Statement from Eli Holman

Just released by IU: 

“Last night and this morning I had the opportunity to apologize to Coach
Crean and today I would like to extend that to everyone involved in the
program for allowing my frustrations to get the best of me. I appreciate
everything Indiana University and Coach Crean have done for me and I hope
nothing but the best for the program in the future.”


  1. I don’t understand what he could have been frustrated about? He wants to transfer so he transfers, right? I mean, can the coach actually keep him from transferring?

  2. some people are speculating that he questioned crean on getting another big man, and that crean may have told him his academics arent cutting it. who knows.

  3. I just have to say that I know this young man personally. My son has cerebral palsy and he has had the opportunity to get to know Eli at the women’s basketball games. Everytime Eli saw us out in public he made a point to come up and speak to my son. He is a very nice young man and I can only hope that he follows his dreams and finds a school for him that he will feel comfortable in and be able to follow those dreams.

    We have to remember that these young men have been put through so much emotional and mental issues the last couple of months that we need to give them a break. They believed that Indiana would be where they were going to be for four years and their stability was pulled out from underneath them. These guys have to be confused and upset. I can only hope that the “Hoosier” community can understand and only wish these young men that we supported and gave us so much excitement and a ‘taste’ of ‘Hoosier’ basketball again, the BEST of LUCK where ever they go and whatever they do.

    GOOD LUCK ELI and THANK YOU for being such a great guy to know.

  4. I have to say that kdm sounds a bit off base. He may be a nice kid but clearly his actions have nothing to do with a change in coach. I would make the case for another troubled kid brought in by a toubled coach who has now decided to coach in the NBA. Sampson will be right at home with all the thugs in the NBA, don’t let the door hit you in the butt Eli!

    SWFLA Hoosier

  5. I am sure these kids are good kids in their cores. But coming from a guy in his mid 20s that would have done ANYTHING to have been able to be part of an IU basketball team even for a moment, I will NEVER understand how someone could trash that opportunity.

    There is something to be said for a person who sticks it out in the midst of great adversity. There is also something to be said for a person who cuts and runs when the chips are all on the table.

    That doesnt mean that you arent a good person.

  6. I personally don’t have anything against these players but for reasons that we may never really know, it has been decided that these players do not fit into the type of program that Coach Crean is planning to build at IU. And as an IU fan I’m putting my trust and faith in the Coach. I don’t think that anybody is so good that they should think a team is priviledged to have them play on it. Look at Butler, 90% of the kids are left overs from Indiana High Schools that no big school wanted. As an IU fan I would be proud to have a team like that at IU. Those kids played with real heart.

  7. Brett – I am in no means off base on this. How do you know that his actions had nothing to do with a new coach. Put yourself in these guys shoes for one day and see if you aren’t frustrated with the situations they have been handed. As for them being ‘thugs’ how dare you say this without knowing these young men. Before you start calling these guys names that are totally off balance – spend one day in their shoes and see if you aren’t frustrated. Obviously they wanted to be a part of HOOSIER NATION or they wouldn’t have been here going through the CRAP that they have the last few months. NONE of these young men had any control over what has happened. They just have to figure out how to handle it by making decisions that are best suited for their lives not ‘ours’ in the HOOSIER NATION.
    JLH you are right.. For reasons none of us will ever know (except those behind the closed doors) these young men decided not to follow Coach Crean’s plans, that was their decisions, not ours. We just need to cut our losses and wish them luck – not call them names and down grade them. They have been through enough.
    We just need to go forward and pray that Coach Crean can get us back on track. Remember these are 18 and 19 year old kids that have been promised the world and when that world has been disrupted, they try and grab for anything to help them survive. DON’T Judge until you have walked in their shoes.
    I am not condoning what Eli did and violence is not the answer, but he did apologize and we need to accept that and move on.

  8. kdm…you are off base, good riddance he’s gone, one word……T-H-U-G! I wouldn’t want my special needs child even in the same building as him, and oh, by the way before you reply, I know him and I know the incident……T-H-U-G.

  9. 1 21 – To each their own… My child and family all enjoyed spending time with him.. Sorry that you feel the way you do… I still wish him and the rest of the young men the best of LUCK and the best in their future… Oh by the way, have a great day and hope you enjoy judging people and calling them names… Hope it gets you far in life…


  10. Holman seemed lke a good kid, always smiling and enjoying his time at IU. Im shocked by his actions and desire to leave IU. Obviously he was upset at something and thinks another school will be better for him. I wont hate him, but find it hard to wish him the best either.

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