Can Loukas medal?

So Sports Illustrated releases their Olympic Preview this week. Michael Phelps is on the cover, which should be of no great surprise. And, while I’ve yet to dive into all the stories, SI usually does a fantastic job with their Olympic coverage (the blessing of having four years to plan, I suppose).

One element, though, is medal predictions in every event. So I am scanning through the list, until I find women’s diving. Christina Loukas was not given the nod as the gold, silver or bronze medal winner (two Chinese and an Aussie, respectively), but she was given some love, in the form of the one-sentence comment on each event.

Indiana University’s Christina Loukas is a medal threat.

Not bad at all, especially since she is the only IU athlete mentioned and also extremely young. For her, Beijing could be about learning and getting better for London and 2012 – where she should be a favorite.