1. Hopefully we can get this all around point guard to fix the void of all the guards that we lost; for different reasons. Crean has done a good job of focusing almost all his recruitment on guards. Verdell could help, but would not completely fix the void left by Bassett.

  2. Verdell’s family has invited some minnesota newspaper to attend his announcement. It’s all but a formatlity that he picks Minn at this point.

  3. Well we’ll see because he said he was going to Minn but then got some National attention and got some better offers but who knows.

  4. Haystacks,

    You may be right, but for the wrong reason.

    Verdell’s family invited many of the outlets who called about his son — including us.

  5. IU probably got into the running for this kid too late. He is a pretty decent player, but you can’t win them all

  6. Just a formality. I thought this kid was dead set Minny. UK isnt reporting anything about even being in the running. Minny is reporting that they “are the prohibitive favorites”. Just get a big Tom. We’ve got the point handled between Dumes and Daniel Moore with some Crawford mixed in if needed.

    Nick Williams
    NEED A BIG!!

    I dont see us having too much trouble scoring the ball next year. If they can stay in the team system and play good D then we should still be a middle of the team pack in the Big Ten. Maybe better.

  7. Caleb,

    You sure are optimistic. Who are you planning on scoring the ball outside of Crawford? It sure is not going to be Pritchard or Taber. Likely won’t be Dumes or McGhee either. Maybe Williams will be able to come in and score his freshman year, but I kind of doubt that as well.

  8. I see us having A LOT of trouble scoring the ball. You really think a walk on (Moore) will help out at the point? Please. He will play garbage time like 99% of walk ons. Also, you can’t rely on too freshman or JUCO players that aren’t studs, and the guys we got are pretty good but hardly studs. Worse than that, we will get 0 scoring from our bigs right away, even if we add a freshman that won’t help much, only the best freshman big men contribute right away. I like Pritchard a lot but he is not ready to be a key guy. McGee is not a big, he is tall but he is built to be a swingman. And Taber can’t score outside of 2 feet. If you only rely on guards and have no consistent post scoring, scoring is a problem.

    also everyone seems to assume that crawford will get better. thats what kentucky fans thought about his brother Joe. it never happened. Just saying…

  9. Crawford doesn’t have to get better… he’s a stud in waiting. He just has to get smarter and less selfish at times. He needs to learn that if he’s not ‘on’ during any given game he can use his teammates. I don’t know if that will happen this year but perhaps after our ’09 class gets in.

    PS: He’ll be WAY better than Joe when all is said and done… assuming he stays 4 years.

  10. Crawford at times is too slow and has no drive or intensity. He had only one really good game and that was against his brother.

  11. Smarter and less selfish? Thats not something that just happens, he has to work on it. It goes under the category of “getting better”. You can say that about a lot of players all over the country, and it doesn’t just happen

  12. Well, we do need big men but this guy i think can help maybe not right away, but can be a real contributor by the end of the season. I wish this kid can put some meat on his bones though.
    Crean, try to get some more bigs, Taber won’t get it done at all.

  13. Our big man problem can be filled with Maurice Sutton. Crean needs to recruit him hard. WE are his top school right now. He is 6″10 and is oozing with upside

  14. i have heard about him as well. People question his work ethic though and thats not something we need right now.

  15. Yes i agree. If Pritchard and Tabor are going to be the only true big guys next year then looking into 09 we have a possible chance with Stephan Van Treese (Indianapolis native). Since Bobby Capobianco (His best friend and AAU teammate) is coming to IU we might have a chance to have two big powerful forwards that have played together to play along side Pritchard.

  16. He didn’t have an offer from Kentucky. That has been confirmed. But way to act like he chose IU over Kentucky and Minnesota. Don’t get it twisted.

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