One last recruiting note from today

So….that was quite the day. And there figures to be no delay to the action tomorrow.

But here’s a semi-interesting note to tie up the night: Indiana hosted a couple of the top young players today on unofficial visits.

Donnie Hale, a 6-8 forward from New Albany in the class of 2010, and Jeremiah Davis, a 6-2 guard from Muncie Central in the class of 2011, met with Crean and his staff.

Both players are being sought by the top schools in the region, and Davis received a scholarship offer from Kentucky in the days following his strong performance at the May Classic.

Hale plays in the Spiece AAU program while Davis is with Indiana Elite.


  1. The way Crean has been using scholarships, what are we going to be able to give for 2010? I’m glad we’re getting quality guys right now–good students, will represent the University well. But are we going to miss out on a fairly nice 2010 class because our scholarships are all locked up?

  2. Is Donnie Hale any relation to Jerry Hale, who led Floyd Central to the final four back in the seventies? Jerry went on to sign with Kentucky along with Mr. Basketball, Mike Flynn, of Jeffersonville. New Albany and Floyd Central are just a few miles apart. I’m in NC so I don’t get much news on Hoosier high schoolers (although the Plumlee boys play at a school near me).

  3. I still think Crean approached some of this rebuilding as if he was still trying to recruit at Marquette. He had so many offers out to so many different people like he had to at Marquette, but at IU when you offer someone you have a better chance at getting that player quicker than you would at Marquette. I think that is pretty inarguable especially when talking about in-state kids. I personally would have liked us to try and hold at least a couple scholys for 09 & 2010, but now with Hulls and JUCO signing we have what 1 left? I think our PG rotation is locked up for the next 4 years as is most of our SG and SF rotation.

    Chris and/or Doug – Can you give us a quick layout of what the depth chart is going to look like next year as well as how many scholys we still have for 08, 09, 10? My head is spinning trying to put all this together. Peegs typically has a good layout, but I havent seen their update yet.

  4. Yeah, I’ve been saying this for a couple weeks now, but it seems like the scholarship situation is going to be really tight in the next few years.

    I worry that in ’10 and ’11 Crean will really have this program up and running and the major recruits will want to come, but all of our scholarships will be tied up in ’08 and ’09. I guess this means bye-bye to SVT.

  5. I’m not sure what the panic is all about. Crean has been doing this for awhile and he knows what he needs to run his system effectively.

    Go with what you know. We know he will pressure the ball. We know he likes an uptempo offense. We know he likes to play three guards with one of them being more of a swing small forward.

    With the guards he has in place now being added to Pritchard, Capo and Elston he is only one or two quality big men away from having it all. Something tells me he will find them and there will be a place for them one way or another.

  6. Yeah, but the problem is that it seems that there won’t be available scholarships for the “one or two quality big men”.

  7. well … I keep hearing rumblings of some academic issues lingering with a few current players .. so that may free some schollies up if more players leave.

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