5. Surely the chance to play early and help rebuild things is an attraction. Of course I said that about Maurice Sutton as well. Crean’s got to sell on what he has at this point, and along with tradition, the chance to play early is the main thing he has at his disposal right now. Here’s hoping we get this guy.

  6. ‘either is still your new masters in ALL sports …’
    –Bobby “Not”
    Wow, that’s some wonderful English. Your command of our language is something to behold.I sure am sorry you’re not an IU fan, “Not,” I’d be proud to have someone with your towering intellect as my fellow “Hoozier.” Not!!!!!

  7. I don’t know if any one guy is make or break for next year but I would also feel a lot better with Negendu. By all accounts he’s physically talented and it would be great to have some semblance of a scoring threat in the frontcourt.

  8. I hear there will be some more incoming recruits next week also. Ive heard a couple of names, but not heard of them, so Im going to check into it a little farther before posting.

  9. Its not happening Hooziers, its back to being a “girl” school and tractor repair classes. I heard you guys have a great cosmotology dept. Do you practice on pigs? HA HA HA HA

  10. I’m flattered this young man wants to visit; but I think our chances of inking him are slim to none. We can’t compete with Tennessee and Memphis right now for recruits.

  11. I wish we had DeAndre Thomas back. He was awesome. He could eat a whole pizza and almost dunk the basketball.

  12. Y’all are way too pessimistic! Perhaps Negedu is visiting IU first because he is already familiar with Bloomington and the history/tradition of the IU program, so he just wants the opportunity now to meet the coaching staff and discuss their vision for the future. I personally believe that it will come down to Indiana and Memphis. Time will tell, let’s not rush to judgement.

  13. If you think about it wouldnt make any sence at all for Negedu to go any where else but IU. We have his good friend Jobe he is familar with the town. We play his type of game and he will be the star of the team. Ill be stunned if he chooses any where else

  14. The reason he asked out of his Arizona LOI was because the asst Coach who recruited him there left- and is now at Memphis. And it does seem the last place a recruit visits has an advantage (Sutton most recently) and Memphis is losing 5 players last I heard so playing time is to be had there too……but who knows.

  15. Jim, prepare to be stunned… He’s going to Memphis. Who said he’s friends with TJ anyways? Just cause they’re both African doesn’t make them friends.

  16. Just curious, what’s kosher on these visits. Can fans set up signs welcoming Emmanuel to Indiana? Perhaps a sign every 100 yards or so down 37?

  17. I personally feel better when Iu is the last school visited, but I have seen it go the other way too but not as often. Is it amazing the number of grown people with lives care where an eighteen year old goes to school.

  18. First of all, what do we have that Memphis and the other schools don’t:

    National Titles
    A conference that has been fairly weak in the post
    Guaranteed starting job and big minutes
    Possibility for big numbers
    The star of the team essentially

    If Negedu is a ‘team player’ he might go somewhere else but if he wants in the NBA after two years or faster, Indiana is the place.

  19. IU wouldn’t be on his darned list if he wasn’t giving it a serious look. After all, he’s already been recruited by Sampson, and if he didn’t like the place already, he wouldn’t be back here.

    All you pessimists are full of it. Who cares whether IU is first or last on the list? He may have done it this way because if he likes IU enough the second time through he can just scratch the rest of his visits.

    Anyway, if we get Crawford back, which at this point is looking probable, we won’t need Negedu’s points as badly.

  20. Negedu is only coming to IU as a “favor”. He has absolutely no intrest in IU. My DIRECT sources say UT will land him.. Maybe we can get JC? Looks like we are cellar dwellers for a few years to come.. Does anyone think we break 500 next year?

  21. “I don’t worry about starting; I just want to go and play my role,’’ Negedu said. “I want to win, so I won’t go to a place that loses just to play a lot of minutes.’’

    With that quote in mind, anyone want to guess what IU’s chances of signing this guy are?

  22. above 500? I hope so but not by much I’m afraid. Why didnt we try to get Bruce Pearl? Crean isnt for the job.. we are screwed!

  23. “his player graduation rate was bad”? So our basketball record is gonna suck with Crean but they graduate? Dude you make no sense.. again to the adults, why didnt we go after Pearl?

  24. So you want to lose more scholarships because our APR is deplorable. Yup thats want we want right after Sampson.

  25. Dude! Whoahh! Like, what’we gonna do, man?

    Let’s like, hope that like, *Doug isn’t one of our recruits, man, or we’re gonna blow hard, dude!!

    Like, let’s get some adult sense-makers in here, dude!

  26. Yes!! lets fire him now!! Lets not support this loser, we need a REAL coach! We are not alone, thousands of us hoozier agree
    FIRE CREAN NOW!!!!!!!

  27. doug, we did try to get pearl but he didnt want to leave UT. Why waste our time on a coach we knew didnt want to leave. I think Crean is a great hire. He did wonders for Marquette, and he has already proven he can recruit (already has a pretty good ’08 and ’09 class with all the sanctions and stuff still going on). Crean is going to do fine, hes the perfect guy to bring IU’s respect back and bring IU back to a national contender. 18-12 next season

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