The newest Hoosier: Tijan Jobe

Found a couple of pictures of Tijan. The first, interestingly, was in our archives. We wrote a story on Mark Adams, the Bloomington AAU coach who started a foundation that brought players to the states from Africa, in early January of 2006. And, wouldn’t you know it, the 7-foot guy dunking the ball in the picture that ran with the story happened to be Tijan Jobe, who was spending the holiday break with Adams.

Tijan Jobe dunks

We also were able to get a hold of this head shot.

Yeah, this dude is big.


  1. If nothing else this guy looks intimidating. I would be a little hesitant to drive the lane on him. IU will need his presence against BJ Mullens from OSU and the bigs from Wisconsin.
    Welcome back to B-town Mr. Jobe!

  2. GOOD LUCK TIJAN….We had an 2 AJ’s (Moye and Ratliff), a DJ (White), and now we have a TJ…Welcome to the red and white stripped pants TJ…

  3. I heard that he will be at his girls parents house until next week and he is going to be working out at the plex until he leaves again…I may go there to see if I can see what he is made of, that is if I can catch him working out…I guess I will take my chances…

  4. Indiana Needs all the help they caan get. It embarassing to be a hoosier right now and things arent looking any better

  5. Right now (3.3.09) and this being the first time I’ve seen him on the court, I’d say he’s a stick. But, he’s a 7-foot stick and Crean and company can coach. I’m betting he’s “improved” next year and ” a player” in two years.

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