Crawford to Xavier

The recent rumors about Jordan Crawford being headed to Xavier have turned out be correct, according to a story this afternoon from, which is reporting that Crawford signed his transfer papers around noon today.

The former Hoosier guard will join former recruit Terrell Holloway, a point guard who signed with IU, but decided to attend Xavier instead after Kelvin Sampson’s resignation.

The 6-4 Crawford started eight games last season as a freshman and averaged 9.7 points and 3.4 rebounds. He will have to sit out next season at Xavier, which was one of the schools he originally considered before picking Indiana.


  1. Sigh.

    Well, could be worse. Xavier is a good school and Sean Miller is a fine coach.

    Best wishes, Jordan.

  2. I notice in today’s Cincy Enquirer that teams getting former IU players will petition NCAA jointly to make them eligible immediately rather than waiting a year. That was in article about Xavier finally getting Jordan Crawford.

  3. Jim,

    I’ve been trying research the NCAA hardship waiver guidelines to see if the former Indiana players will be able to have a strong case. I knew they were all hoping to apply for immediate eligibility but that it would ultimately be at the discretion of the schools.

    I can’t tell if they really have a shot. Anybody have any historical background on this? Has a player ever transferred (or been kicked off a team) during a coaching change and been eligible to play the next season? Obviously Tyler Smith went from Iowa to Tennessee, but that was due to an ailing father and that situation fits snuggly under the NCAA rules.

  4. Never heard of it happening. To me, if it was proven that they failed classes, failed to go to class, failed drug tests, tossed potted plants, etc…they should have to sit out the year for sure. If not, let the NCAA reinstate them.

    I wish this kid the best. Still is strange to me that he transferred. I will always question why it happened.

  5. If these players are the thugs that everyone in bloomington seems to think they are, then why are they being picked up so quickly by other schools? Crawford is apparently a good enough player/person to go to xavier, but he is not good enough to be at IU?? give me a break

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