Source: Rivers commits to IU

Jeremiah Rivers.

Jeremiah Rivers committed to Indiana this weekend, a source close to the situation has told The Herald-Times.

Rivers, a 6-4 point guard known for his defensive ability, played the past two seasons at Georgetown. He played in all 34 of the Hoyas’ games last year, averaging 2.5 points, 2.4 rebounds, one assist and one turnover in 18.6 minutes per game.

He will sit out next season per NCAA rules and have two years of eligibility remaining.

Rivers is the seventh player in Indiana’s incoming class, and the fifth brought in by new coach Tom Crean since being hired in early April.

Crean knows the Rivers family well; Doc Rivers, Jeremiah’s father and the coach of the Boston Celtics, starred at Marquette and was close to the program during Crean’s tenure with the Golden Eagles.


  1. I know this will sound exploitive, and it is in no way meat to be, a son of a pro coach always looks good on the roster for recruiting.

  2. I remember seeing him play but he didn’t stand out. Maybe because he was in for his defense. Has to be some reason why he played a decent amount of minutes for a top 10 caliber team at GTown.

  3. Yet another guard! If he offers scholarships to everybody he speaks with… then its 1st come, next average Joe to be here.

  4. I hope this doesnt mean Crawford is gone. If so, we arent winning more than 10-12 games next year. Period.

    Can someone please explain the thoughts behind this move? I am having a hard time figuring out how signing a transfer with two years of eligibility left who is known for his defense (an art that can be taught very early in players college careers according to what I saw at PU this past year) is worth a scholy.

    If Crawford really is gone and we cant land Negedu then my hopeful prospects for next year just went into the toilet. Bummer.

  5. Crewaford is not gone. He is arguably a point gaurd, but even more of a dribble and drive, slashing type of player that would play well on the wing……especially in a 4 guard offense. Crean’s offense is tranisition, transition , transition…….and counters with “fastbreak” transitions 60 – 70% of the time. Crawford fits well into that role. Negedu is heading for Memphis to be with a coach that he knows well….take him out of the equation. Next year will be interesting , but trend setting and getting a system in place. Three of the last 5 chanpionships, in my opinion, were won with defense. To have Rivers to that end is a great start. This cookbook sure resembles a receipe coach in the ACC……K.

  6. Grades are being worked on, my sources tell me. Behavior, albeit not want Crean wants, was not as abismal as those that are gone. Get him out of the grave….if he leaves, it is of his own accord at present.

  7. Jordan Crawford is really needed on the Indiana team if he is not causing trouble. I hope he can become a great player and a good citizen that young kids can look up too. He has a chance to be the only player really left from the previous team and he can show that he is really a good person that can get his grades in order and play great Indiana basketball.

  8. Another of Sampson’s guys with grade issues? Did Sampson not require his guys to attend class or what? Why were so many of last years players doing so poorly in their classes? Is it solely up to the basketball program to monitor their grades or does the University themselves do any monitoring? It sounds like a big red flag should have been thrown up a long time ago, maybe we would still have some players. In my opinion, 3/4 of the basketball team flunking their classes is a much bigger issue than the stupid phone calls Sampson was making. It makes me wonder what kind of monkey business was going on to keep these kids eligible for last season.

  9. If the kids weren’t going to class or going to class but didn’t have the grades it was Sampson and others in the athletic department who messsed up. Didn’ the athletic department used to have a person who kept track of all athletes and their classes?

  10. Why does this commitment mean Jordan Crawford is gone? Rivers will have to sit out a year. If Crean needed someone to replace Crawford for the upcoming season, Rivers wouldn’t be the answer. I don’t see the correlation between the two.

    I do know that most of the teams that got to the later rounds of the tournament this year had long, tall guards with wide wingspans who put good pressure on the ball. This player would seem to bring some of that to IU’s team, so I think it’s a good move.

  11. Jordan crawford is gone and others is because they wanted to leave. I am good friends all of them they are close friends and they all came to play with each other. It is not grades because they are going to get the same sanctions if they are here or not. Ellis had a 3.1 first semster but you never hear bout that. Coach Sampson and coach Ray were and still father figure for these guys so imagine that happen to your father what would you do?I am not sayin these guys did no wrong but Indiana has had more tranfers in colloege the last 5 years than Duke and Unc combined.

  12. Again, Crawford is NOT gone…unless he wants to go….that’s it. I have no information that tells me that he is out. Obviously, previous postings appear to not have all the correct facts about the grades and class attendance, etc., etc. As Crean has said, grades were an issue then and will always be an issue going foreward. I believe that this has been correctly reported on recently….you can be assured that whoever dropped the ball….past coaches, administration, etc., this will be fixed post haste. That is not Indiana basketball….never has been during my time….oops.

  13. I would hate to see Crawford leave IU, however; he needs to represent IU in the fashion Coach Crean would like to see. All of you need to chill and let Coach Crean do what he has promised to do. Not to sound like I enjoy Purdue, but when you start with “good seeds” you have a good harvest. I now bleed Crean & Crimson!!!

  14. Totally agree with your boy. Grades were not an issue until KS got thrown under the bus toward the end of the year. All of these grades and character “issues” occurred because these kids did not want to represent a school that stabbed the person they came to play for in the back. This is not the 1970’s, kids come to schools to play for a coach and not the university. Newsflash: the movie Hoosiers was fiction! I’m tired of the character assassination going on towards our former players. The McGee press release was totally classless by crean and iu’s athletic dept.

  15. Rivers is a good addition folks. Georgetown has been one dimensional with Hibbert. Half court sets that really didn’t bring out his game. They have other recruits coming in with a similar game to Hibbert.

    This guy adds depth and can shut people down defensively. Maybe not starting material but will be a good 3rd or 4th guard with big time experience and another year to polish his game.

    He is NOTHING like Crawford and should not affect that decision at all. Before all is said and done you will like this kid.

  16. So Mcgee’s Scholership went to him and sutton’s is being offered to Negudu. Hopefully we can reel him in if not we should save it or try to get Lenard Wasinghton

  17. Hey I dont feel bad for any of these kids getting the boot. I will bet you Crean is a very fair person who only expects you to do your part in the classroom if you want to be part of the team. If you cant do that then you dont deserve to have a free college education. Plain and simple as that.

    Ive got another newsflash for you Kenny G: Most if not ALL of these players are going to need a college degree when they are finished at IU because the NBA is not in their future. If they dont understand that then they have to be held responsible just like you, me and most every other college kid has to be.

  18. Way to go Tom, another wasted scholarship on a mediocre player who G-Town apparently didn’t think was good enough to play!! Why is he burning scholarships. Instead of saving them for studs who can help compete for a national championship.

  19. Caleb, you are delusional, these kids are not getting a FREE education. They are working for it and many pennies compared to what the university and big ten put in their pockets. Another thing is they are not like you and me. They give more notoriety to the university than it’s music school, business school or any other school. Does anyone outside of the midwest really know about it’s business school? I guarantee you a far larger number are aware of it’s basketball program


  21. Yes George they do. I live in Texas and am only 15 and i know that Indiana’s buisness school is one of the top in the country and that we have the number 1 Entrepreneuring school in the country.

  22. Hey George. He played in all 34 of their games last season. Did you read the article above?

  23. A dramtization of a true story is NOT categorizaed as fiction. I’m a Hoosier, but I believe any non-Hoosier should know that. The facts are that grades were an issue in Sampson’s first year….never got any press. As for the bus, your perspective Kenny is awash….ask any former players outside of the ones Sampson brought in….there were academic standards and then there were the coach’s standards….period. Something happened wweh Kelvin came on board….the administration dropped the ball along the way, or, were totally focused on the issues at hand….perhaps long before October of 2007….perhaps from the first season. Tose are the facts. Newsflash….sometimes the truth hurts and sometimes it just might get you fired.

  24. George, my wife came from California to go to the business school. She said that most everyone at the business school is from somewhere else. Word must have got out about how good a business school it is at some point. It is always ranked one of the best in the nation last I heard.

  25. Nate- look at the last five years of the NCAA championship game. Count the number of McDonalds All Americans, lottery picks, first round draft picks on those teams. Sorry recruiting players ranked from number 95-140 will not make you a national power house or contender!!

  26. Kenny_G, you have just made the most idiotic statement that I have ever read in all of the years I’ve been reading these internet web sites!Please explain to any sane person how Indiana University stabbed Kelvin Sampson in the back. THE GUY GOT CAUGHT CHEATING……What is going on right now with Indiana Basketball is his fault. He is the one who stabbed his players in the back!!! WOW, I don’t know what to say except you’re a damn fool if you really believe this.

  27. No one is arguing the merits of the business school, or music school. The point is the majority of people outside the midwest I would imagine know Indiana because of it’s basketball program.

  28. Things aren’t normal around here right now. It is called rebuilding. The “studs” you are referring to have already comitted to other schools for the next couple of seasons. Coach Crean is doing his best with what he was left with and has available to him. I think he is doing a fantastic job so far given the circumstances. What do you suggest he do that he is not already? Are there some big guys out there that only you know about? I am quite confident Coach wants to win as bad, if not worse, as the rest of us Hoosier fans. Negedu is coming next Tuesday, maybe he knows something about that situation that even you don’t know.

  29. Nate- The class of 2010 and 11 is loaded in the states of Indiana and Illinois, so why waste scholarships on guys who can’t even average 5 points a game instead of saving the scholarship for a player that can help.

  30. George, No one is arguing their merits because they don’t have to. You are the one that said they don’t get the noteriety they deserve compared to the basketball team. I was only stating that students continue to come from far and wide to go the business and music schools. It’s not like there is an ESPN for business and music schools. Basketball is a popular sport, we should be proud that IU has a well known team, it just needs to be for the right reasons again.

  31. I’m not going to argue back and forth about the authenticity of Hoosiers. Doug and Chris need to make the call – was the movie Hoosiers 95% pure bs? and if so, doesn’t that make it fiction?

  32. George,

    Names? Who are you talking about that hasn’t already comitted? If you know about them, then I am sure Coach knows about them, much more about them than you. If not, please report for your new position as recruiter at Assembly Hall immediately.

  33. Hoosiers was based on the State Championship season of the tiny Milan High School. I would say it was more like 5% BS. 10% tops, according to my calculations.

    WHO CARES?????????????

  34. George, you should tell Butler that they need “McDonalds All Americans, lottery picks, first round draft picks” or can’t win with “players ranked from number 95-140” to be a “national power house or contender”. I don’t think they know.

  35. Nate- you want names… how about the number one player in the class of 2010 DeShaun Thomas has been quoted as not being totally committed to OSU, Jordan Manuel, Russel Byrd, 2011 Jerimiah Davis, Margues Teaugue, Matt Shaw, Mike Shaw. Will he have enough scholarships if Tom Terrific is able to recruit any of these players.

  36. George, nice list of non ranked, 1 star players, most of them guards, one of them a football player. I guess Byrd has a whole 3 stars, but he is a 6′-5″ guard. I’d say Coach Terrific’s recruits are just as good.

    I was just saying that Butler has done pretty well lately without the list of necessities you listed earlier. Might be a little more difficult in the Big Ten with the tougher competition, but I think IU fans would be happy to get any where close to a season like Butler has had the past couple of seasons considering the circumstances.

  37. Hey george, I’m pretty sure Butler got further then IU with their “players ranked from 95-140”..even though we had eric gordon/DJ White/Armon who were obviously highly ranked..

  38. Oh, and anyone remember that guy named Ben Allen? Who was a 4-star? … HMMMMMMMMM that worked out real well!

  39. George, another note. We have been losing a lot of those Indiana-Illinois boys you speak of to Butler the past several years. I actually agree we do need more of our area talent staying here. Isn’t that what Coach has done by landing guys like Capobianco and Hulls.

    Be patient and give Crean a chance to do his job, he is suposed to be pretty good at it. I think you and I want the same thing for the Hoosiers, let’s just cross our fingers and hope Crean is the guy to get it done.

  40. Sorry, Indiana undergraduate, Michigan grad school. I guess I am tainted by my U Mich football loyalty. We suck in football, and by most people’s standards we are decent. No national championship is a disappointing season. I do not hold Indiana to the same standards as Butler, if we can’t contend for a national championship then we are not successful. FACT, again check out last five national championship games and count the lottery picks, first round picks and McDonalds All Americans. I am sure you can name several Ben Allen’s the fact still remain without this ilk of players you will not contend. GO BLUE!!!

  41. Nice photo they added to the top of the article. Hustling and getting floor burns on his knees for a loose ball, looks like an Indiana boy to me.

  42. George,

    Did you expect Coach Crean to clean up Kelvin Imabigfatcheater’s mess over night? We will most likely not be winning any championships of any kind for the next 2-4 years, I hope I am wrong, but I doubt it. I think what a majority of IU fans want more than anything in the next few seasons is for IU to regain it’s integity. Coach Crean seems to be putting that at the top of his list right now, as he should, and trying to win as many games as he can in the process. I think, so far, he has chosen smart, good kids who have proven they can play ball and do well in school. IU basketball WILL be back and I will be cheering in the stands until they are.

  43. How do you rebuild if you are giving away your scholarships to average players.
    I don’t like cheaters either. however Nate I want my doctor, lawyers and accountants to “be smart” I want my basketball team to be talented.

  44. George – What???? These young men are ‘STUDENT-ATHLETES’ – first priority is to get an education, not win a national tournament. Yes, they are here to play basketball, but they are also here to get a first class education from one of the best institution in the country. People keep getting blinded with this idea. We need to remember the legacy of Bob Knight and his requirements for his ‘STUDENT-ATHLETES’ and that was get an education first and then play basketball. He always had one of the highest, if not the highest graduation rates in the country. Not all these young men are going to go into the NBA so they need an education to fall back on. I believe that Coach Crean truly is trying to get back into the legacy of what ‘HOOSIER HYSTERIA’ was all about while Bob Knight was here and that is to produce great “MEN” not great “NBA” stars. You need to have faith in the system that he is setting forth. Remember we all wondered what Coach HEP was going to do with the football program, and look what happened. Quit bashing and questioning what Coach Crean is doing and jump on board and support these young men and the coaching staff. If we keep downgrading them and questioning them then they may believe that the fans aren’t behind them and they are facing enough without HOOSIER NATION not standing behind them. Support them and have FAITH…

  45. Well, I’m afraid until we can get Kelvin’s mess cleaned up, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. The list of guys you listed are average players, according to, except for Deshaun Thomas. Also, according to, we have offered him a scholarship. Your next question is, “will there be any left?”, my answer, I don’t know, that is where I have to trust the coaching staff and hope the University has finally hired someone who can recruit good players and run a clean program. I want IU to be good too, but not at the cost we have had to pay with Sampson at the reins. Crean’s track record says he can get the job done, what choice do we have now, besides letting him prove it?

  46. George, also why can’t they be both ‘talented’ and ‘educated’. What a concept huh?

  47. Those of you saying Crean’s “burning” scholarships on mediocre players just don’t have any type of grasp on the game of college basketball, and it’s really hard to understand what you are thinking when you post on a college basketball blog.

    Kelvin Sampson left the program in shambles. IU is lucky we could find 6 or 7 guys who are even THINKING of coming here. The NCAA still may come down on us, which means a possible post season ban, and losing more scholarships in the future. What do you expect? MJ part 2 to come rolling into town a year after our coaching staff was caught cheating? The 4 and 5 star recruits will come, it’s just gonna take a few years.

    And people talking about Butler winning the last couple years with no name’s, please tell me, what top 25 teams have they beaten the last 2 years? Maybe 1 or 2? None last year. And how many final 4’s have they been to? Oh yea, none… And what division do they play in again? Oh yea, thats right, the Horizon league… I rest my case.

  48. Kelvin Sampson was the best coach IU ever had. His record was impecable. The only reason Booby Knight was able to have “student athletes” was because he was paying them under the table. It’s a proven fact. Go Smelley School Biznass!

  49. “Nate- you want names… how about the number one player in the class of 2010 DeShaun Thomas has been quoted as not being totally committed to OSU, Jordan Manuel, Russel Byrd, 2011 Jerimiah Davis, Margues Teaugue, Matt Shaw, Mike Shaw. Will he have enough scholarships if Tom Terrific is able to recruit any of these players.”

    George, those guys are still in play. In case you missed it Jobe is a JR this year meaning his spot opens up for a new player in the 2010 class. Rivers will be a JR next year, hence a spot will open up in 2011. (Same year his stud brother graduates HS) Crean can’t have a roster comprised of only 5 players for the next two years just so he can make a run at the “big time” talent in 2010 and 2011.

    In my mind those are the only two questionable players he has recruited thus far. The 2008 players he didn’t have much to choose from and the 2009 players are rising quickly, especially Capo and Hulls.

  50. Kevin Simpson – That is a real impressive post. Go Smelley School Biznass! That along with the rest of your post was just wonderful… NOT. The point of my post was that he STILL had ‘STUDENT-ATHLETES’, not athletes who can’t be students. He may have ‘paid’ them (haha)under the table, but he still expected them to be educated in the end. That again should be the first and foremost reason they come to such a great institution like IU – is to get educated. What a concept!!!

  51. Brad, you nailed it… I guess some people failed to read the post a few days ago showing scholarship numbers…

  52. Who needs an education when you can play in the NBA? DeAndre Thomas was on the fast track to becoming the next Lebron James…Boo Ya! Kelvin Sampson Skool of Basketball

  53. Who needs an education??? Have you ever thought that maybe they may need an education to read their contract or to count their money IF they make it to the NBA… What if they get hurt? Wow, can you believe that maybe they would need educations to even just live in today’s fast paced world. We aren’t in the hills of the country anymore. They actually have computers and books now in the hills of the back country. How many of these young men will actually make it to the NBA? Not many… Kevin Simpson please get into the year 2008 and realize that these young men need an education to live in today’s society and quit being a total sounding non-educated idiot… I’m sure you are smarter than your post’s make you sound.

  54. George — first off U of M is terrible and hired a crook just like Sampson to take over your beloved football squad. Enjoy lengthening the current 1648 days that you have gone since beating Ohio State (well done Henne and Hart).

    I don’t see why everyone is so down on Rivers; he sounds just like Dane Fife to me: a lock down defender who was a solid high school scorer who just hasn’t put it together at the collegiate level. Rivers senior year will be big (10-15 points per game) and, for the first time since Fife, IU will finally have a lock-down defender.

    One more thing George — as a transfer Rivers will only be around for 3 years thus opening up a schollie for 2011-2012. IU could still snag some of those huge up-and-commers that you mentioned in the 2011 class with Rivers’ schollie. I would have though a graduate degree from the cesspool up North would have known better.

    Go Hoosiers!

  55. coach crean is in michigan meeting w jordan’s family to keep him here. Indiana stabbed the team in the back by hiring dan d. to coach over ray when ray recruited them and was here longer. ray had more coaching experience and wins. dan d did not even have an office he shared it with video guy

  56. I wouldn’t be surprised if all that happened to be true. It helps convince me that the university was correct in putting Dakich into place instead of coach Ray. Certainly not a stab, more like a good first move.

  57. Do any of you use your brains? Let’s see, what are the chances that one or more of the kids coming in the next two years will transfer somewhere else? Given the current state of things in the college basketball world, I would say that is high. So there are your 2010/2011 scholarships.

    I would think that Crean is counting on a few of these guys not cutting it for what ever reason and then transfering out.

  58. Getting back to the point, can’t Doc Rivers afford to send his so so talented kid to any school he wants to go to?

  59. Nate
    Yes but he is on scholarship, my point. Is it such that all former NBA players always have to have their over paid hands out for just that, yet another freeby when certainly Doc can afford to send him to IU and pay for it himself. Another kid gets a scholarship that acually needs one. Doc could be giving back. Kids of parents that make too much money can’t get finacial aid for a reason. It allows others without means to qualify for aid.

  60. Doug T-

    That is a very good point, I misunderstood before. I am going to ask Chris and Doug over in the hoosiershq forums.

  61. Anyone else have a bad feeling about this kid and his attitude coming here?

    This kid is leaving Georgetown, and according to the HoosiersHQ article he told The Indianapolis Star that the Hoyas’ offense didn’t showcase his talents.

    Has Georgetown changed coaches since Rivers originally committed or started there? If not, I worry about him fitting into Crean’s system, considering he couldn’t evaluate the Georgetown system to know if it was a good fit.

    To me this kid sounds bent on being the star, and making the team about him, and his talents.

    Maybe I am wrong, and I hope I am, but this just feels bad.

  62. Hey guys,

    I know Doc and have spent some time in the past with Jeremiah and just wanted chime in that this is a good kid from a good family. It’s not a famous NBA player/coach’s son who is spoiled and wants the spotlight. His game just wasn’t fitting into Georgetown’s system.

    Is Jeremiah going to be a superstar, no, but we’re getting a smart kid with a high basketball IQ that plays hard and is defensive minded. For a team that has had so many PG issues in the recent past we should be very excited that we’ll have THREE ball handlers that play smart and can distribute the rock in Jones, Hulls and Rivers.

  63. Sounds like the makings of a Bob Knight team. Always smart guards on the floor running the show. My dad likes to call them “on floor coaches”. IU hasn’t had any players like that since Coverdale and Fife graduated, both Knight recruits. More evidence that brains and education weren’t that important to Sampson, and I don’t think Davis had any brains of his own.

  64. Love those Bob Knight teams, particularly the last 6 years no Big Ten titles or making it to the second week of the NCAA tourney. Now there was a great character guy!!!!!!!!

  65. Yeah i love those bob knight teams that won 3 championships and that undeafted team sure was nice.

  66. I love Bob Knight and have tremendous respect for what he did for IU, but at the same time this idea that Bob Knight won with scrapping underachievers is not true.

    His championship and final four teams were loaded with top recruits, and that’s where Indiana needs to return to, being a school that all the top players want to play.

    Knight’s teams with scrappy underachievers did just that, underachieve.

  67. Sampson was an out and out cheater.Those Three championships were yesterdays news Robt Knight was just as big of an embarrassment. What a role model. Would you condone your child berating and embarrassing a peer in front of thousands if you didn’t like their question, do you think it’s ok to make jokes about rape, to throw temper tantrums when you don’t get your way,to grab non-student athletes. This bs about him graduating his players justifies his behavior is ridiculous. I would love to see what his graduation rate is compared to Dean Smith, Coach K, John Wooden, Loydd Carr, lou Holtz when he was at ND. These guys ran championship caliber programs and didn’t feel the need to act like an imature idiot. Get over Bob Knight he was a despicable human being who never had self control and lost his ability to coach todays players.

  68. Oh goody! George is back! Not a Bob Knight fan huh? What a surprise! If you really are an IU fan, which I am starting to doubt, the Coach Knight faithful have you outnumbered. 24 trips to the NCAA Tournament in 29 seasons at IU sounds like a pretty good resume to me.

    Give it up!!!!!!!!

  69. yesterdays news!!!! move on( or do you need to get permission from your dad) I thought you were a character guy. I was in Bloomington during that undefeated season and it was the best!!! and at the time he was the best. Things change and life changes, he is a disgusting human being who could not achieve more than a third place finish and just once in the Big Eight. Natey you can’t have it both ways. We agree Sampson is a scum, but you can’t tell me Knight is a good chatacter guy, or a good coach over the last 10 ten years. The record does not prove you correct.

  70. There is not a thing in the world that you could say to me that would make me think Coach Knight is not the greatest coach of all time. So give it up.

    We still have you outnumbered.

  71. Nate I’m not here to be a buzz kill, he was a great coach. However last 13 years in conference play 6 in The Big Ten and 7 in The Big Twelve 113-91-55% would you accept that record from Tom Creans?

  72. Last 6 at IU were 123-67-65%. Averaged over 20 wins per season and a trip to the big dance all six seasons. I would accept that from Crean. The seven years at Texas Tech are a different kind of accomplishment. You have to look at what he did for that program. They were crap before he got there, and he turned them into something that I know the people of Lubbock are proud of. You have to look at what they did before he arrived and compare it to what he was able to turn it into to.

    Do you think Coach K could go to Northwestern and have the success he has at Duke, hell no. I would bet a year of pay checks he would make them better little by little.

    You have to look at the big picture.

  73. Success is not always measured by wins and losses. Winning is the ultimate goal, but you have to have a strong foundation to build a strong program. Miles Brand (firing the General), Mike Davis (trying to take our candy stripe pants away) and Kelvin Sampson (don’t get me started) have damaged our foundation, not destroyed it, damaged it. Coach Crean is well on him way to repairing the foundation so that IU basketball can be strong once again. That is what this is all about. The time will come.

    GO HOOSIERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. First of all throw out non conference games, except for the few against Kentucky and a handful of others, they are all padded like most other schools with bogus tourneys and soft competition. Knights last 6 years of conference in The Big Ten was 59%. That is not acceptable at a big time program. His record at TT in conference was 53-49, and 3-3 when the quitter quit. As for coach K going to NW he would absolutely be successful, maybe not as much but Coach K is used to recruiting top notch students. He is Duke, and kids will follow him to where ever he goes. Nate listen to me. Knight WAS a great coach but that was a long time ago. Coach K is a great coach today.

  75. Hilarious. Rivers has no offensive skills to showcase – too funny! Crean is up to his old tricks – quantity not quality, too many guards, not enough big bodies. Wait and see. He’ll have half of the team with injuries or out of gas before the season is half over because he runs bad practices. The guy is a good recruiter, poor coach.

    And by the way, I’d have loved for Knight to replace Crean at Marquette. He’d take them to the final 4 this upcoming season. It’d have been the ultimate irony and a big FY to Indiana.

  76. ALLMU

    Don’t let George hear you say that. He thinks Coach Knight is washed up. Just watch, he’ll bombard you with stats to prove it by the end of the day.

  77. Mike P

    Trust me, I know I’m right on this one. Plus, it was on little piece of a quote from an interview. Knowing Doc well, this is a good family and they always present themselves well.

  78. Nate you scare me,,, I find it a little creepy that one man has so much affection for another man who is not his son or father!!!

  79. George-

    So now I am gay for Bob Knight? Nice to know where your mind is really at. I don’t know why you have such a problem with someone admiring Coach Knight and thinking he is the greatest coach of all time. Like I said before, you are not going to change my mind. We all know your opinion of him, let it go.

  80. ok! same guy who couldn’t make it out of the second round since 94 give me a break. He would not have let these guys play.

  81. No, I am saying he could not have won with those kids. I think that team made it to the finals despite Mike Davis. Bob Knight is “one” of the great coaches of all times( and worst persons) but that was yesterday, the game is different and has passed him by.

  82. That is YOUR opinion and you are entitled to it. I just don’t understand why you want to come to a Hoosiers Blog to express it.

  83. Love the Hoosiers, I was spoiled when I was there. Two undefeated seasons in the Big Ten and a national championship. Knight’s later years were not good, and his behavior was embarrassing for this alum. Mike Davis tried was inept, and Sampson was a cheater. So far Creans recruiting has been players ranked #92-145 not going to win championships. My alma mater is deserving of someone the ilk of Coach K, Roy Williams, Bill Self or in that mold.

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