1. Tracy Porter is going to be one of those guys that ends up being a better Pro player than college player because of the defensive scheme and cast of high-quality supporting players around him. New Orleans is definitely going to be a contender again this year!

  2. This cat has Jason David written all over him. He will never be more than a nickel corner. Doesnt have the speed or the range.

    That being said, he could be a good role player for years to come.

  3. Porter will be the next Sam Madison. Dope cover guy who isn’t physical. He will be in the league for many years and cash in on free agency.

  4. Caleb – Porter was the 4th fastest corner at the NFL Combine timed 4.37 40-yard dash. His 20 yard shuttle speed was tied for 1st and his 60 yard shuffle was 2nd overall for corners. His speed is considered by the NFL scouts to be one of his greatest assets.

    Follow the link from my name and you can read the full combine report on his strengths and weaknesses and educate yourself.

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