A little about me

So a few posters have been asking who this “Hugh” guy is and also what is the deal with “H. Williams”? So, I thought I’d finally get around to explaining myself to you people, you devoted fans of IU.

My full name is Hugh Williams Kellenberger. My father is also Hugh Kellenberger, and it was eventually decided at my last job (in the same town my father worked) that a distinction should be made. Mainly for his sanity, because I am not sure he was really willing (or able) to answer questions about local sports.

So, yeah, my byline is H. Williams Kellenberger. But if I call, I’ll say it is Hugh from the Herald-Times. Feel free to call me either (Lord knows Korman already does).

I come from North Carolina, Rocky Mount specifically. That’s an hour east of Raleigh, and really only exists because of I-95, that magnificent stretch of highway that alleviates overcrowding in the Northeast by sending senior citizens to Florida.

What did I do there, you ask? Well, I covered high schools. That’s my main responsibility with the H-T, as well. Once high schools get going again, you’ll see me far less on Hoosier Scoop and far more on Quick Hits. Please feel free to join the discussion over there, since we will be revitalizing that section of the website.

I also did a fair amount of work with the ACC, specifically the Tobacco Road trio of North Carolina, Duke and N.C. State.

I graduated from Appalachian State, which I have already learned holds a special place in the heart of every Big Ten fan.

Want to know anything else? Shoot me an e-mail (hkellenberger@heraldt.com) or leave a comment.


  1. Sounds good, they call me Dynasty… But.. I’ve got one question.. When are you going to be included in that picture on the right side of the page with Doug and Chris? haha

  2. been to Ap state and good old Boone NC before to ski. What a beautiful place!!!

  3. i was at that game in ann arbor last summer (it was august and 80 degrees). that was no fluke; you guys deserved to win.

    you outplayed um the whole game. you were quicker than them on both sides of the ball and they couldn’t figure out your offense and your skilled players were head and shoulders above theirs. at times, you marched down the field.

    if that guy takes it all the way after that blocked field goal on the last play of the game, you win by even more.

    had you played them in november up there, they probably would have won, but you caught them when they were overconfident and thought they could phone it in and you were at the top of your game.

    got to be the biggest upset in modern day football.

  4. Welcome Hugh to Hoosierland! Hope you find everything you are looking for in Bloomington and Southern Indiana.

  5. Welcome aboard. Your byline is impressive but not as impressive as that Appalachian State win last Fall. Now, if you could beat Notre Dame every year until they change their name to the Fighting French, I’d appreciate that.

  6. Hugh, Welcome to the HT. Our high schools in the area are all great so it will be an exciting year for you.

  7. Please you must apologize to Jordan Hulls for comparing his shot to Shawn Marion. That was bad, Hulls has one of the best shots (makes) in the State if you didn’t know! Welcome to BTown anyway Hugh! WE ARE SERIOUS ABOUT BASKETBALL HERE!

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