Statement from Crean on Holman

I rushed out to Assembly Hall this afternoon without my recorder. Ditto for IDS ace reporter Mike Sanserino.

But Indiana athletic director J.D. Campbell has just issued this press release which contains most of what Crean said to us this afternoon.

UPDATE (7:55): I just spoke with Eli Holman. He does not want to comment on the situation at this time.



We met with Eli Holman this afternoon. He had a good meeting with our
assistant coaches earlier in the day. I felt like he still was not sure
whether or not he wanted to be here which surprised me because everything we
have seen from him had been very positive in terms of staying at Indiana and
moving forward. I have no idea what made him change his mind and arrive at
this point. He indicated that he would like to leave Indiana, although I was
hopeful that we could work through this situation to come to an arrangement
we both were comfortable with and to take some time to make a decision.

The conversation was very cordial but unfortunately, it did not end that
way. His behavior took me, along with the other people in the office, by
surprise. We saw him as a danger to himself and wanted to take precautionary
measures to help him. We felt bad for Eli and hopefully were able to help

I do not anticipate Eli being back at Indiana. We will do our best to help
him move forward and wish him well.


  1. Get the POS Sampscum recruit out of here. What a total tool. Now he will end up in the same prisons that house his homies back in Cali.

  2. Some of these kids really think in the “NOW” don’t they? Apparently the FUTURE doesn’t get a whole lot of consideration in their actions…

  3. I’m very disappointed in Eli. I was extremely vocal about giving this young man a second chance after his run in with the game official, and expected him to show he was totally different than what people were expecting from him.

    I guess I was wrong. This kid has no business playing basketball for Indiana University.

  4. Wow, what an Idiot!!! He would have started next year every game. I wonder if the BIG that Crean is talking to scared him out of here. Just read this morning about a senior that has not declared yet. IU will be on the front page of ESPN.COM again. Thanks for evrything Sampson!!!

  5. Just unbelievable. How much bad karma is there surrounding IUs program these days?

    IU has got to land Sutton. They just have to. They have to land Plumlee too.

    Kelvin Sampson…….the gift that keeps on giving. Stick with us Tom!!!

  6. Eli- don’t let the door hit you on the way out. You might as well plan on leaving tomorrow…good luck in your next battle.

  7. Maybe he found out he would no longer be getting his “special payment” anymore. Wink. Wink.

  8. Unreal that we have had so many kids on the team that care nothing for opportuity of the great education they were given for doing something they love to do, play basketball. I just don’t get it.

  9. It’s all about the “what are you going to do for me?”

    Blue Chips was not dreamed up.

  10. A leopard never changes it’s spots ! Obviously, high school was not an isolated incident – only a prelude to what will most probably be a lifetime of poor decisions and lack of self-control. Sad really 🙁

  11. What the hell? Take your Silly ass red suit and go somewhere where you can disrespect your coach! You should never get to the point of breaking vases in your COACHES office!! The worst part of this is that he actually played time in an Indiana uniform. Send this kid back to Richmond where you can get away with hitting referees!

  12. His history is not a good one in terms of trouble. He got a chance
    of a lifetime and just threw it away,
    His loss, not ours, because odds are he would have caused problems for the team in the future.
    It’s really too bad but some kids just don’t get it.

  13. I am disappointed too, but really, I don’t understand IU fans rabidly turning on a player like this as soon as the player decides to leave. There is no need to for anonymous fans to project venomous statements like this (e.g. Dynasty, in his few posts I’ve seen here, has never had anything good to say, not even with former IU football players signing a free agent contract with an NFL team! And why the use of profanity?). We will never know what was said behind closed doors — and I don’t need to know for that matter. I — for one — am sorry it didn’t work out. I wish Eli well… he came from a very tough background, and he has a tough road ahead of him. For all we know however, Crean decided he didn’t want Eli on the team. Maybe that’s why Eli got mad? Who knows. But since we don’t know, take it easy on a teenager. He faces pressures you probably never have known, or never will know. Good luck Eli.

  14. Go Hoosiers!

    Do not get tricked into the Old Politics of Hillary Clinton.

    We need Change in Washington.

    Only Barack Obama will WIN McCain in the General election.


  15. great program you have at IU, wow! this is the heaven of college bb. If you look over the last 25 years, with Knight as an embarrasment, throwing chairs, confronting officials, post game press conference problems, Mike Davis, Sampson’s problems, and now this. Yeah, what a great tradition.

  16. Put this on Sampson’s tab, too. The wake of his destructive decision making continues to haunt the IU program.

    Bringing in troubled kids is always a risk and yesterday it exploded in IU’s face. Keep in mind Eli had issues long before he got to IU. He can’t say the fans were not supportive and you know Crean was going to do all he could to keep him. You really have to wonder what is going on in his head.

    I would guess something happened when he went home recently. That or grades. Either way, it is better for IU that he leave. IU can’t afford to have someone this mentally fragile and unstable.

  17. I love people who campaign for Obama, and when you ask them why they want him to win, all they can say is “because we need change.”

    But anyways, Joe Hoss look at the 5 National Championship banners you moron. And I’m not quite sure the all time winningest coach in men’s basketball history can be considered an embarassment. Stop hating. You have no arguement.

  18. Obama is a marxist punk…It’s a shame it’s come to where people like him are even considered to be a viable candidate for President.

    As for Eli this is very unfortunate but not unpredictable… I really wanted the kid to make it here. Hope it works out for him somewhere else but I don’t feel good about the odds.

  19. Something just isn’t right here. I would like to know what really happened at the meeting. He comes to the meeting to say he is leaving and then goes nuts. Something else had to have happened.

  20. my guess is he asked to be released and wanted to play somewhere right away and the school said no. another example of a kid not getting what he wants and throwing a fit because someone told him he does not run the world.

  21. Ditto what Dynasty said. He’s going to regret this in the future, if he hasn’t already. Why would you throw this all away?

  22. I’m guessing SFC hit it right on the head. Eli had his next school (with the ‘right’ situation) all planned out and Coach didn’t go along so he got pissed. This probably isn’t that last poor decision Eli will make.

  23. Doug, Chris, anyone…

    Clarification please: it is my understanding that if a scholarship athletes transfers to another D1 program they have to sit out a year. This is a NCAA rule and is not under control of the former school (i.e. IU can’t just say “yes, it’s o.k. Eli, you can go play at a D1 school this coming fall, you don’t have to sit out a year.”).

  24. Mike K, yes they have to sit a year if they stay in D1. However, I believe IU can rule out certain schools such as those in the Big Ten or a rival they play annually.

  25. Let the purge continue till it is stripped clean. That’s the ONLY way we will get this program back up.

  26. Thanks, Sam. I would think ruling out a school would only apply to incoming students who had signed a LOI. I could be wrong.

  27. If I am not mistaken you can sit out one year and play for a different school but you are not eligible for scholarship assistance until you have been released from your scholarship by the previous institution.

  28. I will stand by the team during the rebuilding process which just got tougher with this news. Plumlee has already agreed to play at Duke where his brother will be playing.

    I am continually surprised at how deeply our BB program has sunken in two years. I mean, even when we were marginal with Mike Davis, we had no conduct or grade issues. No one was ever suspended from the team or ineligible from games.

    I doubt it helps to place blame so I will consider this constructive criticism. Rick Greenspan, whatever your previous approach to running an NCAA program Men’s BB program was, it needs to change! Get involved! How about some freakin oversight!

  29. The hate mongers are out in force again. Dynasty needs to post his trash on another site. JoeHoss is extremely jealous of Indiana.

    This Eli episode is just another open wound for the program. It will heal, but the JoeHoss’s of the world will fire their zingers at the program. Leave the kid alone. He screwed up and apologized. Move on.

    michelle has swallowed the Obama koolaide. He is certainly a smooth talker and I am convinced he will be our next prez. Every young person I have interviewed (and who saw him this week) were in awe of his “celebrity status” Is that how we elect presidents? I have my doubts that he is the right guy. I sure as heck hope he is, because it looks like he DA man. When all the rhetoric and promises are over, how will he perform? Lord… us all.

  30. Obama may be serving up some koolaid, but a lot of us like the flavor a lot better than the stuff bush and cheney and fox have been serving for the past 8 years.

    Good luck Eli. I’m sorry you lost your cool.

  31. RJC, that’s no way at all to talk about the next President of the United States! How old are you anyway that you think the old pinko commie slur is going to work this time? I’m 45 and haven’t seen that one for a long time. Good luck getting old man McCain into the White House with that attack!!! LOL!!!

  32. cannot argue with that one dankhoosier. I’m an R and I am dog tired of Bush and company. Maybe Barack can do it. Not enough space here, but I think it is more than a one man job and maybe the job description of Prez needs to change. Too much power for the position

  33. Not sure where the political digression came from but just wanted to voice support for you guys. I’m a cat fan but spent years in Indy and respect IU’s tradition and fans greatly. Know this is a hard time and even some of your most venomous rivals on the court have a heart for your predicaments off the court. We’ve had our share over the years as well. Crean WILL run a tight ship and I know that has been what is most important to 99.99% of you all along. Hang in there and the boat will be righted…then I hope we trounce you every year!!!

  34. Sorry to digress into politics on the prior post. I’ll keep it to hoops.

    Its funny finding myself rooting for the old programs- even Kansas & cats. I hope IU can regain the “top program” status- we wont get too many more opportunities.

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