Walker will visit with Crean, then decide (UPDATE)

Demetrius Walker.

Change of plans. The So-Cal team originally thought it was stuck in Bloomington until tomorrow, which would have given Demetrius Walker time to visit with Indiana coach Tom Crean.

But while So-Cal played its last game, team organizer made arrangements to catch a flight tonight.

So Walker won’t visit with Crean this weekend.

Isn’t recruiting fun?


Demetrius Walker plans on meeting with Indiana coach Tom Crean now that his So-Cal All-Stars team has been eliminated.

If all goes well, the 6-4 slashing guard could end up becoming the fourth player in Indiana’s class of 2009.

After scoring 20 points — 15 in the second half — against Indiana Elite, Walker told a small group of reports that Indiana is his favorite and that he hopes to make a decision after he completes his visit.


  1. Sounds like Walker is in. That makes at least three slashing wing players in Williams, Creek & Walker. Still say we need another big other than just Sutton, Elston, Pritchard, Capo for the near future. It just seems like most of our interest is with PGs and SG/SFs.

  2. Well i agree at least we will have good guard play. My guess is that if Walker comes to IU he will get redshirted. That would be the smart move

  3. I dont see this player in the top 100 of his class. Why are we wasting scholarships on 3 star players……and also when they are not even a forward or center

  4. He should be redshirted because we are so deep at the guard position. We will have Jones, Williams, Crawford, Creek, and if he commits Walker. You throw in the possibilty of Nolan Dennis and other better recruits he will just be wasted on the bench.

  5. Nolan Dennis is out (his interest was gone when Sampson was gone (and if he was a Sampson guy, I would really rather not have him anyway). I do hear you that we need to focus on big guys, If Sutton commits, as I am calculating, we will only have 2 scholarship left for the 09 class at this point (assuming Rivers is not given one… Crawford, Mcgee, Tabor, Pritchard, Roth, Williams, Jones, Dumes, and Sutton – 2008, Elston, Creek, Copo currently for 2009), that leaves 2 (with Tabor graduating in 2008-2009, he is isn’t he? That leaves 2… we need big guys (Van Treese and Prosser, or a very large center in 2009). Possibly red shirting a guard may be good.

  6. One more thing, if we use our last 2 scholarship for 2009 players, that would leave 1 for 2010(with Dumes graduating), and 2 for 2011 (with Crawford and Mcgee out of there). There is a lot of talent in those classes to not be able to offer scholarships.

  7. Ya there are great kids in our own state that we need for 2010 2011 and 2012 we need to save some scholarships.

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