Game of the day at Kentucky Hoopfest

Right now, Marquis Teague is playing for Spiece Indy Heat on the main floor at Hoops (an obviously too fancy for its own good basketball complex in the middle of a corporate park in the the middle of Louisville).

Who’s Teague, you ask? Well, he’s the first guy that Tom Crean saw fit to look at during his limited recruiting days this month. And he’s a sophomore. And exceptional.

Teague, the little brother of Wake Forest starter Jeff, is a point guard in the truest sense of the world. He also has a little razzle dazzle (he shook up his defender a few minutes ago with a quick fake-crossover, then drained a 3-pointer from the top of the key).

IU assistant Tim Buckley is here, as are all the usual suspects from throughout today (Iowa, Purdue, Ohio State, Butler, Louisville and Kentucky).

There’s a rumor going around, apparently, that Stephan VanTreese was hurt earlier today. Well, I saw him play a couple of hours ago and he was fine. Actually, the best I’ve ever seen him, since he didn’t force things and let the game come to him. Buckley was there for the first half, and an UCLA assistant was present for the second.


  1. So what’s the word on SVT?? I’ve heard some people saying he is a hustler, scorer, and great rebounder. But I’ve also heard he’s not that athletic, and disappears in some games and seems more like a role player at the D-1 level. What’s the deal? I mean if UCLA is looking at him, he must have some kind of talent. Has anyone seen him play? Would his game transition well to college?

  2. yeah I agree, the guy knows how to speak in public, he makes me so much more excited about the future it’s not even funny

  3. I know! I can’t wait to see him rebuild the program. We may not win a lot of games next season but Crean makes me believe well be back

  4. Yeah and so far the cross country team has only had two transfer and I am sure sorry that they did.
    I thought Jordan Kyle had gone to new Mexico, but I read on-line just this morning that he’s going to Colorado….I scour web sites constantly and that took awhile to find.
    I don’t know what happened to Mark Fruin. Both are great runners and i hope IU dosen’t lose anymore.
    hey cross country runners! Good luck this season.
    A potentially good young squad.
    You guys get to run at the Cowboy jamboree this year…that’s different!
    IU has traditionally been a distance school!!!! Lets hope the tradition continues!!!

  5. Hugh, are you sure UCLA was watching SVT? Have heard a lot of people say they were watching other people. Who was IN Elite playing when you saw the assistant? I know Howland saw him in Cincy, but he was playing Josh Smith when he was there.

  6. Has anyone seen SVT play? I don’t see from looking at him how he can be such a big star. I mean some articles I’ve read say he would be merely a role player in D1.

  7. svt sucks just wait to high school season if south players lawerence north university then he will have maybe 10 points.

    hes to goofy.

  8. Thank you, Smarty Jones, now can I get some feedback from someone who isn’t a complete retard?

  9. Chris,

    Howland definitely watched Van Treese play in Cincinnati on multiple ocassions. He obviously wanted to see his offensive game, as he switched sides at half to be closer to the basket Indiana Elite was shooting on. That was during Elite’s first game in pool play, not against Smith.

    I’m fully aware of the opinion on here and on Peegs that Van Treese isn’t a big time player. Maybe he isn’t. You guys know your basketball.

    I don’t have to tell you this, but coaches recruit on potential. The Big P, they call it. Van Treese has had potential for years now, and just because it hasn’t come through yet doesn’t mean some college coach — who’s probably so full of himself he thinks he could teach mice the motion offense — is going to give up hope.

  10. sorry ill right something more respectful. STV has the athletic ability to be great but he is goofy. That doesn’t make a lot of since because most people think athletic ability and goofyness dont go together but with him they meet at a fine point. He is not the smartest of players and often times will do some great post move and then the next play brick a shot badly off the backboard. He could fit in better at an acc school that gets up and down the court more. i relize crean likes to get up in down the court but when the teams were going to be playin are willing to grind it out he wont know what to do on defense. He goes to LNU. Thats a common joke about his high school. Few players from LN actually grew up in that district( a la greg oden)Trust me several great coachs have worked with him. I think by now people would stop talkin about what he could do rather than what he actually can do.

    oh ya and its spencer turners 16th birthday today

  11. We are in trouble for a while, I dont like this Crean guy, he is all talk, I have heard his wife hates the area, hoping to move back to Mequon soon. I think we all need to get realistic here and realize we are in bad shape. We are not the IU of old, we need to wake up and get serious, people are going to start laughing at us bc we cant live forever in the past.

  12. SVT is not that good now, but does have potential. Also, Jordan Kyle did transfer to Colorado b/c they have a great program and he transferred b/c of Rick Greenspan. He is a smart kid and could not handle the crap in IU’s athletic dept anymore.

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