Sutton struggling with his decision

Maurice Sutton is still waiting for the answer.

And he’s prepared to wait for as long as it takes.

“I move on His terms, to be honest with you,” he told me moments ago. “God hasn’t opened up and led me yet.”

Sutton, a 6-10 center from Maryland, has been praying about the choice he must make. He has narrowed where he’ll play basketball next season to Indiana, Seton Hall and Villanova.

But as the deadline he set — May 21, the end of the spring signing period — approaches, he has no answer. And he will not rush (nor does he have to since he could receive a scholarship even after that date.)

“I’m just going to wait on the answer,” he said. “I’ve put my faith in Him in all things with my life, and that’s what I’m going to continue to do.”

Sutton, who visited Villanova last week and was in Bloomington for the May Classic, has spoken with his parents — his mother is a minister — and coaches about which school fits him best. But ultimately, he said, prayer will lead him to his decision.


  1. I will just throw this one out there, but I dont think we are going to have to worry about this kid being in any off the court or on the court trouble.

    Ive got my fingers crossed. IU is competing with its location now. Ive read he wants to stay close to home, but IU is obviously notches above SHU & Nova.

  2. Maurice…this is GOD speaking, “Go to IU and sign this week. Coach Crean is top-notch and they have a desperate need for a big man who can come in and contribute while keeping a good attitude and staying out of trouble. Remember, you have many quality guards in place who can drive the lane and shoot behind the arc. If that’s not enough, help is on the way – you will have a talented supporting cast of big men coming in next year (and I haven’t told Coach Crean yet but I’m impressed by the way he is going about restoring the program’s image, so I just might throw in a couple more valuable surprises this year). Bless you my Son, and adorn yourself in Cream & Crimson…

  3. Hopefully the cat-lick schools won’t win out, but one good thing about religions they cut on each other all the time. So if mom is a minister/christian type she might have disdain for those two based on belief only. This situation [waiting on a nudge from prayer] doesn’t really get to the point of blasphemy, but when you hear athletes credit their sports talent to God and not genetics/hard work then I always think blasphemy.

  4. Yeah, with all the people suffering from the earthquake and stuff, God is trying to figure out where he needs to go play a game.

  5. Most thought that he would sign with Indiana that Monday he visited. He must have liked what he saw at Nova. Can they offer him the starting position at center? We can!!

  6. Exactly, first of all what do we not have that Nova does(other than Scottie Reynolds) and if this kid is really spiritual and into god then the only thing we have to worry about is him not playing on Sundays and skipping practice to go to church.

  7. Take your time, Maurice. God has a plan for your life and you’ll be blessed no matter what school you attend.

  8. If he wants to play closer to home, this will not bold well for IU. I would also say the more time that goes on, the more likely Maurice will play for a school closer to home. When in doubt, he’d probably like to be closer to home.

  9. My brother is a pilot who just received his license. I’m sure he knows someone who can teach him to sky write tomorrow in a clear blue sky “SON YOU NEED TO GO TO IU” but then comes a gust of wind and puts the U before I and he’ll end up at you know where……
    I agree that we need bigs but not at IU’s future expense. There is still enough talent in the coming future, I think we may better if we get this beast Emmanuel Negedn. Check him out on YOUTUBE.

  10. I really don’t think lampooning Maurice Sutton’s reliance on faith in making life decisions is going to encourage him to attend IU. That’s just what a kid that feels that strongly needs to see–being called a blasphemer, having his statement mocked–by the fans who want him on their school’s team. If he reads these messages, I guarantee he’s going somewhere other than IU. This may be hard for you to believe, but in many parts of the country, relying on God to help with decisions like this would be considered normal, even encouraged, certainly not blasphemous. So if you want Maurice Sutton to go to IU, please respect his faith enough to keep your mouths shut!

  11. AMEN Eric!! Whether I agree with Him or not about relying on God for this decision, I have to totally respect Him and His courage to speak His mind about His faith in God. Especially to the God haters who can’t stand the word– not that we have any of those type of people who read the HT.

  12. If his skin is that thin, he won’t last at a big time program.

    Or in life.

    I would think that if people are really strong with their faith, they wouldn’t mind when people point out where it’s silly.

    Tells me they don’t really BELIEVE afterall. You can make fun of my beliefs all you want.

    Also, if it’s great “he has the courage to speak his mind”, why shouldn’t others also have that courage?

  13. Laffy, I’m not saying that you or anyone else shouldn’t speak your mind. I AM saying that basically telling this kid that his statement is either blasphemous, false or silly will encourage him to go elsewhere. And besides, who are you or anyone else to point things out to some teenager you’ve never met, or to adjudge his faith as being ‘silly’?

    If it were me, I’d do it differently. I’d trust in God to have given me the sense to make a good decision myself and go from there. But that doesn’t make me right or him wrong. You seem to think you’re right and he’s wrong, or at least silly. That’s where I intellectually part ways with you.

    But it’s too late at night to get into this, let’s just hope young Mr. Sutton chooses the Hoosiers, whatever his religious beliefs. We do, after all, need some bigs next year.

  14. As much as I love our program, his mom is a minister…he’ll probably go to Villanova. It’s a really good Catholic school with good academics and their team has made the sweet sixteen 3 of the last 4 years.

  15. Personally, I love hearing that Maurice is putting so much effort into this decision. I’d love to see a young man of good character joing the team, regardless of whether or not he needs a little physical development. We very much need young men of good character in the program and I’m a believer that recruiting solid student athletes will pay off in more ways than simple wins and losses. Let’s show some class here and wish this young man well wherever he ends up.

    I still have to wonder if IU would have had a real chance to land Tyler Zeller if we’d had a coach with some ethics recruiting him. Good kids recognize good, ethical coaches…thankfully, IU now has one.

  16. It’s unlikely that the Sutton’s are Catholic. Catholics do not have ‘ministers’. In fact, his mother’s religious beliefs may not mesh well with those of the Catholic church

  17. I just heard from a reliable source that the 7 footer from Olney Central Junior College is signing w/ the Hoosiers… should be hearing about it in the next couple of days

  18. Eric read carefully blasphemy was not used to decribe MS its the rest of the athletes that use God as the reason they are good ball players. The thought that God favors one player over another in a game?

  19. I disagree. What Laffy said won’t affect his decision. Maurice is mature enuff to know that there are Laffys at all schools who will mock his faith.

  20. Eric–

    If he goes someplace else because some anonymous guy thinks his religion is silly, then don’t let the door hit ya. Seriously. Grow the hell up. I hate to break it to ya, but there will be people at EVERY college that thinks his religion is silly.

    And I don’t need to meet HIM to know it’s silly. I’ve met COUNTLESS Christians to come to that conclusion.

    I hope he comes to IU too.

  21. I am very interested in Sutton’s decision. He seems like a blue collar kid that won’t cause any trouble like former IU players have done(sampson era).

  22. Anybody else heard about the 7 footer from Olney Central JC that Franky’s talking about?

  23. The 7 footer from Olney is Tijan Jobe. He came from Gambia 4 years ago and has ties to Mark Adams coach of the Indiana Elite teams that has coached Emmanual Negedu and Beas Hamga. I heard he is meeting with them as we speak… We’ll see what happens…

  24. Doug,

    If the players were saying “I thank God for this victory” then I could see where you are coming from. But the fact of the matter is, if you think God is the creator, then you can conclude that God gave me athletic ability. There are some people out there that despite how much “hard work” they put into the sport of basketball, they will never be good players. The phrase, “You can’t teach 7 feet” comes to mind. So I don’t see giving God glory for natural abilities as “blasphemy,” but as the right thing to do for a person coming from that religious context.

  25. Given the scholarship numbers for ’09 and ’10, signing a junior college front court player now would make sense. Especially if you think that Sutton might only be a good, but not great, player.

  26. Sutton comes off as very humble and seems to have a maturity about him. He reminds me of DJ White. Players like that can be a stabilizing prescence for the rest of the team and stability is one thing IU can’t get enough of right now. Again, I’ll take Sutton just based off his interviews and how he has conducted himself. The fact he and his family have a strong faith in God is a positive and one we should welcome.

  27. I’m not Christian, but I think it’s great that the kid is searching this deep into his soul (call it talking to God or whatever) in making this decision. It’s a damn sight better than basing his decision on who’s offering the best parties, women and cash kickbacks. This is a spiritually solid kid with a good family and that’s always good even in a community like Bloomington that doesn’t fit the ‘Bible Belt’ mold.

  28. Kurk81, well said. IU needs more kids like Sutton and fewer like the guys who’ve been dismissed.

    Doug, I agree, it doesn’t make sense to me that God cares about a ball game, but I just didn’t like to see Sutton’s statement ridiculed. Perhaps you weren’t ridiculing him and I over-reacted. A theological debate was not my intent. Let’s just hope he picks IU.

    Is this guy from Olney Central any good? 7-footer from Gambia–sounds like a project to me, but you never know. We’ve got scholarships available, so it would probably be good to sign him.

  29. The rumored signing of Tijan Jobe makes me wonder if Sutton is going elsewhere. Crean had to sign at least one big man but I don’t know if he would use two scholarships on guys that would be considered projects. I still hope Sutton comes but now I’m thinking the chances are not as good.

  30. The Hoosier Scoop is really slacking!!!! How about some updates?!!?!? Negedu? 7’0 transfer? When exactly is Sutton making the decision??

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