Bassett to UAB

Former Hoosier Armon Bassett has decided to transfer to UAB, according to several sources I’ve talked to. I haven’t been able to reach Bassett yet, but I knew he was certainly leaning toward heading south.

He’ll be reunited with Mike Davis, who originally recruited the 6-1 point guard out of Terre Haute to Indiana.

Bassett developed into one of the top perimeter shooters in the Big Ten Conference. He’ll be eligible to play the 2009-10 season, and could team with one of the top recruits in the class of 2009. DeMarcus Cousins, a center who is the No. 6 player in the country according to, has given a verbal pledge to Davis.

Dan Dakich originally kicked Bassett off the team shortly after Indiana’s loss to Arkansas in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. Bassett missed a meeting and then refused to run, prompting Dakich’s decision. He worked to get back on the team, but new coach Tom Crean ultimately decided not to allow him to return.


  1. UAB? hmmm. now that sounds like Armon doesn’t want to grow up at all. We all know what a task master Davis is (not!). I’m guessing the other schools are expecting him to go to class and stay drug free?

    Not surprising though. Davis may stink as a coach, but he is one hell of a recruiter. I wish them well, but I’m disappointed for Armon.

  2. Well, UAB should have a lot of talent next year so we know what that means. Look out NIT.

  3. UAB is gonna be a force to be reckoned with the next couple years in Conf. USA. They may actually give Memphis a run for their money. Last year’s class was considered the best ever at UAB. The guys coming in this year are even better… Mike Davis, might have alot of faults as a head coach, but he is a great recruiter.

  4. Wow, now if UAB can figure out a way for Robert Vaden to not play this year, then get a 6th year granted by the NCAA, they should really be loaded for ’09-’10! Sorry, just couldn’t resist. I wish Mike Davis well. Anyone winning CUSA is better than Memphis again. Go Blazers!!

    I guess not all of the former Hoosiers looking for a new school will go to Detroit ………

  5. I hear UAB has the inside track on a hot recruit named Raycie Bright who holds the world record for shots attempted in a game with 368. He even hit four of them!
    Just kidding, Mike!

  6. Who’d win a round robin tourney next year between IU, Texas Tech and UAB?

  7. I wish Bassett the best, always liked him. I do wonder why he would go to UAB over the schools he listed. Maybe he really is just not that bright!

  8. Well Im not turning on Bassett like some of you …i was looking forwrd to seeing him run the point..hope he matures and finishes out strong

  9. I’m not turning on Armon — always liked him, was sorry it didn’t work out coming back, and wish him well in Birmingham and beyond. But it’s just that we’ve all heard this so many times before with Coach Davis, haven’t we? The sun is always going to be shining bright and warm any minute now with Mike, but it seems like it’s always just raining.

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