Dear IU football: No one hates you

Adam Rittenberg, the prolific new Big Ten blogger for ESPN, ranked the conference’s football teams from most hated to least hated today.

Your Hoosiers are the least hated. Ohio State is the most hated.

Rittenberg says of Indiana: “… the program usually isn’t relevant enough to be hated.”

No Machiavellian examination of these rankings — is it better to be feared or loved? — is in order.


  1. Best part about being under the radar or not being noticed is that when you succeed, you surprise the world. I feel IU Football is capable of doing that this year. I don’t think we will avoid notice much longer.

  2. Nice to know people like us. Lets see how much they still like us after we put up 45 on them. I can tell you from an insiders perspective that Iowa does not enjoy having to play us.

    I bet you flip it around and ask that about basketball and IU is at the top or #2. Funny how the haters come out when you have tradition and consistent success.

    For the record, I dont hate any team football or basketball in the Big Ten. I think Illinois could be a little classier in their fan base and their coach could let the past go once in awhile, but hate? Nah. I hate Al-Qaida. Keep some perspective.

  3. Rittenberg’s blog is one that I’ve pretty much stopped taking seriously after his list of best Big Ten rivalries, not only left off IU/Purdue (which provided one of the best endings of any game last season) but somehow did include Illinois and Ohio State, a one-year rivalry by Rittenberg’s admission, and Iowa and Wisconsin. Though an IU alum and a Boilermaker hater like few other on Earth, I don’t think IU/Purdue rivalry is anywhere near as intense as Michigan and Ohio State but it is certainly no worse than Wisconsin and Minnesota.

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